ESA E3 Event 2021 will be digitized and its new details, as per reports

    ESA E3 Event

    Last year’s ESA event E3 canceled due to the COVID crisis. Also, the proposed 2020 Virtual show failed to manifest. But Entertainment Software Association ESA confirmed that this year’s E3 event will be digitized. As per reports, this may take place between June 15th and 17th.

    Since 1993, the ESA E3 event that is Electronic Entertainment Expo has taken place in the United States. This event is one of the biggest game conventions in the world. With participation from the Game press and one of the significant places where many announcements about upcoming games and trailers will be shown for the first time.

    For many years Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft took the stage as presenters but over time various publishers also took that place. An ESA spokesperson informed that “We are transforming the E3 event experience in 2021 and we will soon announce the exact details about how we’re bringing the global video game community together.

    As per the ESA E3 event pitch documents assigned to games publishers and informed by VGS, The ESA outlined its proposal for this year’s event which includes Three days of live-streamed coverage held during the announced dates of June 15-17.

    Interesting details about the ESA E3 Event 2021

    According to Video Games Chronicle

    The ESA has announced some interesting plans for E3 2021, including holding multiple two-hour keynote sessions from games partners, an awards show, and a preview night which will be held on June 14th. Along with some small streams from multiple game publishers, influencers, and media partners.

    Further informs that the ESA’s outline proposal states that the broadcast event would extended to media previews just the week before. Also, it plans that the game demos to appear at the event would be made available on consumer platforms. ESA also gives access to partner companies to remotely stream playable game demos to the media across multiple scheduled meetings.

    However the entire details sound very well structured and ambitious, it still needs approval from ESA’s membership. Which is the combination of some of the industry’s biggest companies. Which also holds significant influence over the structure of the ESA E3 Event. Traditionally ESA E3 event is one of the biggest weeks in the gaming industry. Also it showcases some of the year’s best announcements.

    Whereas, lately some companies started their own events. In recent years Sony decided to skip the ESA event entirely in favor of hosting their own events around the week the E3 event normally presented. Along with last year’s ESA E3 event cancellation, many digital events have held to fill the gap. Most prominently Summer Games Fest that hosted by industry veteran Geoff Keighley.

    In a statement issued to VGC

    The statement issued to VGC includes that the ESA will soon share the exact details. It also claimed that it was having some great conversations with publishers and gamers. But didn’t confirm the details about who had signed up for the E3 event.

    It further stated that “ESA confirms that we are transforming the ESA E3 Event for 2021. And we are bringing the global video gaming community together. We are including many publishers, developers, and companies across the world. Also we look forward to sharing their details about involvement soon.

    Still, there is no accurate information about how many publishers have signed up for the ESA E3 event. though one of the major games companies VGS spoke to indicated that it will continue to run its own separate digital showcase. Rather than taking part in the E3 event and paying the six-figure sums required to join the E3 2021 schedule.

    Whereas The ESA that funded by game publishers argues that a unified digital games event would definitely grad the world’s attention more effectively than a bunch of individual events.

    ESA’S E3 2021 Proposal states

    The ESA E3 event, a typical show day, would make its live broadcast schedule run from 10 am – 10 pm EST, along with the regional replays scheduled for China and Europe, and also the Middle East.

    Recently an example schedule sent to publishers looks familiar to a typical show day of past E3 events. The show starts with a 30-minute pre-show run by a media partner. Followed by a 2 hour “exclusive press conference” from the console platform holder. Then there will be a Q&A and panel reaction. The remaining day would include a third party publisher presentation of various time periods. With the day concluding a wrap-up and teaser for the following day of the event. ESA proposal also mentions a “charitable after-party” stream.

    Some leaked documents of Last year’s event E3 include plans for a “fan, media and influencer festival” along with a redesigned show floor featuring “experience hubs. Even though the E3 2020 canceled.

    Other details

    We can expect sport demos that will made out there to the general people within the weeks before the occasion, and media will be capable of previewing the video games remotely. On the 14th of June the day before the ESA E3 event, a preview night time will likely take place. Though there are no additional details about what it will be.

    Geoff Keighley will continue with his Summer Game Fest, which he started last year. He was a former ESA E3 collaborator and host of the Game Awards in the event.


    The Entertainment Software Association ESA E3 event of 2021 will be digital which runs June 15-17. As per reports, ESA intends to hold multiple two-hour keynote sessions from game partners and an award show in the event. Along with a preview night and other smaller streams for influencers and media partners. However, these E3 event plans still require the approval of ESA’S membership.