Samsung Galaxy Watch Update brings voice guidance and other features

Samsung Galaxy Watch Update brings voice guidance and other features

Samsung Galaxy Watch Update brings voice guidance and other features:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Update brings Voice Features

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the company’s most elegant smartwatch. It comes with helpful fitness tracking and fantastic battery life. All this is packaged inside a sophisticated-looking circular silver and black smartwatch. In addition to this, With the new Samsung Galaxy Watch update, your stylish smartwatch gets a new look and feel to it.

Samsung galaxy update makes your smartwatch a bit like Galaxy Watch 3. Which includes voice guidance and some other new features. This voice guidance feature is initially launched for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Basically, this voice guidance feature lets you speak to the smartwatch and it walks you through running and cycling exercises as you do them.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the company’s latest smartwatch that has features like ECG and blood pressure monitoring. Even though the galaxy watch 3 is one of the best options for Android users, The Samsung Galaxy Watch also has plenty of potential features to go for. With the new update, Samsung is making this Samsung Galaxy Watch more useful and up to date bringing new features.

There are many smartwatches available right now. But very few smartwatches made the same impact as the Apple watch. In that, the Samsung galaxy watch is also one of them. However, many smartwatches have opted for Google’s Wear OS platform that is based on Android. Samsung also initially started with Android wear but now it switched to its own Tizen-based OS.

Here are the details of the Samsung Galaxy watch update

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch Update adds many features of Galaxy watch 3 to its Galaxy watch. Those features are like the ability to view images in notifications from the paired smartphone. Along with support for AR Emoji and Bitmoji and also voice guidance for workouts. In addition to the smartwatch gets a scrolling screenshot feature and there will be improvements in the stability and performance of the smartwatch.

Support for the voice guidance feature was also added for users that have Bluetooth headphones connected to their smartwatch. It helps in listening to songs or any media with or without Bluetooth headphones.

Voice Guidance feature can be very useful for users who like to take an assistant with workouts. Some reports also suggest that this new Samsung galaxy watch update features being pushed out to users in both South Korea and for users in the US. With this in mind, not every smartwatch will receive the update at the same time. If you’re located in either South Korea or the US and you possess a galaxy smartwatch, then you would expect this new update to show up in the next few days.

The new update is coming to both Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active

This new Samsung update is applicable for both galaxy watch and Galaxy Watch Active as per the TizenHelp. Along with some performance and stability improvements to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This update comes in about 291MB in size. One of the features that update brings is the smarter notification system that lets you have a glimpse into the incoming messages. This feature was already available on both Watch Active 2 and Watch 3. And now the original Samsung Galaxy Watch also can support this feature after this update.

This new update for the Galaxy Watch comes with firmware version R810XXU1FUB6, and for the Galaxy, Watch Active comes with firmware version R500XXUF1UB5. Initially, both the updates will be available for users who are in the US and South Korea. Later this update will be rolled out in other regions also soon.

We know that both the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active initially came with Tizen OS 4.0, but they are now getting the Tizen OS 5.5 update. It helps them in getting their speed close to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Galaxy Watch 3.

Other details

The Samsung Galaxy Watch was first launched in Aug 2018, and Galaxy Watch Active came along in march 2019. With the latest update and staying committed to updates for these devices. Samsung is ensuring users that these devices which they have opted for will stay up to date with improved features as long as they can be. Many users like to change their smartwatches less frequently than their smartphones, so bringing new updates will be refreshing for users.

This new Samsung Galaxy Watch Update comes at a hefty 290MB size. This new update comes just after the important OS promotion rolled out for the nearly three-year-old Galaxy Watch. Which was released back in February 2020. With all this, we can say that Samsung shows a remarkable commitment to keeping its devices upto date. Which can be longer than Android Smartphone users are accustomed to.

However, if you haven’t received the new update, but you’ll at least have an idea of what new features that this new update will bring. As it will take some time for all the devices to get this update.


With the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Update, the original Galaxy Watch will be receiving some new features which are similar to Galaxy Watch 3 features. These features include a smart notification improvement by which you can view the images in the incoming messages. Previously this feature was not supported on this smartwatch, but now you can view WhatsApp or other app images.

Other features like support for AR Emoji and Bitmoji and also voice guidance for workouts. Along with a scrolling screenshot feature and improvements in the stability and performance of the smartwatch.