Moto upcoming 360 smartwatches may get Snapdragon Wear 4100

Moto upcoming 360 smartwatches

Based on reports, Motorola is working on launching a new series of smartwatches. It seems that Motorola is planning to launch three new smartwatches under the Moto Watch series. Motorola has not revealed anything about this smartwatch. However, some reports claim that this Moto Upcoming 360 smartwatch features Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 4100 SoC.

In addition to this, a Reddit thread also shows that the Moto Upcoming 360 Smartwatch could be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 chipset. As a result, Motorola seems to bring a bump in terms of performance as it uses the more efficient 12nm process compared to Snapdragon 3100’s 28nm process.

Qualcomm says that its 4100 supposed to bring an 85 percent faster CPU. And 2.5 times faster GPU and 25 percent more battery life. Supporting these reports the Moto Upcoming 360 Smartwatch has shown in an image, indicating the inclusion of the latest processor. It’s the latest wearable chipset by Snapdragon.

Here are the details of the Moto Upcoming 360 Smartwatch

As per the images shared by 9to5Google which found in an investor presentation. These images reveal three other smartwatches. One of them had a text written at its backside as “Snapdragon Wear 4100’. Also, the smartwatch comes with two buttons on the side and quick release straps that made up of leather, based on the images

Some of the specifications were printed on the underside of the smartwatch from the pics we can observe. It says that the smartwatch NFC, 5 ATM waterproof rating. Along with GPS and powered by Snapdragon 4100. From the picture, we can also get a glimpse of a charging coil. Which suggests that it could come with a magnetic charger.

Based on reports Motorola will be launching three new smartwatches including the Moto G, Moto Watch, and the Motorola One watch. One of them will come with a square-shaped dial and the other smartwatches will come with round dials. The Moto upcoming 360 smartwatch series will run on Google Wear OS. Among these three, the square-shaped smartwatch could be named as Moto Watch and the other one may be named as Moto One.

A Twitter user shared images of Moto’s upcoming Smartwatches

Recently, a Twitter user by the name of Felipe Berhau had posted some pictures of the rumored Motorola Upcoming Smartwatches. Which could launched this year. He wrote as “Not gonna claim this is exclusive since I got it from a sales presentation but seems like a square-ish Moto Watch and a new moto360 are coming soon,”

He also shared a picture of a metallic smartwatch. Which is in silver color that could seem like the upcoming Moto G smartwatch. In addition to this, he mentioned the launch dates of the Moto Upcoming 360 smartwatches. He said that the Moto G smartwatch will be launched in June 2021 and the Moto Watch and Motorola One Watch will get launched in July 2021.

An investor presentation showed Moto upcoming wear OS devices

The presentation reveals some interesting specs of the Moto Upcoming 360 Smartwatches. The Heart Rate sensor seems to be mostly the same. The underside is transparent that reveals the charging coil. This means the new Moto Smartwatches will powered wirelessly rather than using pogo pins. Also, it has a vertical crown instead of curled. While there are notable screws securing the watch straps.

At the end of this presentation, we got a glimpse of another White Wear OS watch. This smartwatch probably has the same Snapdragon Wear 4100 device but from the front. This smartwatch interestingly watermarked with “2020102301”.

However, this smartwatch appears to be real but it does not appear on the upcoming road map. Also, these three products do not have ejected circular buttons. So, the smartwatch we are looking at could be a follow-up to the Moto 360 smartwatch or as an existing product. Which is not included in the presentation slides.

As of now, there is only one Wearable 4100 smartwatch on the market today. Even the latest Fossil offerings still feature the 3100. If reports are accurate then Moto would be adding many on-demand features and competition to the Wear OS space. But right now there is no clear information on when this Moto upcoming 360 smartwatches will launch.

Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 4100

Qualcomm says that its new Snapdragon wear 4100 chips will get the improved speed with a significantly faster processor. Along with some better improvements in performance for the GPU, memory, and overall battery life. Google’s wear OS seriously needs such kind of hardware overhaul.

The last major update to the Snapdragon Wear lineup, the Snapdragon Wear 3100 was a minor improvement to 2016’s Snapdragon 2100. Moreover, both of these 2100 and 3100 come with the same exact processor. So, the debut of the 4100 Snapdragon provides the first concrete speed improvements for Wear OS in about four years.

However, this time Qualcomm is planning a slightly different approach with the 4100 line. The flagship model, which is the Snapdragon 4100 Plus is a hybrid platform. Which features the main SDM429w SoC along with an updated version of the always-on QCC1110 co-processor that introduced with the 3100. But for developers who don’t require always-on features, Qualcomm will also offer a standard Snapdragon Wear 4100 model that offers the SDM429w SoC.


Based on rumors, Motorola Upcoming 360 smartwatches will feature Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 4100 SoC. This will provide this smartwatch with better performance as it uses the more efficient 12nm process as compared to Snapdragon 3100 28nm process. The 4100 Snapdragon processor supposed to provide an 85 percent faster CPU, 2.5 times faster GPU, and 25 percent more battery life. However, Motorola has not revealed anything officially about these smartwatches yet.