Mini Sonos Move, Sonos new Unannounced device based on FCC filing

Mini Sonos Move

Sonos move is a durable, battery-powered speaker designed for indoor and outdoor listening. Recent news says that Sonos is going to release a new product which can be Mini Sonos Move. As per FCC documentation Mini Sonos Move is going to be the company’s second portable speaker that features a rechargeable battery.

The unannounced device Mini Sonos Move listed at the FCC with the model number S27. It shown in the testing diagram to come with a wireless charging dock and offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 5 wireless technology.

Here are some of the details about Mini Sonos Move 

According to the mandatory FCC label, this new product Mini Sons Move uses less power than existing Sonos speakers such as the Sonos move. Also, it may come in a much smaller size. The circular label design, and the fact that Sonos says the label is visible on the bottom surface of the product. This suggests that this mini Sons Move will feature a cylindrical design that is similar to Bluetooth speaker mainstays like the UE Boom.

Currently, Sonos Move speaker’s size and weight definitely helps it to put out a strong sound, but they are not practically comfortable speakers for taking on the go. It generally weighs 6.6 pounds which you may bring from inside out to your porch but Sonos still lacks a speaker that is portable enough for taking it along for traveling and outdoors. This Mini Sonos Move may solve this issue. The original Sonos move which had leaked just after its own FCC filing is model number S17.

As per reports, The Mini Sonos Move will be the first speaker from Sonos that includes WiFi 5. The Sonos Move supports WiFi 4. Whereas Bluetooth will come into the picture when using the speakers outside somewhere. And improved WiFi could boost performance when using it around the home as part of Sono’s multi-room systems.

Along with Mini Sonos Move the original Move S17 leaked after its own FCC filing 

S17 was also filed by Sonos with the FCC along with Mini Sonos Move. It is a portable speaker as per reports. As per the Filing of product model S17, Sonos clearly states that this device will be a high-performance wireless speaker. Which is part of the Sonos sound system. 

The device’s primary functionality will be streaming with WiFi. Also, it features Bluetooth audio streaming and Bluetooth Low Energy used for simplified setup. Before this, no other Sonos speakers had supported Bluetooth music playback. Even though the Sonos one includes BLE for the same reason of easier setup.

The FCC filing further mentioned that his unannounced Sonos product includes a USB-C port along with an ethernet jack. An ethernet jack which you can find on all of the Sonos existing speakers. As per the published photos of portable Sonos speakers from Zatz Not Funny!. It reveals that this device will have a more rounded design than the Sonos One, but includes identical controls on top.

Sonos Move new devices Mini and S17 are rumored to come with the below capabilities. 

These details are based on the leaked photos and reports.

  • The S17 speakers will be larger than they may look in the leaked photos. Simply, Mini Sonos move, and S17 will be taller and slightly wider than Sonos One.
  • Sonos Move new devices will support hands-free voice commands from either Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • Sonos Move Mini and S17 speakers charge via a base station. If they are away from the base unit, they can be recharged with USB-C. So you can plan for outdoor adventures without worrying about bringing the base.
  • As a part of the Device’s core design. They come with an integrated handle on the back for easier carrying.
  • Also Sonos Move Mini and S17 device’s will get a button that switches from Bluetooth and WiFi modes
  • In Bluetooth mode, the speakers can’t function with the Sonos app. They behave like any other Bluetooth speaker that you can pair and play.
  • In Bluetooth mode, both Hands-free voice commands for Alexa and Google Assistant are also unavailable.
  • Wi-Fi mode allows the speakers to work like any other Sonos device in the app but with a battery indicator.

Sonos Move rumored to introduce AUTO TRUEPLAY

As per rumors, Sonos will introducing a feature named Auto Trueplay to Sonos Move mini and S17 devices. Present you can tune the sound aspects of Sonos speakers using your phone’s microphone. And you can walk around whatever room that your speaker kept. 

But now Sonos with new devices will use the built-in voice microphones to automatically adjust the speaker’s audio output. Auto Trueplay can identify whenever the portable Sonos speakers move and it will adjust the playback accordingly whether they are inside or outdoors.

Both Apple and Google also offered similar functionality for the Homeopad and Google Home Max. But both of the Sonos new speakers require hard-wired power connections.

Other details

Along with Sonos Move Mini and S17 company is rumored to actively developing a pair of premium headphones. But a line from the FCC documents seems to rule out that says. For Satisfying FCC RF exposure compliance test requirements, the device has to be used with a separation distance of nearly 20cm from all persons. All the information confirms that Sonos Move Mini and S17 will be small and rechargeable devices. 

However, Bluetooth speakers are without a doubt a new category for Sonos. Sonos will continue to expand upon its product lineup with new first-party hardware and collaborations with other companies. Lately, Sonos partnered with Ikeas for developing speakers that start as low as $99. Its technology is making its way into high-end architectural speakers from Sonance.


Based on FCC documentation, Sonos is preparing to release a new product. Which will be the company’s second portable speakers with a rechargeable battery. This device listed at the FCC as model number S27, it features a wireless charging dock and offers both Bluetooth and WiFi wireless technology.