Razer’s Anzu Smart Glasses features audio speakers and blue light lens

Razer's Anzu Smart glasses
Source: techtimes.com

Razer offers high-performing gaming hardware, software, and systems. Now Razer is getting into eyeglasses. Tonight, Razer is officially announcing its Anzu “smart” glasses. This is the company’s latest product though it doesn’t function like Google Glass and the rest. But it integrates audio speakers directly into the glasses temples which follow Bose, Amazon, and other companies. They will be available at $199.99.

These Anzu smart glasses will be in both rectangular and round frames. And each of them will come in small and larger sizes. Based on reports these smart glasses may look like Echo Frames in terms of their weight. Which means they appear to be just as compact. As per the specs sheet, These new smart glasses weigh about 10 grams heavier than the Echo frames.

Razer’s Anzu smart glasses will come in handy at work, to decrease eye stress and to attend conference calls without needing to plug in headphones. Also, Razer claims that these Anzu smart glasses can last up to 5 hours of active usage with a single charge, and two weeks on standby mode when you fold them up.

In addition to this, Razer provides two sets of lenses. One regular clear pair that offers 35 percent blocking against blue light along with Razer provides sunglass lenses with 99 percent UV protection.

Here are the details of Razer’s Anzu Smart glasses

Razer’s Anzu smart glasses come with a few sets of smart features. such as these glasses can connect to your phone or PC via Bluetooth. Also, you can make voice or video calls with the help of a built-in mic and speakers. In addition to this, you can listen to music with its open design speakers with 16mm drivers. Along with you can control tracks and activate voice assistants through a touch-enabled side panel

Same as Echo Frames, These Anzu smart glasses offer touch controls via a panel on the side. Using these touch controls you can manage music playbacks. And accept or reject calls, activate your phone’s assistant, or turn on “gaming mode”. These smart glasses feature a customized Bluetooth 5.1 connection which brings 60ms latency. This helps in preventing your audio from shuttering. Also, you will get an omnidirectional mic onboard.

In addition to this, Razer’s Anzu smart glasses rated IPX4 means they are splashproof. This means the device can survive if it gets caught in the rain for a short time, though you can’t use it while swimming. Priced at $200, Anzu smart glasses come with a carrying case, a USB-A charging cable, and a polarized UVA/UVB sunglass replacement lens. These are available at Razer’s website and Best Buy.

Anzu smart glasses can support the prescription lens

Razer informs that the Anzu Smart glasses are mainly aimed at people who are working from home jobs. It offers a few benefits also over your regular eyeglasses. These smart glasses feature blue light filtering lenses which can filter up to 35 percent of blue light from your computer screen. Thus, it helps in reducing eye fatigue especially in those times when you work the whole day in front of your screen. These lenses can work as polarized sunglasses, and offer both UV-A and UV-B protection.

Along with these features, Anzu smart glasses can also help you in getting your Prescription lens with these glasses. If you want prescription lenses with Anzu smart glasses you can get a 15 percent discount when you buy from Razer’s partner Lensabl. In that, the standard option available at 35 percent blue light filtering lenses. These features could have benefitted Echo Frames.

Also, these smart glasses have some interesting features like, they will automatically power down when folded shut. It helps the device in reaching upto two weeks of standby time and then pairs to the last device once it opens. With its up to five hour battery, which estimates 5.5 hours for its tenor audio sunglasses.

These smart glasses also have an “Activate gaming mode” option. This can be some gaming-specific EQ or a mode that presents the world in the Matrix-style code in front of your eyes.

Other details

Razer has taken a different approach than its competitors with its audio glasses. This company used a truly wireless design where both left and right speakers are split. Razer says that this design will offer great comfort since the frames provide better flexibility.

There are some things that you should take notice of, like in a charging situation. In these smart glasses, you have to charge both temples at the same time. For that, there are pogo pins on each one which theoretically may cause occasional true wireless difficulties like audio dropouts on one side.

Coming to its audio system, which is always a side effect with these audio glasses. Razer informed that people who are around you within arm’s distance will probably pick up on your music. Its case comes with a magnetic latch and flap for storing the charging cable or extra lenses. These Anzu smart glasses are exclusively available from Razer’s official website and physical Razerstore locations. In North America, they will be available from Best Buy US and Best Buy Canada.

With all this in mind, Razer’s Anzu Smart Glasses look like an interesting product. But we have to wait till they get launched and to see how they will perform in real-world tests.


Based on reports, Tonight Razer’s Anzu Smart glasses will get launched. These new smart glasses will provide immersive low latency Bluetooth audio and it protects your eyes from harmful blue light while working from home or on the go. These smart glasses will priced at $199.99, and come in both rectangular and round frames. Each will come in two sizes small and large.