MSI B15 laptop designed for business elites with best in class productivity

MSI B15 laptop

Many laptop brands have made their name in the gaming industry along with Razer laptops. Interestingly some of them are moving into the business laptop category, which has become a very popular category lately. In that, MSI had been experimenting for quite some time now with workstations and laptops for creative professionals. As a result, it has launched MSI Summit B15 laptop.

MSI Summit series is very appealing to the eyes when it comes to their look and builds. They are designed with a black finish, an aluminum build, and a backlit background. Along with a lustrous new MSI logo on the lid and bottom bezel. So, with MSI B15 laptop also MSI stood for its standards.

MSI claims that its B15 laptop comes with military-grade durability and it weighs 3.53 pounds. Still, it’s quite light for its size and 0.67 inches thick. Overall this MSI B15 laptop stands out with a bit of utilitarian look compared to the MSI E15 laptop.

However, this laptop has its own drawbacks even though it packs great specs in its chassis. In this review, we will discuss some of the good stuff and bad stuff that this MSI B15 laptop offers.

Here is the detailed review of the MSI B15 laptop

MSI B15 comes with a very lightweight design and professional look

Overall MSI B15 laptop design is very lightweight and you can easily carry it around with minimum effort. The B15 laptop is just straight black and its display can cover 98 percent of the sRGB gamut and 76 percent of AdobeRGB. Its sleek lightweight aluminum chassis built for offering you high mobility. B15 laptop designed for non-stop, on-the-go work anywhere anytime without any hassle. Also, it has a long-lasting battery and fast charge technology.

MSI B15 laptop is tested by MobileMark 2014 for office productivity. Its touchscreen display offers simple and easy navigation with intuitive gestures such as fast-scrolling, pinch to zoom, and more. Along with this, you can experience multi-touch gestures and intuitive responses with the precision touchpad. It has optimized 1.5mm key travel that makes your typing way more comfortable and precise.

In addition to this, the MSI B15 laptop offers excellent connectivity. It’s paired with a Thunderbolt 4 port. This SUMMIT series will transfer data at up to 40Gbps. Also, it comes with a USB 4.0 type-C and connects to multiple displays and peripherals. Its micro SD card reader can provide ultra-high-speed data transfers. So connectivity vise literally you got everything that you need with this MSI B15 laptop.

You will also admire the keyboard backlighting, which looks quite classy and a perfect fit for an office setting. Something to note here is, first its Fn key is half-sized which results in hard to hit it requires little extra effort to hit it. Second, the keys seem to be softer and then they are clicky. Which causes them to get a bit shallower than the best available keyboard keys in the market. An interesting addition is, you can press f12 to easily share your business ideas with your colleagues and clients.

Great processor and performance

This MSI B15 laptop comes with the latest 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics. So, it will easily deliver heavyweight performance with lightweight portability. You can handle all your day-to-day tasks and boost your productivity to the next level. Which will keep you in the flow wherever you go. Also, its 4-core processor increases your productivity and speeds up your workflow, allowing you to allow on-the-go business and demanding tasks faster than ever before.

This laptop allows you to be more efficient with the less waiting time. You can accelerate your laptop with the NVIDIA GeForce MX graphics for providing incredible HD photo and video editing along with a gaming experience. All this without compromising battery life. You can turn your tablet into a second display with MSI exclusive “Duet Display” support. It can be twice as productive whether at your desk or outside.

Based on reports, the MSI B15 laptop performed well in testing. This means you won’t be facing any issues with it while running through your usual office work. Its integrated Iris Xe graphics can provide an optimal gaming experience but aren’t quite suitable for serious gaming. You can also opt for a Silent cooling profile in MSI’s control panel if you distracted by fan noise.


The first thing here that’s a bit disappointing to see in such a well-designed laptop is its battery life. While running the MSI B15 laptop at 200 nits of brightness it only lasted for five hours and 13 minutes on average. It is a 15-inch laptop but it got a three-cell 52Wh battery which is somewhat similar to a 13-inch laptop battery. This can’t handle your workload if you are using everything like Dozens of chrome tabs, Zoom calls, and handle other stuff. It loaded with Norton that has caused some serious battery drain in the past.

Another disappointing factor is its audio system, it’s not a major issue though. The MSI B laptop comes with two speakers which are not terrible and works just fine for video calls. But it produces tiny percussion and practically there is no bass. You may get occasional distortion at maximum volumes, though you can eliminate it by just decreasing the sound a notch.

Overall, the MSI B15 laptop is a fine step from the MSI Summit series. Except for these little drawbacks, the B15 laptop offers great value as a business laptop. As it comes with a lightweight design, attractive and functional laptop for just over its price. This laptop looks and feels perfect for business meetings and traveling. And it has a top intel processor that offers up to 4.5 times faster UHD graphics along with cooling that can handle it.


Hopefully, we have addressed everything that you need to know about this MSI B15 laptop. Overall this MSI B15 laptop comes with a nice chassis, plentiful storage, and business-specific features. Especially designed for business elites to boost their productivity.