Poly P21 display includes a built in webcam, mic and speakers.

Poly P21 Display
Source: theverge.com

Plantronics company, best known for being one of the first companies, in making Bluetooth headsets. It has in the video conferencing business for a while, later rebranded as poly in 2019. Recently it announced a new lineup of office gear. That includes a new Poly P21 display to make your work from home process smooth and effortless. 

Poly will be releasing three products. The Poly P Studio includes Poly studio P5 webcam, and Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar, along with the Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display. In addition to this Poly studio, P5 kits bundle the P5 camera with headsets and microphones.

Poly P21 display has a built-in webcam, microphone, and speakers that aims to deliver broadcast-quality video from the home with its new products.

Here are some of the Ploy P21 Display details.

Poly Studio P21 

One of the devices that Poly announced is the Poly P21 display. The ploy studio P21 personal meeting display provides you with all the necessary features that you ever need for an incredible video conferencing experience. The 21-inch display comes with a built-in camera into the top along with integrated stereo speakers. 

Also, you will be having a pair of ambient lights both on the left-hand and right-hand side. They will keep the lighting on point to make your face well-illuminated for video conferencing as well as for video calls. It has a wireless charger, and at the bottom of the screen you will find a group of shortcut buttons for video calling. Also includes a quick mute your microphone option.

The Poly P21 Display comes with plenty of features. It includes an adjustable dynamic display, a single USB cable, an integrated microphone. Also includes a wireless phone charging stand in the base.

Poly claims P21 studio will support any video app

Poly said that its Poly P21 Display can support any video app that runs natively on PC and Mac devices. This feature will be very helpful for those who use video apps other than Zoom and Teams. Some other apps include Skype, Google, and WebEx, and also Hangouts. Similar to other devices the settings on the Poly P21 display are also customizable with the Poly Lens Desktop app.

Poly P21 Display that supports all the hardware and software for a great video conference experience. E

specially designed for those who are spending most of their hours a day on video calls. The Poly P21 display would be a great fit for them.

There is no information about the monitor’s resolution or panel type on the Ploy product page. And Poly precisely pitched it as a “second or backup display” instead of advertising it as “pro-grade.” All this may also indicate that this display isn’t going to replace your main monitor anytime soon.

Poly P21 display comes along with P15 video bar and P5 Webcam

The Poly P21 display comes along with the Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar. This time Poly promoting P15 video bar as a truly premium webcam solution. As per reports, it has 1 USB-C port, 2 USB-A ports, and Kensington security lock, and also a power connector. This video will let you shoot videos in 4K resolution with automatic camera framing. It also includes a built-in privacy shutter.

This device also had a multi-microphone array, NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence. The Poly Studio P15 encompasses both reliable audio and premium video in a single device. Users can make their workplace simpler by using a single USB webcam for both audio and video.

Whereas trying to use traditional audio from a webcam result in poor audio quality. The Studio P15 should be the best update from your typical webcam and laptop camera with speakers. You can also customize the settings on the Poly Studio P15 with the help of the Poly Lens Desktop app.

Poly Studio P5 Webcam  

The Poly Studio P5 Webcam comes with a similar concept to many external webcams and will attach securely to the top of your laptop or external display. This webcam will record videos at 1080P resolution and is capable of autofocusing at 4X digital zoom. Also, it includes a built-in privacy shutter and a USB connection for headsets.

This webcam can also automatically adjust for low light scenarios. Poly Studio P5 webcam will be a great fit for users who want to upgrade their laptop webcam or 720P external webcam. Best suited for work from home enterprise users.

Poly Lens 

Poly Lens Desktop app also supports the device. Its application will help users the ability to change Poly P21 display and other device settings, to manage updates and you can view analytics. Along with that, you will be getting IT professional tools to control devices via the cloud.

Final thoughts

To summarise Poly has released some great devices with the Studio P Series. Poly P5 webcam and P21 displays are very essential for collaboration, and Poly’s new devices will definitely be a great fit for remote employees. Poly also takes an equal focus towards its hardware and software. To provide better experience Poly has collaborated with the tech giant like Zoom and Microsoft Teams

All of these three products are going to released at the beginning of April. The latest product launch follows a high rise in the number of remote employees, which expected to continue long after the health dangers of this current situation pass. Last year many people struggled with the webcam shortages as people upgraded their home video calling setups.


Poly P21 display from the Poly P Studio includes a built in webcam, microphone speakers, and lighting. Along with the P21 display, Poly is set to launch the P15 video bar and P5 Webcam. All of these devices will set to launch in April.