ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate comes with ROG Vision OLED and AirTriggers

ASUS ROG 5 ultimate

Asus is very well known for creating products for today and tomorrow’s smart life. ASUS ROG 5 ultimate is the company’s latest invention. ROG 5 Ultimate packs a console-like experience into a phone for a niche. Specially designed for gamers this is the most elegant gaming phone yet. It provides more power and customization in terms of both Software and Hardware, than other large-screened phones.

ASUS is planning big with its latest gaming phones. The ROG 5 lineup will start transport this month globally. It may cost $950 for the bottom configuration with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage. ROG 5 lineup will come with a 6.78 inch FHD+ OLED screen along with a 144HZ refresh charge and a 300Hz contact sampling charge.

ASUS ROG 5 ultimate and PRO emphasizes “ROG Vision”, a feature that can transfer custom text or graphics to its rear-facing OLED screen. This seems like a spin on ASUS “Anime Matrix” effect that has used in the Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop. This will also allow you to customize your ROG 5 device as you want. And the standard ROG phone 5 comes with a backlit ROG logo.

Overall we can say that the new ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate and Pro has more refined software and hardware updates. ROG 5 ultimate also performed up to the task delivering on its promises to be a spec, in testings.

Here are the ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate details

ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate is the most elegant gaming phone yet

The ROG phone 5 Ultimate provides a better gaming experience than its older versions. It powered by the Snapdragon 888 processor and it comes with 18GB of RAM. You can open any app and switch between them without any hassle or delays, As this lineup features 512GB of fast UFS 3.1 storage. This will help you in performing all other tasks that access storage seamlessly. Its 6.78-inch screen provides great visual details and experience.

ASUS ROG has a 144Hz refresh rate that can automatically adjusted per app for providing maximum efficiency. Whereas its touch latency is down to 24 milliseconds along with a 300Hz touch sampling rate. This simply means it can check 300 times per second to check where you have touched it.

Overall ASUS ROG 5 ultimate specs and display will provide games that look sharp and run smoothly. In addition to this other features elevates your gaming experience and watching movies to the next level. If you are someone who watches movies frequently, then you will definitely love its dual front-facing speakers.

This offers great stereo separation so you can listen to the audio as much loud as you want. ASUS brings back the 3.5mm audio jack with ROG 5 ultimate which was absent in ROG phone 3.

ROG 5 Ultimate packs on-demand features

Both ASUS ROG 5 Pro and Ultimate features two additional ultrasonic sensors on their backs near where you face your finger while holding them in landscape mode. Also, it features the rear-facing OLED screen named “ROGVision”. Moreover, it a thumb drive-sized display, that has Asus “Anime Matrix” effect used in the Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop.

Along with this, ASUS provides preinstalled messages and graphics to use for the display that is situational based on whether you’re gaming or charging the phone or getting a call on your phone, and more. Also, you can crop your own personalized images to fit within the display. you can literally choose anything from a scrolling message with emoji to an image that will work. You can customize it further using animation or fireworks. More like a better version of LEDs that companies fitting on the outside of flip phones.

This ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate specially designed for diehard ROG fans. Along with all the above features, the standard ROG 5 comes with an RGB-backlit ROG logo instead of having an extra screen. This device comes with a laptop-sized box filled with a ROG-themed ball cap, towel, face-covering, and more goodies.

The most compelling feature is configuring AirTriggers

ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate’s most compelling feature is configuring AirTriggers. These ultrasonic sensors embedded within the phone also work as buttons. So you don’t need to use the touch as often. All of the ASUS ROG 5 models come with sensors along the right edge. They appear like triggers when you hold them in landscape mode.

To avoid using touch controls Air Triggers offers the best solution. Being able to map and jump and attack commands in some games makes the gameplay much more interesting. Also, games don’t need to support controllers for the feature to function. Whenever you are playing a game you can move an AirTrigger cursor onto whichever command you’d like to create a button for on the phone. If you want you can go to settings and select whether you want to tap or swipe to issue the command.

Along with AirTriggers, you can also map motion controls to execute commands. By clamping the included AeroActive Cooler 5 fan onto the phone. It provides two extra trigger buttons that can used to map as your liking plus a kickstand. With all this, we can say that ASUS ROG 54 ultimate offers much customization than its predecessors.

ROG 5 18GB of RAM lacks in today’s gaming

However, ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate comes with many on-demand features and delivers on its many promises. But when it comes to gaming its 18GB of RAM is not sufficient for today’s apps and games. Also, it’s difficult to stream cloud games with its RAM. Its pricing is also a bit high whereas many controller setups in the market for iPhone and Android can turn your phones into more of a Nintendo Switch-like experience. Which is far less investment than ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate.


ASUS ROG 5 ultimate the company’s latest phone specially designed for gamers. It provides more power and customization in terms of both Software and Hardware. Also features a 6.78 inch FHD+ OLED screen along with a 144Hz refresh charge and a 300Hz contact sampling charge. ROG 5 lineup will start transport this month globally.