Instagram Vertical Stories feed may get introduced to Instagram soon

Instagram Vertical Stories

Lately, several platforms are looking to add TikTok-style feeds of short video clips into their offerings. Similarly, last year Facebook-owned app Instagram also came up with the TikTok-style Reels feature. Now, Instagram is looking to copycat another feature from TikTok functionality. As per TechCrunch reports, Instagram is working on introducing vertical feed in its stories.

The reports also include that you can navigate the stories in vertical format by swiping up and down. It would make Instagram stories feel like Instagram Reels, the feature that Instagram adopted last year. Reports further say that the new feature is currently going through the testing phase.

Instagram also introduced a recently deleted feature. With this new feature, you can restore videos, reels, and IGTV videos. The photos, Reels, videos, and stories that you have deleted will removed from your Instagram account immediately and they will be moved to the recently deleted folder. Deleted stories will be present in the folder for 24 hours. The rest of them will automatically deleted within 30 days later.

Vertical Instagram Stories will navigated by vertical swiping. Vertical swiping feels more natural than horizontal swiping. It is after all, nowadays how many users access much of the mobile web, and across other variety of social apps. Such as Facebook’s News Feed or YouTube’s home page.

Alessandro Paluzzi shared about Instagram Vertical Stories on his Twitter account

His shared tweet includes a simple user interface with the text that says “Now you can swipe up and down to browse stories”. It also includes a big blue button that says “Vertical Stories”

Paluzzi tells TechCrunch that the features not currently being tested and not yet live. Instead, he dug it from Instagram’s code, the Instagram code is already going through development based on the Alessandro Paluzzi tweet. There is not much to go on about these features, but we can say that Instagram is at least admitting the adjustment to its ever-expanding features.

A company spokesperson further informed that the Instagram Vertical Stories feature is an early prototype and it is not currently testing on Instagram. However, this prototype may never actually come to a public launch. But Instagram working on Instagram Vertical stories feature says that it is considering what sort of ideas it will be offering to challenge TikTok.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri recently told The Verge

The company’s new feature Reels has added to the platform via Instagram Explore Page. Instagram Reels are in the top position. Here whenever you go to the Reels video, you automatically taken into a new user interface where you can vertically swipe through videos the same as TikTok.

The launch of this new feature resulted in Instagram’s clutter. Right now Instagram has many options from where the user can upload their videos, such as Feed, As stories, as IGTV content now as Reels.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri informed that many people don’t even realize the difference between IGTV and video content posted on Instagram. Also, there is a notable overlap between Instagram’s Stories’ vertical video content and Reels. So, bringing a new feature like Instagram vertical stories probably will allow for an eventual combination of stories and Reels format.

It’s not clear yet about what Instagram plans will be. But one thing as the demand for the traditional Stories format declines, Instagram is working to transition another part of its app to the more modern vertical feed which is like the Instagram Vertical stories feature.

Instagram says “Instagram vertical Stories” feed is an internal prototype

Instagram has confirmed to TechCrunch, that the Vertical Stories Feed will an internal prototype, but it is not being tested publicly yet. Also, it highlights the TikTok influence in the minds of users and social media app developers everywhere. Reports don’t confirm whether this feature will move to the next stage or not. It will be a little surprise as more apps adopt similar features to TikTok.

From the Alessandro Paluzzi tweet, the new Instagram Vertical Stories feed consists of practically the exact same UI as TikTok. With many users becoming accustomed to the TikTok feed, hopefully, this move will make some sense.

Why Instagram incorporating similar feature as TikTok

Without a doubt, the impact TikTok has on its product development is very noticeable. As per estimates, TikTok is on its way to reaching 1.2 billion users in 2021. Up from 500 million in 2018. Though TikTok also lost 200 million users last year India cut it down because of geopolitical disputes. Even with all this, the growth trajectory is actually amazing. This is the reason why other social platforms are trying to come up with similar features as TikTok.

When you break it down, it seems like this is what exactly people want based on the stats. In that case, it makes perfect sense for other social platforms to go for similar updates and changes.

With all this in mind, Instagram transforming its stories feed into a vertical feed would be a remarkable change. This feature might actually make way to move away from the static photographs and reshared Feed posts. That still mostly covers the regular fill of the Stories segment today. In a vertical stories feed, again Instagram probably thinking to include video presents over pictures on better contests with TikTok. As of now it’s focused on the configuration to focus on Reels.

Adopting Reels would unify Instgram’s different feeds in some sense. If Instagram Stories feed also became a vertical experience, it would be similar to TikTok functionality. However, IGTV would still work a bit differently. Its videos, embedded in a vertical grid style in profiles but feature horizontal navigation once you start streaming them.


Reports suggest that Instagram is working on developing a new feature called Instagram vertical stories similar to the TikTok app. This vertical stories feature found being worked on by Alessandro Paluzzi who shared the tweet that includes a screenshot. Which shows a basic UI with the text “Now Now you can swipe up and down to browse stories”. Along with a big blue button that says “Vertical Stories.”