Game Boy color modified to acts as Apple TV remote

Game Boy Color

Most people with Apple TV have expected a redesigned Apple TV remote. Because Apple TV Siri remote has a difficult to use design along with a controversial touchpad for navigation. For simplifying Apple TV remote accessibility recently Italian YouTuber Otto Climan modded the Game boy color to act as an Apple TV remote.

The new Game Boy Color  Apple TV remote comes with a touchpad that works over Bluetooth, but Apple retained the IR capabilities of previous Apple TV boxes. However, this streaming player can still control other devices like TV. Modifying the Game Boy Color to work like an Apple TV remote is quite easy. Because Apple codes that used for its Boxes and remotes are easily available online. However, It obviously requires some overclocking of the GBC’s processor. It is a little trick that used for some games decades ago.

The Apple TV remote functionality comes through a ROM file running on a flash cart. The modified Game Boy Color can still function like a stock GBC and using this you can play other games just by Swapping the cart.

Here are some of the details about Modified Game Boy Color

The modified Game Boy Color comes with a case which is made by a company called Retro Modding. It is designed especially for this project only, and it looks great along with its blend of ‘90s Apple and Nintendo aesthetics. Some rumors say that this looks much better than the video game console Apple Worked on in the ’90s.

If you have used Game Boy Color you may notice that the screen of this Game Boy Color looks much crisper and better backlit. Along with total redesigning of the case, he has also given the screen an upgrade using what looks like another Retro Modding part. Apart from adding some incredible aesthetic upgrades, it doesn’t require a ton of hardware hackery. 

The Game Boy Color features a stock with an IR blaster that the newest Apple TV set supports. However, it needed some custom software for mapping the buttons to the IR controls. Italian YouTuber Otto Climan made a standard custom ROM cartridge. It perfectly matches the Game Boy color aesthetics. Then he added a ROM which he programmed with the Apple TV IR codes and button mappings. 

As a result, you got a Modified Game Boy Color that will control an Apple TV.  Also, it has real directional buttons rather than the touchpad. It’s much easier to handle than Apple’s actual remote.

Before Game Boy Color, Swiss TV also made Apple TV remote replacement

Before Game Boy Remote to cope with the difficulty of Apple TV remote design and touchpad navigation Swiss TV made an alternative. According to rumors, Swiss TV and internet provider Salt, that produces Apple TV as the set-top boxes. For its internet service, It developed a better traditional remote as an alternative to Apple’s models.

This new alternative remote reportedly developed in collaboration with Apple. Because of increasing complaints from users who were facing difficulty due to the Apple TV remote touchpad. Salt’s remote natively supports the Apple TV straight from the box. It doesn’t require any pairing or set up similar to Apple’s remote. It also works as a universal remote.

Same as the new modified Game Boy Color, the salt remote is also quite ordinary and simple to use. It features a simple four-way control pad for navigation. Also, it has separate play/pause, forward, fast-forward, rewind, and stop buttons to control playback. Along with a dedicated power button.

Macrumors says that this remote doesn’t include a Siri button and microphone for activating Apple’s digital assistant. The reason for this is the absence of the Siri button is due to the fact that Siri services were not able in Switzerland.

Nevertheless, Apple has addressed the feedback from Apple TV remote users. And decided its Siri remote is not the best design for accessing multi-channel TV navigation after all. Whereas, the alternative Slat Apple TV remote can be set up and can work with almost any standard TV set. It is available for users to order from the Salt online store.

Other details:

Both the new modified Game Boy Color and Salt’s Apple TV alternative come With the response of the current Apple design, simpler, easier-to-use options. It sounds like it may perhaps replace the Apple TV remote.

The cartridge appears similar to a standard Game Boy Color game cartridge. But it features a slot for a microSD card also the ability to access ROM files from it. This modified device is capable of running games, and also Rom Files can control the Game Boy Color’s ports. Which mainly used to transfer game data between devices.

However, the modified Game Boy Color project is absolutely incredible. We can expect the next up-gradation using a Nintendo DS. If it happens, then you will get the touch input if you really want to along with the microphone for Siri support. It doesn’t embed any IR blaster or support for Bluetooth as Apple’s remote but you could add it in with the Game Boy Slot if you required.


The new modified Game Boy Color works as an Apple TV remote. It solves the issue with the remote that comes with Apple TV. Which are difficult to use design and confusing touchpad for navigation. An Italian YouTuber Otto Climan made this project possible.