Vaio Z laptop, world’s lightest laptop with a 3-D molded carbon fiber body

Vaio Z laptop

Vaio well known for making laptops that come with an amazing amount of power into thin form factors. With the latest breakthrough in carbon fiber production. Sony introduced the new VAIO Z laptop as a symbol of extreme experience and innovation. It is the World’s first laptop that has a “3D molded full carbon fiber body”. This may be the company’s most ambitious product yet.

It comes with a design in each carbon fiber piece that molded around all sides on the lid, the palm rest, and the base assembly. Whereas previously VAIO has used only carbon fiber sheets, but it had to rely on metallic or plastic parts to hold them together. It features Intel’s four-core Core i7-11357H. And it delivers exceptional performance at under 2.3 lbs. It is one of the lightest laptops ever to come with an Intel H-series processor.

However, It doesn’t come cheap and it won’t be a practical purchase for everyone. Interestingly the US market only gets the Signature Edition VAIO Z, which starts from $3,579 and maxes out at $4,179 (32GB RAM and 2TB SSD). But still, this laptop is an impressive achievement. VAIO is taking pre-orders now on its Vaio’s website.

Here are the VAIO Z laptop details

The stronger structure resulted from using the new production technique that co-developed with a carbon-fiber specialist, Toray. This laptop’s strongest structure can survive a 127cm or 4.1ft drop. Which is a little beyond the MIL-STD-810H requirement. At the same time keeping the laptop’s weight to a little under 2.3lbs or 1.04kg.

Also, the Vaio Z lightweight laptop is the first-ever laptop to be made of “contoured carbon fiber.” You can find carbon fiber that is available in some of the nicest lightweight laptops on the market. Which Includes the Dell XPS line laptop which is sturdy and lightweight. However, these laptops use sheets of carbon fiber that held together with the help of metal or plastic parts. Whereas the Vaio Z laptop has contoured the carbon fiber material all around the edges of the Vaio Z’ chassis, so the entire laptop molded with carbon fiber all around.

Also, Vaio informs that the new Vaio Z laptop has passed 26 “surface drop” tests. It will deliver upto 13 and a half hours of battery life. Coming to other specs, you will get up to 2TB of storage, 32GB of Memory. Iris Xe integrated graphics, and either an FHD or 4K 14inch display.

Also, you will be getting a backlit keyboard and a webcam with a physical shutter. A full-size HDMI port along with two USB-C ports. However, the chassis is a clamshell even though you can still fold the screen down to 180 degrees.

Battery Life

The Vaio Z laptop’s other selling point is its battery life. The company ensures that the Vaio Z laptop can last for upto 10 hours. The Japanese specifications sheets even indicate 17 hours based on the local test standards. It’s powered by an Intel Core i7-11375H high-performance processor along with the Iris Xe graphics. Whereas older models come with low voltage CPUs.

Newly added features of Vaio Z

Smallest AC Adapter, This laptop powered by a newly designed AC Adapter. Which is lighter and smaller and also comfortable for easy transport.

Super Lightweight, The carbon fiber material used for its design makes it exceptionally lightweight and rigid. Powered by the 11th Gen Intel Core H series processor.

Incredibly Strong, The 3D carbon fibers will provide durable stiffness for the Vaio Z laptop. It increases strength for controlling the type of fiber, thickness, and direction of lamination.

Next-Gen Keystroke, In the Vaio Z laptop the keystroke is increased from 1.2mm to 1.5mm improving stability and operating force. The concave key-top shape springs fingertips in comfort.

Newly Designed Keyboard, With this new keyboard you can type more comfortably. The new keyboard comes with a reduction of keystroke noise, comfortable keys, and keyboard inclination also will help to eliminate stress on wrists.

Keylight, The Vaio Z laptop comes with a standard newly designed keyboard backlight. It allows you to type with confidence even in dim light.

Other details

Coming to sockets, the Vaio Z laptop comes with one USB-C Thunderbolt 4 port on each side. It enables videos, power, and data transfer speeds upto 40Gbps. And a headphone jack, and a security lock slot. Also, Vaio Z added a physical privacy shutter to the 2-megapixel webcam. So you can physically block the transmission of your image.

Even though you will need to keep it open for Windows Hello instant sign-in. On a related note, the Vaio Z laptop has a keyboard shortcut (Fn + Tab keys) for muting both stereo microphones in an instant.

It also has Vaio User Sensing. By using two biometrics, fingerprints, and facial recognition. The motion sensor provides tight security for this laptop. When the user sits in front of the Vaio Z laptop the motion sensor detects the user and utilizes the facial recognition to complete the login without even touching the Laptop.

The newly developed hinge allows you to open and close the display as smoothly as possible. Just by using only one hand without touching the palm rest. The unique shape-designed hinge will let your fingers easily lift the display when placed on a flat surface. In addition to this, it will also provide a comfortable grip for your hand stopping it from falling unexpectedly as you carry it along.


The new Vaio Z laptop is the world’s lightest laptop. It comes with a three-dimensional molded full carbon fiber body. The Carbon fiber design is molded around all sides on the lid, the palm rest, and the base assembly. Along with that, it features an Intel Hseries processor. And it is available for pre-order, on Vaio’s website