Samsung AR glasses concept revealed in leaked videos from WalkingCat


As per reports, Samsung has been working on AR glasses for years. Recently Samsung announced an extremely basic set of imagery-projecting goggles at the CES 2020 event. And recently, based on the leaked videos we can say that the Samsung AR glasse concept looks very ambitious. With these two leaked videos, Samsung gives us a glimpse of how its future projects may look like.

Every major tech giant like Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft, all might be working on some AR glasses or another, except Google. Though the Samsung AR glasses concept has possibly leaked today still there is no clear information about these AR glasses. However, Samsung has already stepped into virtual reality and now it might be looking to get into augmented reality. If these leaked AR glasses indicate Samsung’s future vision for such wearables.

However, WalkingCat, a Twitter account that is a fairly reliable source of gadget leaks from Microsoft and Samsung. Over the weekend it has published two new concept videos. In the past WalkingCat has revealed the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite and Galaxy Chromebook 2. With that in mind both the leaked videos most likely genuine Samsung videos

Other than that, These videos can also be an internal concept rather than an actual upcoming product. Because Walking also not sure themselves and tweeted those videos with an “R&D Vision Concept” caption.

Samsung AR glasses details based on WalikngCat Tweet

WalkingCat has tweeted two videos that give us a glimpse of what a pair of Samsung AR Glasses could do. One thing can be like projecting a giant virtual screen movie theatre. Where you can play your games, like your private movie theatre, Giving you a giant virtual computer monitor. Also, you can fire up an auto-dimming “Sunglasses mode”. Some reports suggest that it can act as an instant first-person-view screen for your DJI drone, complete with telemetry.

As per 9to5Google

From Samsung AR glasses concept leaked videos, the First video comes with a title card that states “Samsung Glasses Lite”. And it is very much the way Samsung’s product videos appear. In the leaked video we get a better view of the Samsung AR glasses that are much thicker than conventional eye frames. At the same time, they do appear quite familiar. From the last shot in this sequence, we can observe that lenses have a transparent screen embedded into them.

In the leaked video we can see the actual product being worn and used, with a simulation of what the person is experiencing through Glasses Lite. One of the experiences can be playing a car game on what looks to be a Samsung phone docked to a controller accessory.

From the videos, you can also observe an example of “Integrated Control” Where a Galaxy Watch is used to switch from gameplay to watching “video”. It seamlessly starts on the Glasses Lite which is named “Portable Media”. Also, the person next switches to “Dex Display”. Replies to an email with a physical keyboard from a floating desktop that appears in front of them. There is a video call scenario.

Also, the person uses “Sunglasses Mode” to hide the AR displays and tint the shades when he goes outside. While at first, this model proceeds to control a drone as part of a “New Dimension Display” feature with flight HUD.

Samsung AR Glasses brings next Wearable Computing Concept in the second video

The Second leaked video shows us Samsung’s “Next Wearable Computing” vision. This time Samsung lets users experience 3D digital objects appear in the real world. This concept seems very familiar with Microsoft’s HoloLens. These glasses come with an AR Office. It features a projected keyboard that only the user can experience or can use to type on. Also if required they can Zoom in with an unlimited field-of-view unlike the previous AR glasses from the first leaked video.

In addition to this these glasses come with a HOLO call. Which can project full-body virtually. And an AR Simulation which allows for Room-Scale Immersion. Means it would let you explore a digital space which can be a room design as if you were there.

As of now, there is no accurate information about how close any of this might be to the Samsung AR glasses concept. The Glasses Lite looks more realistic than the next Wearable Computing Concept. Even the second concept seems like something that Samsung would do for a prototype than a real project. By all this, we can say it will be similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens but the only difference will be that Samsung would replace the bulky headsets with Sleek glasses.

However, If you have never tried a Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap, Then you should know that reality is far away from the visualizations you see here. Present, available waveguides, lasers, and projectors combination will usually offer you a very narrow field of view with see-through AR glasses like these. For example: If you’re standing next to a virtual computer monitor then you are only able to see part of it rather than the whole. The rest will be out of your field of view with these Samsung AR glasses.

Other details

The most interesting thing that the video reveals is, You need to be using a smartwatch to navigate this AR glasses interface. As of now, it would be an advantage. Instead of trying to tap on things that don’t currently exist or to make mid-air gestures with your own hands. The Smartwatch control is a complex concept that other companies are also working to figure out for AR headsets that they are working on. As per reports, Apple is working on both a smartwatch and AR glasses. Along with this Facebook hardware diving that’s working on AR glasses is also now planning to work on a smartwatch too based on reports.

Many companies are showing interest in exploring these AR products even if they seem like years away from reaching customers. Because AR is considered one of the next technological frontiers.


There are the details that the newly leaked videos reveal about the Samsung AR glasses concepts. Those videos show that “Samsung is planning to bring two AR glasses concepts. The First video comes with a title card that states “Samsung Glasses Lite”. And Second leaked video shows us Samsung’s “Next Wearable Computing” vision.