Oneplus 9 series with Hasselblad camera, will debut on March 23rd.

Oneplus 9 series

Oneplus officially confirmed that “its Oneplus 9 series will be launched on March 23rd at 10 AM ET. This time Oneplus is planning to launch Oneplus 9 along with two phones and the Oneplus Watch. Oneplus 9 series includes Oneplus 9 and Oneplus 9Pro, along with Oneplus 9R. Both the Oneplus 9 phones and Oneplus Watch will get launched at the same event.

Over the past several weeks there have been many rumors and leaks about this upcoming Oneplus 9 series devices. Some rumors suggested that the Oneplus 9 Pro will feature a curved 1440 120Hz display with 45W fast charging. Along with wireless charging. Also, some rumors informed that the new device will support 5G. However, we have to wait till its launch to see how many of these rumors are accurate.

One of the most interesting details that Oneplus announced along with its official launch date. It is that Oneplus has partnered with Hasselblad for developing camera systems for its upcoming devices. Also, Oneplus informed that it plans to invest nearly USD 150 million over the next three years for enhancing its device’s camera system capabilities in partnership with Hasselblad.

With all this in mind, The upcoming Oneplus 9 series sets some high expectations. We may also expect to see a Hasselblad branded camera system on future Oneplus devices.

Here are the details about the Oneplus 9 series

Oneplus 9 series is expected to launch Oneplus 9, Oneplus 9 PRO, and Oneplus 9R models. Based on reports, Flagship phones are expected to feature Snapdragon 888 chipset which is up to 12GB RAM, 256GB internal storage, and 65W fast charging support. In that only Oneplus 9 pro may come with Hasselblad branded cameras. The Oneplus 9R comes with the Snapdragon 690 chipset and 48MP primary camera Along with a Full HD+ 90Hz display.

Recently on Monday Oneplus announced that the Oneplus 9 series will feature a custom Sony IMX789 sensor for the primary camera. Oneplus claims that “this will be the most advanced main camera sensor ever for its Oneplus device’s.

This sensor comes with 12-bit RAW which allows it to be 64 times better at capturing colors and details. Thus it will produce better results compared to other previous module cameras. The company also confirmed that the Hasselblad Camera for its device would provide improved HDR video recording and support for capturing 4K videos at 120fps and 8K videos at 30fps. The launch event which will be held on March 23, 8.30 pm IST can be streamed live on the Oneplus website too.

Oneplus confirmed its partnership with camera manufacturer Hasselblad

Coming to Oneplus partnership with Hasselblad, The company’s Founder and CEO Pete Lau stated that, “Oneplus has always prioritized a premium user experience over everything else. From the beginning of 2021, we are making mutual efforts to significantly improve the Oneplus device camera experience for our users. With the help and expertise of a truly legendary partner in Hasselblad.

Along with Oneplus’s best hardware and computational photography and Hasselblad’s deep aesthetic knowledge in traditional photography. We are confident that the Oneplus 9 series will be a major leap forward in our ability to provide a premium flagship camera.“

Based on reports, Oneplus has signed for a three-year partnership with Hasselblad. To co-develop the “next generation of smartphone camera systems for future Oneplus flagship devices.” Also, Oneplus will be investing more than USD 150 million over the next three years for developing its device’s camera system capabilities. One plus further stated that it has developed a new color solution. A Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad, which will seem to bring natural-looking colors to Photos.

In addition to this, the One plus 9 series will feature a new Hasselblad Pro Mode that will offer “accurate and natural color for a solid foundation for post-editing”. Also, the Hasselblad Pro Mode provides a new user interface that will allow an authentic Hasselblad look, as the company claims. This will be very useful for professional photographers. As it will allow them to control or fine-tune their photos. Along with ISO adjust, focus, exposure, and white balance, etc.

Rumors and leaks of Oneplus 9 series

Based on the PhoneArena Oneplus 9 leak, the prototype unit of the Oneplus 9 comes with a new design at the back. And the upcoming Oneplus 9 and Oneplus 9 Pro may appear similar to the new Oppo Reno series phones with some elements of Oneplus 8T. So basically, Oneplus 9 combines the Oneplus 8T and the Newly launched Oppo Reno 5.

The major noteworthy thing about this Oneplus 9 series is that they will be IP68 certification. Oneplus 9 Pro may also come as a waterproof device. Also, the new report confirms that the Oneplus 9 Pro will feature IP68 waterproofing certification. It may make the Oneplus 9 Pro a bit difficult to handle accidental spills.

In addition to this, Youtuber Dave2D shared some photographs of a prototype of the Oneplus 9 Pro. Also, it has a dual-camera design that houses a principle sensor, an ultra-wide lens, and two more different lenses. One will feature a telephoto camera with 3X optical zoom and the other one will come with a depth sensor. Along with a macro camera and a coloration filter.

Other details

Moreover, the Oneplus 9 probably comes with a flat OLED screen with a punch-hole display. Oneplus 9 may also get a larger battery as well. Oneplus 8 smartphone currently comes with a 4300mAh battery. While the top-end Oneplus 8 pro comes with a slightly larger 4510mAh battery and the Oneplus 8T comes with a 4500mAh battery.

Historically, Oneplus smartphones are very behind the competition on the camera front. So, it will be an advantage for Oneplus to offer a flagship-grade camera performance on the Oneplus 9 series with the partnership with Hasselblad


Oneplus has officially confirmed that its Oneplus 9 series will be launched globally on March 23rd. Along with this launch date, the company also informed that it has partnered with legendary camera manufacturer Hasselblad. So, the Oneplus 9 Pro will feature Hasselblad branded cameras. Also, the design of the phone stays true to past rumors and leaks. These upcoming smartphones will be launching in India and several other regions on March 23rd.