Apple’s new Find My feature Will help you to prevent being Tracked

Apple's new Find My

The “Find My” app makes it easy to find and locate your Apple devices and can also help in keeping up with your friends and family. It works on iPhone, iPad, or Mac even if your devices are offline. To protect your privacy further Apple is introducing a new feature to its Find My app. Apple’s new Find My feature will help you to prevent stalking and to know if you are being tracked.

This new Find My safety feature will help prevent others from using the apple devices that can tracked from the app to stalk you instead. This safety feature can also automatically prevent unknown tracking devices from broadcasting your location information. This new feature “Item Safety Alerts” was initially spotted in the iOS 14.5 beta.

This new Find My feature “Item Safety Alerts” will notify users Incase if an unknown device being tracked on Find My app “Moving with you”. If there is any device like that then you can disable it or remove it. 

Previously these devices and the Find My app were used in some instances for stalking. To prevent this kind of situation from happening again Apple may have come up with this feature.

Here are the details of Apple’s new Find My safety feature

Apple’s new Find My feature initially enabled by default in the beta and Apple wants to keep this feature to stay ON. According to Apple Blogger Benjamin Mayo, whenever a user tries to turn off this feature in the settings. then the system warns the user that the owner of the unknown device will be able to access their location and track them without them being notified.

However Hiding an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook in someone’s possessions to track them can be difficult. But other devices like a small keychain-sized device as Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag or Tile’s upcoming ultra-wideband (UWB) tracker makes this process much easier.  

Apple’s rumor that AirTags can also present the same issue, which can be used for misuse, and reintroducing this new Find My feature into Apple’s iOS might also indicate that this feature is on its way to be released soon.

Though this feature is not necessarily as efficient as a GPS beacon with a cellular radio, Still Apple’s Find My network may cover greater regions than users think. In case any Apple device comes close to one of these supported trackers, It can update its location. Even if the tracking devices don’t have their own access to the internet.

Apple’s new Find My feature was found in early versions of iOS 14.3

Apple released the third iOS beta version to developers this Tuesday afternoon. This release comes with new features like a new Find My Splash Screen, the Item tab in the Find My app to track third-party accessories, and Apple’s Airtags. Along with Item Safety Alerts functionality and more. This latest beta presents the return of the default music player requests with Siri. Which was initially available in the iOS beta release but was unavailable in beta 2.

Apple’s new Find My feature, an Item Safety Alerts feature within the Me tab in the app. Which will notify users if an unknown item has been found moving with you. This feature enabled by default. In other words, you will get alerts whenever an unknown item being tracked via the Find My app is found on your person in your bag. 

Other features Apple launched in iOS 14.5 beta 3, with this new safety feature

Apple Watch unlock notification update

With this new update, you can set to unlock your Apple Watch whenever you unlock your paired iPhone. Then you will get a small banner-like notification box at the top of your device screen. This notification in iOS 14 looks quite similar to the Apple Pencil status indicator on iPadOS or Airpods battery notifications. In this update, this Apple Watch Unlock notification got updated to include a glyph of the watch complete with the Solo Loop watch band.

Find My Splash screen

In this new iOS 14.5, the Find My gets an updated splash screen that outlines what’s new. A new bullet item labeled support for Accessories, shows adding third-party non-Apple products to Find My app with highlights. It also encourages the use of Apple’s upcoming AirTags to locate personal items like luggage and backpacks.

New Item Tab

With iOS 14.5 beta 3, the Items tab in the Find My app is users can add accessories or other items. Which are compatible with the Find My app. Also, users can utilize this Items tab to identify items that they’ve found while trying to make contact with the original owner.

Find My app’s other features

Along with Apple’s new Find My feature it also some other interesting features. With the help of the Find My app you see all your devices on Map. If you forgot where you kept your iPad whether at home or office. Use the map to get a full picture of where exactly you kept them. Some devices can also mark their location when their battery is critically low. So, it would be helpful in finding them even if they run out of power.

In addition to this, you can also use this app to play a sound to find your device. Suppose you can’t find something through its very near or around others who might hear it. Then you can play a sound to pinpoint its location. Apple’s AirPods are specifically designed to produce a sound that can be audible across a room and even further.

If that’s not enough you can take it further by displaying a message on your lost device. If your device got lost, then you can put it in Lost Mode to lock it immediately and start tracking its location. Also, you can display a message along with your contact number on your lost device’s lock screen. So whoever will find it can call you without accessing the device’s rest of the data.


Apple’s new Find My safety feature can help you to prevent stalking and to know if you are being tracked. It prevents others from using the Apple devices or other devices that can be tracked via the app to stalk you instead. Initially, this Item Safety Alerts feature is spotted in iOS 14.5 beta. This feature can also automatically prevent unknown tracking from broadcasting your location information, and also notifies you. So you remove or disable it.