Gatorade’s Gx Sweat Patch to help athletes perform and rehydrate better

Gatorade's Gx Sweat Patch

Gatorade offers sports science and hydration innovation to support athlete’s fuel, recovery, and performance. Now it getting into wearables with “Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch“. This new fitness wearable device will test your sweat and lets you know how and when to properly rehydrate yourself after finishing your workout session.

Gatorade’s Gx Sweat Patch comes with only one-time-use. This wearable analyzes your sweat to provide athletes with insights about their athletic performance and about their hydration level status. This Gatorade device launches at a perfect time when the sports drink marketplace faces heavy competition.

For athletes consuming enough liquids and staying hydrated before performances, is very crucial. Gatorade announces that “Hydration and sweat play a key role in athletic performance. The sports fuel company provides the required information needed to better understand personal needs to stay properly hydrated before, during, and after exercise.”

This new Gx Sweat Patch from Gatorade sold in packages of two for $25. And it will be available online at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. Also, this device gets paired with Gatorade’s Gx app. This will inform you to efficiently hydrate and hopefully recover faster in the process.

Here the details of Gatorade’s Gx Sweat Patch

As per the Information from Gatorade, This Gx Sweat Patch has to worn on the left inner arm during a single workout. As the athletes do exercises then this sweat patch will fill up with Sweat. Once the workout is over, the user can scan this sweat patch by using Gaterode’s app Gx. Then it will reveal the athlete’s unique sweat profile.

This sweat profile in the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch is based on sweat levels, sodium losses in the forearm, body weight, and workout type or intensity. This final result will reveal hydration strategies that can optimize performance and avoid cramping or dehydration. Results will inform everything from fluid and sodium loss to athletes sweating rate. Also, it will give you an option to compare with other workouts.

The Gatorade’s Gx app also adds these hydration recommendations to specific workouts. This means you will be having a clear idea about what to drink. To optimize your performance before, during, or after performing any kind of physical workout. All these functions will be accessible for you once you create the sweat profile in the Gatorade’s Gx app.

Based on Duane Standford

Duane Standford, who is the editor and publisher of Beverage Digest informed. That this Gatorade’s Gx Sweat Patch is smart business for PepsiCo. PepsiCo is Gatorade’s parent company. He further added that this taps into one of the major trends that are happening in the industry. Those are the rise of customization and personalization.

Many tech devices can provide you with tools that help you in customization and personalization. Normally, these tools are often provided at premium prices. This kind of tech can help you enhance your margins. Duane Standford informed that this Gx sweat patch innovation can also help Gatorade maintain its brand credibility and market dominance. Especially when its category is more crowded than ever before.

Gatorade plans with its Gx Sweat patch

Generally, Gatorade holds 72 percent of the US sports drink market share of retail sales, As per Euromonitor. After this Coke comes with a 16 percent share. And recently Body also has begun taking shares and shows the market is no longer for only two giants.

By getting into wearables with Gatorade’s Gx Sweat Patch, Gatorade tapping into sports science. This will definitely differentiate it from its competitors in the long-term. The new Gx sweat patch uses insights and individual exercise data from fitness. This includes Apple Health, Strava, Garmin as well as its own data from Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

With all this, Gatorade will be committing to provide athletes suggestions on training, and nutrition, Stanford informed. Ultimately the Gx Sweat Patch goal is to bring advanced science and services. So, that will provide elite athletes to anyone who’s striving for improving their performance in physical workouts.

O’Brien informed that “Democratizing lab-based sweat testing lets everyday athletes get better knowledge and suggestions about how they can optimize their performance and even possible to reach a step closer to the pros.

Sweat Profile in Gatorade Gx App

After wearing the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch on your inner left forearm for the duration of a workout. The user then needs to scan that sweat patch with his/her smartphone or Gx App. Then that Gx app will use that scanned image along with previously input data such as weight, sex, Workout type, and the environment too. With all this, the Gx app will create a “Sweat Profile”. And makes a recommendation about individuals. Like what and when you need to take fluids to optimize your performance.

Other details

The Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch is the first soft and skin interfaced microfluid patch. Which has gotten into the consumer health and fitness arena. Informed by Epicore co-Founder and CEO Roozbeh Ghaffari.

Gatorade says that the Gx Sweat Patch should used for high-intensity workouts. Such as basketball, running, soccer, and football. Also, Gatorade’s Gx app can integrate with three other fitness apps like Garmin Connect, Strava, and Apple Health.

But Still, the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch $25 for a package of two patches seems a bit high. Especially when you can use these sweat patches only once. Suppose if you do only running exercises, then maybe a single $25 purchase will be enough. And Gatorade also suggests that users should create a new sweat profile for each climate or temperature they work out in. So the more ways and places you workout the more you have to spend to accurately hydrate to improve your performance.


Gatorade getting into wearables with its Gx Sweat Patch. This sweat patch will test your sweat and inform you about when and how to best rehydrate yourself after working out and also helps in recovering faster. This is available for two packages at $25. The Gx sweat patch one-time-use only and can be paired with Gatorade’s Gx App.