Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus comes with removable SSD and Built-in LTE

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Recently released Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus comes with a familiar design and few surprises included. This new device seems to satisfy corporate customers who want to standardize their hardware for years. This device comes with the updated components and some professional features such as a removable SSD and a built-in LTE option.

Though it is a Windows tablet, its functionality and performance make it a real competition for 13-inch convertible laptops. It’s not a complete redesign from the Surface Pro 7, but still, this Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ is making its way to become the best detachable windows tablet available today. For people who are looking for better form factors like business users and frequent travelers, it’s the best option.

Overall, this Microsoft Surface Pro 7 plus gives a refreshing look to the Surface Pro Lineup. It comes with some on-demand features like a larger battery, replaceable SSD, Tiger Lake Processor, and LTE support. All this makes this laptop a decent upgrade from its previous version Surface Pro 7.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus comes with limited availability. Means Microsoft limiting sales of this device exclusively to businesses and schools. So, consumers won’t be able to get this laptop from a store.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 plus review

Performance and Graphics are improved

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 plus features Intel’s new 11th-generation processors, that offer Iris Xe graphics. This helps make the surface pro 7 plus a lot more active in handling a variety of tasks. Also, it offers photo and video editing at faster rates than you would get with the regular Surface Pro 7. Also, you can perform FHD gamings on this Iris Xe graphics.

The real changes you can see in the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus are on its inside. Microsoft has opted for Intel’s latest 11th Gen processors where you can choose between Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 variants. This Surface Pro 7 plus remains calm even when performing heavy tasks like video editing and gaming. Similar to other Core i5 Pro 7 models it has no internal fans, this makes it silent while working.

Design and Display

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus comes with a 12-inch Windows tablet with a sturdy kickstand that lies almost flat. Microsoft has made some improvements to the design of the surface pro’s hinge. Which enables you triple-duty as a tablet, drawing pad. Which is similar to the traditional clamshell laptop.

Microsoft designed the Surface Pro 7 Plus with a unibody magnesium design with hidden perimeter venting. This unibody construction provides the tablet structural strength, while the magnesium works as a passive heat pipe to the outside world. Supported by the tiny vents cut into the periphery of the chassis. As we have seen both the core i3 and core i5 models come with a fanless design. It is a superb improvement that allows you to work without the distraction of a fan.


Coming to the display, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus display is as bright and beautiful as ever. Which offers both sRGB color and Enhanced modes. Comes with trimmed-out bezels around the display. These bezels are about 1.5 centimeters to the sides in landscape mode and about 1.2 cm at the top and bottom. And they are quite handy when the surface pro 7 plus is actually used as a tablet.

Based on reports, the Microsoft display was made thinner to accommodate a larger, 50.4 Watt-hour battery. As per the Microsoft representative, the Microsoft surface pro 7 plus display brightness comes at 400 nits.

Surface Pro 7 Plus comes with Removable SSD

The most important hardware change on the surface pro 7 plus is Microsoft introduced removable SSDs. It is a first for the surface pro series. It is mainly designed for commercial users to interchange faulty SSDs or to maintain corporate data. Microsoft made the SSD as easily accessible as possible. With the help of an access door at the back of the Surface, Pro 7 Plus and a simple SIM tool can also open it up.

Also, Microsoft’s reseller network started selling SSD kits, which have 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and ITB options. It also has the option to upgrade storage space. Microsoft makes things easy to do, so For IT admins it will be easy to get a machine up and running again.

Built-in LTE

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t introduce 5G support in its Surface Pro 7 Plus laptop. But you do get an option for using the device’s embedded eSIM or inserting a physical SIM into the tray. This built-in LTE is the most noteworthy hardware addition to this laptop. Microsoft is using Qualcomm’s older Snapdragon X20 LTE modem inside the Surface Pro 7 Plus.

This dedicated SIM slot appears on the side of the laptop. Where you normally get the MicroSD slot. This allows you to stream 4K videos and wireless performance is sufficient. It also works like a security feature. Where you don’t have to worry about connecting to other networks and Public WiFi networks that are often insecure.

It Lacks Thunderbolt 3/4 and 5G support

Overall hardware of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 plus is quite similar to the Surface Pro 7. It has the same 12.3 inches with a resolution of 2736×1824. Comes with a touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio. It has a single USB-C port and the regular USB-A port.

Surface Pro 7 Plus lacks Thunderbolt 3/4. So, you can’t connect this laptop to an external GPU or use many of the thunderbolt drives and docks that are available. However, the Built-in LTE and removable SSD are a great improvement in the Surface Pro lineup. Still, Microsoft isn’t including any 5G connectivity.

Unfortunately, Microsoft seems stuck with its rapidly aging port choices. Its integrated USB-A can be used along with a keyboard or wired mouse. Microsoft still utilizes the legacy Surface Connector as both a charging port and as a connection to the Surface Dock 2.


These are the details of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus. This laptop comes with improved performance and graphics. It features a removable SSD and a built-in LTE option. Microsoft limiting sales of this Surface pro 7 plus exclusively to businesses and schools.