Instagram Eating Disorder Awareness Initiative helps people get support

Instagram Eating Disorder Awareness

This week as a part of the National Eating Disorders Awareness, Several social media platforms have added their support towards raising awareness about the Eating disorder. Instagram Eating Disorder awareness is also a part of that initiative. It aims to put a spotlight on eating disorders and adding resources to its social platform to support people who are affected by eating disorders.

Approximately every 1 person in 7 will experience an eating disorder of some type in their lifetime. This can be whether through food avoidance or more extreme conditions. Along with this social media platforms also play a significant part in this. Like by exposing young generations to certain body image types and comparing themselves. Especially social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, in particular, are causing a significant influence in this respect.

Because of this, Instagram along with some other social media platforms have come up with eating disorder awareness initiatives as part of NEDA Week. This includes adding support tools and resources for users to help them with eating disorder issues.

Here are the details of the Instagram Eating Disorder Awareness initiative

Instagram has taken the initiative in NEDA Week for raising awareness towards eating disorders. As a part of this, Instagram adding resources for people who are dealing with eating disorder issues. In this, Whenever users search for hashtags or content that’s likely related to disordered eating then Instagram will guide that user to the resources section. There you will be getting helpline numbers provided by the National Eating Disorders Association or NEDA. For the users in the US as well as others in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Instagram further says that currently, Instagram wants to blur out potentially triggering content in search results and it will direct people to generalized crisis support. However, Instagram eating disorder awareness support directs users to resources that are particularly designed around eating disorders.

Also in its Blog, Instagram informs that it is planning to redirect them to resources if any user tries to share eating disorder-related content. Also if a friend is concerned about something they see posted and wants to provide support.

This Instagram Eating Disorder Awareness update seems very similar to the TikTok update that we have seen earlier today. Contrary to TikTok, Instagram doesn’t look like it pointing to eating disorder-specific resources before. Even though Instagram shows them in the general list of helplines. Currently, If you go to Instagram and search for content related to eating disorders then it will direct you to a general helpline list. 

This general list along with NEDA, it also includes the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Veterans Crisis Line, and Trevor Project as well. However, From the screenshot, it looks like the Instagram support button will specifically point out the NEDA contacts to people. Instead of showing them the complete list of available helpline contacts.

Previously Instagram had issues trying to regulate eating disorder content

Earlier BBC investigation found children swapping graphic images of weight loss. Also, Dr. Jon Goldin, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, informed that vulnerable people are finding peer groups online. However, Instagram says that it does not allow any content which promotes or encourages eating disorders and removes it when the platform notices such content.

Also, Instagram received much public pressure, after that it announced a wide-ranging review and committed to removing all graphic self-harm images from its platform. Whereas, the BBC informed that posts, hashtags search terms, and images promoting and glamorizing eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are routine on Instagram.

With this in mind, Instagram and other social media platforms banned several hashtags and searches around rating disorders in 2012. In addition to this, Instagram also offers links for helping and supporting helplines that are run by charities.

Tara Hopkins, head of public policy for Instagram, says

That the platform doesn’t let users post content that encourages or promotes eating disorders but also says it is a complex issue. Many people who are recovering from eating disorders utilize Instagram in a very positive way. Like getting support for themselves and for others. 

She further adds that Instagram continues to review how it deals with “self-injury content” including eating disorders. Also, the platform is looking to make some changes in its policy enforcement that includes classifying more content as a promotion so more is removed.

Other platforms participating in this eating disorder awareness initiative


Along with Instagram Eating Disorder Awareness Pinterest is also partnering with NEDA. As a part of this Pinterest is launching a series of story pins that will help in increasing awareness of the eating disorder and to provide educational support links. These interactive story pins will help users to share their own experiences. Also to tag others on the platform. At the same time, it provides educational insight regarding eating disorder issues.

Apart from this Pinterest is also donating ad credits to help people to tune into NEDA programs. While similar to the Instagram eating disorder awareness initiative, Pinterest will also add helpful resources. Which will appear for relevant search queries on the platform.


TikTok is also one of the social media platforms that participating in eating disorder awareness initiatives along with Instagram and Pinterest. It will be adding new connection tools that will show up in relevant search queries. Also, it offers new tips and advice guides to help those who are experiencing body image issues.

As per reports, TikTok is adding new resources that you can access via the Discover page for this week. It also informs that it is including permanent public service announcements on hashtags related to eating disorders. This will allow connection to relevant resources and assistance tools.

Other details

Instagram as a part of its National eating disorders awareness week programming, is going to work with community leaders. To encourage them to publish Reels that will “Encourage and promote positive body image, and push back against weight stigma and damaging stereotypes. And show that all types of bodies are worth celebrating. 


Instagram announcing eating disorder awareness initiative as a part of NEDA Week. This includes adding support tools and resources for people who are experiencing an eating disorder. If users search for hashtags or content that can be possibly related to disordered eating. Then the platform will direct that user to resources or helpline contacts provided by the NEDA.