Facebook building a smartwatch and it may be an Android-based device

Facebook building a smartwatch
Source: popsci.com

Facebook building a smartwatch as a part of its ongoing hardware efforts, based on the reports from The Information. The device will be stated to be an Android-based smartwatch. Though the reports don’t inform that Facebook intends for the device to work on Google’s Wear OS. But it includes that Facebook is working towards building its own operating system for its hardware devices. And for its future iterations of wearables that may run this software instead.

Facebook is building a smartwatch and that smartwatch will work with the help of a cellular connection. Which lets users send messages through its services. Also, this smartwatch would come with messaging, health and fitness features. The report further informs that this device would join Facebook’s Oculus virtual reality headsets and portal video chat devices as part of the social network’s growing hardware ecosystem.

The Social media giant Facebook is planning to sell this device in 2022, as per reports. This move from Facebook will mark its entry into a market that currently dominated by Apple Inc and Huawei.

Facebook building Smartwatch Details, as per reports

However, Facebook didn’t make any official announcements about it building a smartwatch. Facebook has entered into the hardware in recent years with its Oculus VR headsets and portable video-streaming devices. In an attempt to become less dependent on other dominant hardware makers. Even though it hasn’t made much progress yet.

Facebook, along with building a smartwatch, also working on branded Ray-Ban smart glasses and a separate augmented reality research initiative known as Project Aria. It is a part of Facebook’s broader AR explorations that it’s been working on for some time now.

Facebook working on some other techs, along with building a smartwatch

Ray-Ban Smart glasses

As per reports, Facebook is said to working on some cool techs like working on branded Ray-Ban smart glasses, which will come out later this year. Facebook confirms that these consumer smart glasses will be one step closer in its Work on AR. This also includes an experimental research prototype called Project Aria. Facebook informed that it will start testing these glasses in the real world with its employees and contractors to figure out issues around areas like video recording, privacy, and design.

Facebook has talked for years about its plans to build AR devices that match a standard pair of glasses. The company, now working with Ray-Ban glasses to design the frames of its first consumer smart glasses. If rumors are accurate that the company had partnered with the Italian eyewear brand.

There is no accurate information regarding what Facebook’s eventual AR glasses will called and what they will look like other than the Aria prototype. Also, there is no information on Facebook building a smartwatch, except the Information reports. In recent years, AR and smart glasses design started to look like standard pieces of eyewear. Whereas other major tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Intel have already released a device in this smart glasses or AR category. 

Facebook’s Alexa-enabled video-chatting device

Facebook building smartwatch along with working on Alexa enabled video chatting portal device. This portal from Facebook used to video chat with friends and family. Also, it comes with a futuristic flair. It comes with a high-quality camera and movement tracing software that tracks your movements. Sensitive mics allow it to pick up minor details also in your voice and speakers provide quality audio. Along with featuring an array of smart home features.

This portal is compatible with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Zoo for video calls. To use this portal you need to have a Facebook account. Though it a Facebook product, it’s an Amazon Alexa enabled device. The AI assistant can help in setting timers, cue music, and access smart devices such as the Ring doorbell to see who is at the door.

This portal comes with a growing number of AR effects like Snapchat filters. One unique feature is Storytime, where you can choose from a library of stories to read aloud with added sound effects with animations. Perfect fit for entertaining kids.

If you are not on call, then you can set the portal to show Facebook photos as a digital frame. It can be also informed when your friends are available to communicate. Portal can even used as a note-taking device to keep your household up to date with reminders and videos. By this, we can say that Facebook is working on many interesting tech devices apart from building smartwatches.

Other plans of Facebook

 In 2019, Facebook acquired the neural interface startup CTRL-Labs. These Labs specialized in building wireless input mechanisms. This includes devices that can transmit electrical signals from the brain to computing devices without the need for traditional touchscreen or physical button inputs. The startup’s ongoing research and intellectual property may factor for Facebook building smartwatch and other future projects like smart glasses and future Oculus Headsets.

With all this, we can say that Facebook has many hardware ambitions in the near future. The company nearly had more than 6000 employees that are working on various AR and VR projects. Along with a part of existing hardware projects like Oculus and Portal. As well as other experimental initiatives under its Facebook Reality Labs Division.

Although the company has not expressed any interest in health and fitness devices in the past, Facebook is building a smartwatch and it does have a track record in wearables with its Oculus headsets and with upcoming smart glasses.


Based on The Information reports, Facebook building a smartwatch as a part of its hardware efforts. The device will come with messaging and fitness features. It informs that Facebook is working on building its own Operating system for hardware devices. This smartwatch will be an Android-based smartwatch.