Android 12 update may feature new themes and conversations widget

Android 12 update

Google is set to release its next major version of Android that is Android 12 update later this year. This time also Google’s first rollout will begin with the developer previews and Betas. Along with a complete release coming near fall.

According to  XDA-Developers, For every new update, Google shares documentation and source code with its major partners for giving them time to prepare for the release. Recently from that document Google’s new update Android 12 information has leaked. The screenshots here were extracted from that early draft only. 

One rumor implies that this new Android 12 update will feature a new theming system. Also, the leaked screenshots hint at new UI and functional changes. Along with a new privacy indicator and conversation widget.

Android 12 Update details Based on reports

Android 12 may feature a new theming system

If you’re looking to customize the way your phone’s interface looks. But couldn’t do it because Stock Android doesn’t offer a system-wide theming option. However, it is going to change with the Android 12 update.

A new rumor suggests that Google plans to introduce a new theming system that will allow users to choose one primary and one accent color. Then it will reflected throughout the system, Along with the notifications and quick settings area.

What makes it more interesting is that even the third-party apps would also have access to these chosen colors. Thus making it possible to have a uniform theme throughout the system and its elements. This is a step up from the current situation, where apps from Android 10 and above only change their appearances based on whether you go for light or dark mode.

In that case, the selection of colors would be different from brand to brand, and model to model. And Google appears to be using a beige color theme. This update may not include a custom color picker that would allow you to choose one of your own. 

 Based on the leaked Android 12 Screenshots

One of the recently leaked screenshots shows a new notification panel UI. This time the transparency gone and replaced by a light beige background. Even though the color likely depends on the current theme. Still, there is a gap between the conversations section with the rest of the notifications and the rounded corners of each notification. The number of quick settings icons that will appear when the notification panel partially expanded, has come down from 6 to 4. Which makes each icon appear much larger.

The places where the date and clock appear have been swapped. Also, it comes with new privacy indicators in the top right-hand corner. This time Google may have added new privacy features into the Android 12 update. You may receive a warning in the status bar whenever an app utilizes a camera or microphone.

Clicking on these status bar icons will show you a pop-up at the top of the screen which indicates exactly which apps are using the camera and microphone. As per reports, Google has been working on these privacy chips for over 2years, As a result, we finally able to get a glimpse of them in this Android 12 update

These new privacy settings may also include toggles to disable the camera and mute the microphone directly. Along with toggling location access. You can also disable all sensors on your device using the “sensors off” quick setting icon, but this icon will only appear once you enable developer options. Android 12 update may make this sensor toggles more easily accessible by featuring them under the Privacy settings.

Conversation Widgets

Lastly, we are able to see a new addition to Android’s widget section in this Android 12 Update. Recently Apple added widgets to iOS, they were better than Android’s implementation. While we don’t know Google is planning a major overhaul of widgets, it seems like they are at least planning to make a few tweaks. 

In the leaked screenshots, we can observe the new “conversations” widget in Android 12 Update. This widget highlights recent messages missed calls and activity statuses. The widget shown in the screenshot appears a bit small and it only seems big enough to accommodate showing one message, call, or status at a time in its smallest size.

Other details

Based on reports, Google plans to make this Conversation widget a mandatory feature for all the Android 12 devices. These widgets will provide easy access to “People Shortcuts”. These conversation widgets consist of an avatar, name, notification content, and status information. All set in the people manager class.

According to the leaked screenshots, Google is also planning to make the inclusion of camera and microphone indicators mandatory in the Android 12 update. These indicators will appear at the top of the screen, then they will always visible whenever the camera or microphone is being accessed. Also, the device must feature the same color throughout the ecosystem. What other features will mandated, we don’t know yet. But once Google releases the full Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) for Android 12 then everything will be officially confirmed.

All this information is based on leaked document screenshots and rumors. There is no 100 percent authenticity to these images. But the leaked Android 12 update screenshots come from a trusted source. Google didn’t officially confirm any new UI or feature changes to the Android 12 update yet.


As we are expecting a new major version of Android, Android 12 update, which is due to release this year. There are several rumors about Android 12 popping up frequently. Recently Android 12 screenshots have leaked from the prerelease document and source code that Google shares with developers. These screenshots reveal the redesigned UI and a new privacy indicator along with a conversation widget.