Telegram’s new update brings an auto-deleting option, and more

Telegram's new update

Lately, With the Whatsapp updated privacy policy backlash many other social media platforms are focusing on improving and changing their privacy policies. And now, Telegram is going to update its messaging app with several new features. This Telegram’s new update includes adding an auto-deleting option for messages, Expiring invite links, and unlimited groups. These improvements were made in order to ensure more security and privacy for users.

 Telegram along with Signal has received a surge of new users after the WhatsApp privacy policy update backlash. Actually, the main concern with that new update was Whatsapp data sharing procedures with its parent app Facebook. However, the update does not change anything except that it will only be applicable for users when communicating with businesses. 

But the misinformation on social media and Facebook’s track record on privacy and its reputation resulted in a backlash of this new WhatsApp privacy policy update. Because of this many users are trying out other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal.

For addressing users’ privacy concerns Telegram’s New update came up with new features. Expanding privacy features as auto-delete is a good start to addressing such concerns.

Here are the details of Telegram’s New Update Details

Auto-Delete Messages

Earlier auto-deleting messages options were present in Telgram’s encrypted Secret Chats. But with this new Telegram update, this option will be available for both iOS and Android users to make their messages disappear in any kind of chats. Now Telegram users are able to delete messages for everyone in a conversation at any time. And in Secret Chat users can also enable self-destruct timers for their messages.

From today onwards you can use the new update feature auto-delete timer in all Telegram chats. This will automatically delete the messages for all participants. Auto delete timer can be set for either 24 hours or 7 days after sending.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Auto-delete timer will be applicable only for messages sent after the timer is set, which means earlier messages will stay in the chat history as usual. The countdown will get started when messages are sent not when they are read like in Secret Chats.

You can enable this auto delete timer on Android by tapping on the clear history. Then select the duration that you want to set for the auto-delete option. For iOS users, you need to press and hold a message then tap select the clear chat option then enable the auto delete. To see the messages countdown to their deletion time simply tap on the message if you’re on Android or Press and hold on if you’re on iOS.

Expiring Invite Links

Similar to Clubhouse, Telegram’s new update introducing some changes to groups that will allow for an informative audio experience. These new “Broadcast Groups” will support unlimited group members. But for creating posts in the group will be only available for group admins, so only they broadcast. However, voice chats will be available for all group members in the broadcast group. Telegram says this feature should be common for large communities where people can catch exclusive interviews, news, and casual talks.

To make these groups remain exclusive Telegram’s new update brings in expiring invite links. These links can be set to expire after a certain number of uses or a certain amount of time or both. With these new invite groups, admins will be easily able to moderate who can join the group and group admins keep private subject matters a bit more private.

Other new features from the Telegram update

Home Screen Widgets

If you want to have instant access to your recent chats or important chats. Now you can use the Telegram new update feature Home screen widget. This will add those chats to your home screen. The chat widget will display a preview of the recent messages and the Shortcut Widget will only display names and profile pictures.

For Android users, the chats and messages displayed in the widget will be always up to date. And if you want you can further expand the widget to take up more screen space. iOS users, the widgets will only get fresh data occasionally and this may be due to system limitations.

To add these widgets you just need to press and hold on to your home screen. Then tap widgets on Android, or tap on the (+) icon and search for Telegram for iOS users.

New scannable invite links

Telegram’s new update brings in a new feature that can convert any invite link to a scannable QR Code. That you can put on everything from brochures to billboards. Also, this new update allows Telegram users to see which users have joined using each invite link, find out where new members came from, and also which format has been popular for its growth.

Improved Chat Import

With the latest Telegram update, you will be getting a better chat import feature. With this latest chat import, importing messages will now appear sorted by their original date. If added to Telegram chat which is new or has less than 1000 messages.

Improved Reporting System

Every month Telegram receives millions of user reports and processes them to make sure the platform is not misused. With Telegram’s new update you can now include a specific message when sending a report. Additionally, every reporting option will now include an add a comment section to give more context, especially when reporting fake accounts.

Along with this new update adds some more new animations to Telegram. But even with all these new features Telegrams still didn’t have a universal encrypting feature which many users expect to have the End-to-End encryption feature.


With Whatsapp privacy policy updates backlash many other messaging platforms getting a burst of new users. To make the most of this situation, Telegram’s new update brings new features that will address the privacy concerns of users. These new features are an auto-delete option for messages, expiring invite links, and adding new unlimited groups. All this data is based on Telegram’s Blog Post.