Microsoft’s Xbox TV listings will be halted from may

Microsoft's Xbox TV listings

Microsoft’s Xbox provides a rich experience for the new generation of games and entertainment. But based on a recent update, It looks like Microsoft is following in PlayStation’s footsteps. Because the latest update informs that Microsoft’s Xbox TV listings will be ending in May. Microsoft officially cutting off a longstanding TV feature.

Microsoft initially introduced this TV listings feature as part of its planning to take over the living room. The OneGuide TV listings on Xbox One were intended to overlay on top of your cable box. And to provide a better and easy way to access entertainment content. In addition to this, you can also combine the TV listings feature with an Xbox USB TV tuner to get free-to-air TV channels.

Recently, Sony also announced the end of the PlayStation video two weeks ago. Now, Microsoft is ending TV listings in OneDrive. If you are not using this useful Xbox feature, then it won’t make any difference. But if you frequently use Xbox as a TV tuner then with this update your console will be losing a valuable feature.

One interesting thing to observe is that even before ending Microsoft’s Xbox TV listings. Microsoft planned that its latest Xbox series X/S consoles will not include an HDMI pass-through or the company’s OneGuide app.

Here are the details of Microsoft’s Xbox TV listings

Microsoft’s Xbox TV listings will be removed from may and you won’t experience this feature anymore. Jonathan Hildebrandt, Program manager for Microsoft’s Xbox Experiences group stated that “Based on customer feedback and usage, we always look for evolving the Xbox experience. And he further added, “To that end, Coming may we’ll be sunsetting live TV listings for OneGuide on Xbox One”.

But OneGuide users can still access the HDMI passthrough feature on the Xbox One. For watching connected devices or still access it as a TV tuner only change is the TV listings feature will removed. This information comes straight from the official Xbox Wire blog, From the post of the Xbox’s latest software update.

However, users can download updates for the Xbox series X, Xbox One, and Xbox apps in Windows 10. This new update “Microsoft’s Xbox cutting TV listings feature”, will be adding some per game graphical options along with an end to TV listings in OneGuide.

With Cutting off TV listings, Microsoft Withdrawing its ambitious plans for Xbox One

With this latest Microsoft Xbox update, Microsoft seems like withdrawing its original dream of turning the Xbox One into a digital entertainment hub or modern cable TV box. The Kinect and HDMI pass-through were the main aspects of the Microsoft plan previously. But the cost difference between the Xbox One and PS4. And other factors like Bulkier hardware with less performance. And focusing on the entertainment side has shifted Microsoft’s Xbox primary focus as a game console.

Along with Microsoft’s Xbox TV listings removal, previously also Microsoft has removed Kinect and Xbox One snap mode. All this indicates that Microsoft is walking back from its initial dream of making Xbox One into digital entertainment.

Microsoft removed Kinect, so there is no requirement for Kinect to plug in Xbox One. There is no clear information why exactly Microsoft is taking another step back. But this decision follows recent concerns over potential NSA use of the sensor. However, Xbox One users can always disable the sensor in settings, removing this Kinect will likely impact game developers more. Because the Kinect feature was designed so that developers would know the hardware. Which was already present on an Xbox One system and code appropriately. Microsoft removing this Kinect, future games could lack the Kinect integration that Microsoft has tried to push for its next-generation console.

Microsoft focusing on making Xbox into a game focused machine

With all this in mind, we can say that Microsoft is trying to make the Xbox One into a gaming-focused machine rather than a media hub. Microsoft is trying to restore faith in the Xbox brand. Also, the latest Microsoft Xbox update is not just cutting off the OneGuide TV listings. But also making Xbox series X and Xbox Series S owners toggle Auto HDR and FPS Boost on or off easily. Thus making it easier to manage your games where you can check what parts of the game you have installed.

This new update also prepares the way for the new Xbox Wireless Headset which will be launched on March 16. The Xbox accessories app will inform and give you additional access. Where you can tune the audio controls for the headset, including bass boost and equalizer settings. Along with the mic monitor and brightness of the mic’s mute light.

Other details

While Microsoft Xbox Losing such useful features as TV listings is always a trouble. Also, it’s understandable why Microsoft has taken such a decision because of the present technology development in TVs. This means TV listings on Xbox One feel less relevant today than they did a few years back. Back then, TVs came with a digital antenna. But many of them didn’t have the necessary interface to display anything except the channel’s name.

Whereas today, smart TVs can process and compile listings by themselves without requiring any additional support or expensive hardware. So, if you are using the TV listings feature every day on your Xbox One or only just aware of this feature. The main thing here is that Microsoft is focusing on different things than it did back at the beginning of the Xbox One era. In the upcoming future, we may expect to witness many more gaming features and fewer features that will be focused on streaming.


Based on the latest reports, Microsoft will be removing its TV listings feature from the Xbox One in May. Initially, this feature introduced by Microsoft, as a part of its plan for Xbox One to take over the living room. But with the new technology development in TV sets, Microsoft feels it would be better to focus more on gaming alone, making its Xbox One into a game-focused machine rather than an entertainment one.