Galaxy Tab S6 update brings Dex support and One UI 3.1

Galaxy Tab S6 update

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite launched in May of last year, It can provide super-fast note-taking, and jotting down sketches. But it lacks one key feature that many premium tablets come with. Which is Samsung’s DeX desktop-like interface. Recently Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Tab S6 Lite update that brings DeX support and One UI 3.1.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite debuted with One UI 1.x based on Android 9.0 Pie. Later it was updated to Android 10 based One UI 2.5. And now the premium tablet is getting its second major update in the form of One UI 3.1 based on Android 11.

As per reports, this new update comes with the standard array of Android 11 and One UI 3.1 features such as chat bubbles, stability improvements, and the March 2021 security patch. And one of the major features this update brings is Samsung DeX as per SamMobile. DeX support can help you in connecting Galaxy Tab S6 Lite users to a big screen and lets you use it as a portable desktop.

Similar to all other updates, Samsung will follow the same strategy for its latest Galaxy Tab S6 Lite update. This means, the new update also follows a timely release, so some regions may get it before other regions.

Here are the details of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite S6 update

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite update provides a refreshed UI design and adds various useful features. Also, this new update offers a more productive use of S Pen, external keyboard, and mouse. Along with this, this UI 3.1 features enhanced autofocus and auto-exposure controller in Galaxy TAb S6 lite With adjusting the focus and brightness of photos easier.

In addition to this, with this update, Samsung displays the weather widgets on the main and cover screens. This will provide users with the same information. Also, it allows them to turn on or off these screens with a double-tap or a palm touch.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite launched last year. This tablet comes with a 10.4-inch display and comes with the S Pen. And it has a 7040mAh battery and it has 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage on both models.

Samsung DeX support

By using Samsung DeX features you can turn your tablet or some high-end Samsung handheld devices, into a killer PC. Nowadays, many of the Samsung devices are coming with built-in Dex support. For utilizing this DeX feature you just need a monitor, HDMI adapter, and peripherals. Also, you can use this DeX support wirelessly on most Smart TVs and other screens that support Miracast.

Initially, this Samsung DeX feature launched in early 2017. With the launch of the Note9 Samsung brought the DeX HDMI adapter, cable, and multiport adapter. Thus it eliminated the requirement of the previous docking accessories.

After you can connect your device to monitor via one of these adapters. The Samsung DeX platform can boot up quickly on the monitor. It will allow users to have the same experience with resizable windows, drag and drop functionality, and keyboard shortcuts. Thus enabling users to connect their device to a compatible Windows PC or Mac to experience DeX right from their computer. With this, you can easily transfer files between devices.

Benefits of Samsung DeX Feature

Samsung Dex support can offer some tech advantages for both employees and the business. Employees, by using a single device they can instantly access all the information they require, without navigating multiple OS platforms. They can also share projects and data from one device to another effortlessly. Users can also personalize the device to their needs. So this new Galaxy Tab S6 Update brings a much better solution than using multiple devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite update is also very beneficial for small or medium-sized businesses. They can profited by reducing the number of PCs and laptops they need to buy. Also, companies can expect improved efficiency, communication, and productivity from their employees.

DeX also brings security benefits to Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite tablet and Samsung smartphones by providing advanced biometric security and Samsung Knox. Samsung Knox a defense-grade security platform designed for devices to protect them from the chip up. Knox will also allow you to access powerful tools to manage company devices and enable your own security protocols. Which includes containerization and application whitelisting and blacklisting.

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite gets One UI 3.1 update

Samsung galaxy tab S6 Lite update brings One UI 3.1 which adds several new features to the device. The major highlight is the addition of Google Discover on the home screen. One UI 3.1 allows users to select between Google discover and Samsung Daily. So, users can decide which they would like to add to know daily news. Also, it makes Google Messages native with different optimizations exclusive to galaxy devices.

Nowadays, video calling and online meetings have become a part of our daily routines. For that Galaxy Tab, S6 lite update brought One UI 3.1 which added some video call effects. Using these effects you can blur the background whenever you are in video calls. Video calls can be from any app like Zoom, Google Duo, and Microsoft Teams, still, this feature is applicable. 

This will help you to cover your room and avoid anyone else in your house coming into the frame. You can set a custom image also if blurring out the background isn’t enough. Along with this, some other minor features also appear throughout the user interface.

This new update of galaxy tab s6 lite provides you with an option to erase location data from your photos and videos before they are shared with others. Also, it features a blue light filter feature which can automatically limit blue light exposure based on the time of the day.


Hopefully, we have covered everything that you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite update. This update brings Samsung DeX support and One UI 3.1 interface to the tablet. Overall with the new update, tab S6 lite gets a refreshed UI design along with several other features.