Microsoft edge hosts illegal copies of games on its extensions

Microsoft edge hosts illegal

Microsoft Edge hosts illegal copies of a number of iconic games on its extensions. Which includes Mario Kart 64, Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Pac-Man, Tetris, and Cut The Rope. And even Microsoft-owned IP Minecraft was also unofficially available.

However, the developers mentioned on the titles are not Microsoft, Nintendo, or any other recognizable game developer. This means that all of them are not definitely official copies of the games. Nearly there are 35 listings across 10 different developers with names like “GamePro Inc,” “Gamelands,” and “Kday,” along with a number of duplicate games. Oddly many listings from different game developers had very alike descriptions. With all these, we can say that they all could be coming from the same source.

Moreover, a few of the games discovered to have reviews courting back to October. It indicates that they have sitting unnoticed in Microsoft’s catalog for a while. There is no explanation why they have been available for so long.

Microsoft edge hosts illegal copies of games and they came to notice

As some articles about this news “Microsoft Edge hosts illegal copies of the game” came into the picture. Some of them were pulled down afterward. But there are still some other games that still exist for now, like the Sonic game and Mario game and a couple of Pac-Man games. Along with the copies of 2048, Flappy Bird, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, and others.

Some of the illegal copies of games come with a disclaimer acknowledging the listings not affiliated with the original games. This seems like an attempt to skirt the trouble. Here is one of the disclaimers of the listings for Mario Kart 64.

For example, This emulator doesn’t affiliate With Nintendo or endorse it. All of the graphics, games, and other multimedia factors copyrighted to their corresponding owners and authors. This game for ALL Mario fans.

Oddly Microsoft itself promoted that “its Edge host games on Twitter

Lately, Microsoft itself promoted the browser extensions, but later that tweet was deleted from the @MSEdgeDev account, which we saw via ResetEra.
We haven’t seen these alleged tweets but it’s not available on the @MSEdgeDev account right now. One of the Twitter users Jordan Chase said that he has installed the Mario Kart 64 extension on Twitter. That he tweeted as a reply to a now-deleted tweet from @MSEdgeDev.

In the Tweet, Jordan Chase mentioned that the Mario Kart 64 expansion downloads a ROM of the game. However, emulators are usually legal and some sites like the Internet Archive host discontinued software. Which you can play in a browser. But it is extremely unlikely that Nintendo, which had rumored for cracking down on sites hosting ROMs and illegal content. It would let people download copies. Even of its most popular games on free browser extensions

Along with this, the Tetris The expansion also seems to be a copy of the popular puzzle game, though it didn’t download any ROMs as per Chase. He further informed that he installed the Pac-Man expansion. And it seems that it is using the direct resources from the original game. If you want to install these games on your machine you better be careful.

Some of these games especially Nintendo well known for cracking down on systems

If you have also experienced any trouble while running these pirated games or Microsoft edge hosted illegal games, then there are a number of responsible factors. One of the reasons could be that the pirated games may have come from a dodgy website and also it may be corrupt or even worse. Then this may even cause issues and corruption with your system. More likely these troubles caused by your video card driver.

To resolve this open your Device Manager which can be accessed by right-clicking your start button. Then Expand the display Adapters Section. After that right-click your video card and go to properties. On the driver tab, choose Rollback driver. If the rollback option is not available then right-click your video card and choose to uninstall. When asked to confirm deleting of the driver files. Either way, restart your PC once done.

Most of the problem is not to do with Windows directly. Illegal copied games may from Microsoft Edge extension hosts or other pirated games they come with the issues that legitimate games don’t. So it would be better to enquire at a pirate forum because the people from there are more likely to know the real answer as to why these games are causing trouble.


Microsoft edge hosts illegal copies of games on its extensions. These copies of games include Mario Kart 64, Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Pac-Man, Tetris, Cut The Rope. Along with Microsoft’s own smash hit Minecraft. Just before the news came to picture some of these games were pulled down. But there are some games that still exist for now.