Microsoft’s xCloud gaming web version is currently being tested

Microsoft's xCloud gaming

Many Xbox fans are waiting for a while about bringing xCloub to the PC as Microsoft calls it Cloud gaming. As per reports, Microsoft has already started testing its xCloud gaming streaming through a web browser. Microsoft xCloud gaming allows Xbox players to access their games through a browser.

Sources inform that Microsoft has rolled out xCloud gaming via the browser for its employees. These employees are testing the xCloud gaming beta version for the PC iteration of the service. This is the last step before offering a public preview. The web version opens up xCloud to work on devices like iPhones and iPads too.

Initially, Microsoft informed that iOS and PC also will be added to the xCloud experience in the spring of this year. Finally, we are starting to witness a little bit of progress towards meeting that objective.

Microsoft xCloud gaming for web browser details

People who have tested the xCloud gaming service inside Microsoft reported that “the present beta version experience is a bit buggy at the moment, But it is to be expected.” Also, they informed, that the present version of xCloud gaming will only work for chrome and Edge browsers at this time. Whereas Firefox and Safari users need to change their browsing habits if they want to experience this service.

One thing that is still not clear is that the stand-alone app for the xCloud gaming will exist when the service makes its public debut. Last year there was an app leaked that allowed users to play xCloud on their PC. But that app experience will fall away once the xCloud gaming web version comes into the picture.

However, Microsoft can also choose to offer both solutions. With current progress in the xCloud gaming version for PC’s is moving at a rate that will allow Microsoft to meet its earlier announcement that “it will release the xCloud gaming for web version in the spring.” That being said, the iOS version of the service does not appear to be moving forward along with the PC version in the testing phases. One of the reasons can be the complicated Apple’s store policies.

Microsoft initially launched xCloud for Android users. And those users can still stream games today. But the web version of Microsoft’s xCloud gaming service can enable PC and iOS users to stream games. Which will open up a wide range of gaming audience for Xbox games.

xCloud web version how it will work

As the xCloud world on the Android tablets and phones, same as that the web version also includes a simple launcher with recommendations for games. Also, it will have the ability to resume your played games, and access to all the cloud games that are available through Xbox game pass Ultimate. Once you launch the game it will be running fullscreen. You need a controller to play Xbox games streamed through the web version.

There is no clear information about what resolution Microsoft will steam games in its web version. The software designers are using the Xbox One Server blades for its existing xCloud infrastructure. Because of this full 4K streaming won’t be supported. For that, it needs to upgrade the backend hardware to Xbox Series X components this year.

For Windows 10 Microsoft may bundle this xCloud gaming web version into the PC version of the Xbox app. Present this web version will only be limited to Chromium browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Also, Microsoft is looking forward to integrating some form of the public preview of the xCloud gaming web version. All this indicates that the web version preview will arrive soon.

xCloud gaming

Microsoft has its own cloud gaming platform. This cloud gaming with Xbox game pass Ultimate is known as xCloud. It provides more than 150 Xbox One and Xbox Series X games that you can play on Android devices.

Generally, it is a streaming service, which has many games that are hosted on remote servers and live gameplay video. Which is sent to compatible devices over the internet. In return controller codes are sent in the other direction for all intents and purposes. As a result, it feels like you are playing the game which is loaded on the device itself.

Microsoft says that its xCloud gaming is one of the best cloud gaming services. Because it uses the firm’s wide network of data centers around the world. It ensures game requests that can be served locally instead of across continents. This can potentially reduce the latency by shortening the distance between the end-user and the data center.

Other details

Because Apple imposed limitations on iOS and cloud services, Microsoft didn’t support the iPhone and iPad when it launched xCloud gaming of beta version for Android in September. Both Apple and Microsoft got into a public dispute about whether the xCloud of the current version could ever exist on the iPhone. Later Apple informed that such a service would have to submit individual games for review.

Though Apple’s solution of allowing cloud gaming apps to run their cloud clients on iOS as long as they submit the Individual titles for review. But Xbox informs that such a solution will be a bad experience for consumers instead of deciding to focus on a mobile web version.

Similarly, other cloud gaming services also decided to do the same and both Google and Nvidia announced their service’s respective mobile web versions last month. Nvidia’s service is available right now with its Geforce Now cloud services running on iOS in beta. Google is also planning to launch an iOS version of its Stadia service via the mobile web in the upcoming months.


These are the details of Microsoft’s xCloud gaming web version. Microsoft’s employees are currently testing a web version of xCloud gaming before the public preview. The xCloud gaming web version includes a simple launcher similar to how xCloud currently works on Android tablets and phones. The launcher comes with recommendations for games and the ability to resume recently played titles.