New Windows 10 Update can rectify the printer crashing system issue

New Windows 10 update

Previously released Microsoft windows 10 update has resulted in causing serious trouble for printers that resulted in Blue Screen Error. Addressing user’s concerns Microsoft is offering a new Windows 10 update that can fix this issue. With this update, users should get back their printing process without any issue.

It is now official that Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 update KB5001566. Also, Microsoft explained in its release notes that “Addressing issues where windows 10 update caused blue screen errors while attempting to access printers using some apps and might generate the error “APC_INDEX_MISMATCH”.

Most importantly, the previous windows 10 update was an automatic security update. Means many systems have downloaded or installed this update automatically for some customers. Some of them are not even aware of this windows 10 update. Without user’s active participation the update got into users’ systems which later resulted in breaking their system whenever they tried to access a printer. Hopefully, this new update will provide a valid solution for this error.

For getting this new Windows 10 Update you need to go to settings then update and security. After that click on Windows update, then select check for updates. Then your system will automatically notify you about this new windows 10 update and you can install it.

Here are the details about this New Windows 10 update

This new windows 10 update can only fix the printer issue which was caused by the previous version. Right now if you have already updated the previous version then you can install this new windows 10 update. This new update will provide the new fixes contained in this package. Which will help you in tackling this issue which just crashed the system whenever you tried to access printers. Which later displays a print dialogue box from Office or Notepad or any other program which will display the blue screen with an error message as “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart”.

Based on update notes, Microsoft informs that this issue faced only by certain printers using some app. But didn’t mention which. Some of these printers brands like Kyocera, Ricoh, and Zebra that were impacted by it. If you own one of these you might have experienced this error when you opted for the previous windows 10 update. It may have halted your workflow when there is a need for a printer. 

At that time, Microsoft acknowledged the issue and stated that it is working on solving this issue. As a result, it released the new Windows 10 update with a fix. Now you can get it installed on your Windows 10 PC.

Except for this issue, the previous Windows 10 update brought some useful features

Microsoft Edge browser brings privacy improvements

Windows 10 20H2 update came with the renewed Microsoft Edge browser that installed by default. This browser built on Chromium Google’s open-source foundation for the Chrome browser. The new version is much more compatible than the older version for many websites.

Also, it has some other benefits too. Such as it includes a new privacy feature that will block sites that track you online. Along with another new feature called Collections which lets you access more information easily from various websites as you’re doing research.

Customize your new Start menu

This Windows 10 update will let you customize the start menu as you want. Previously this classic Windows Start menu got its refresh look with the October 2020 update. The new version comes with a more streamlined design and also hides the solid color backplates behind the logos in your apps list with transparent backgrounds. Also, its colors will change based on your system running whether on light or dark mode.

For customizing the start menu like you want to add an accent color so your tiles are suitable with your desktop theme. Then you can go to Settings choose Personalization and select Color. Then enable the accent color on Start, taskbar, and also action center.

Multiple Tab options

This windows 10 update allows you to open all of your tabs in Edge by using a simple command. Rather than the active one in each browser window. This will make it easier to get a full view of every window you had open instead of just one. Along with this you can also configure it to show only your last three or five tabs or turn it off completely. As of now, it works only for the Edge browser.

For customizing your tabs, with windows 10 update you need to open all tabs in Edge at Once. After that press Alt+Tab later configure your tab settings or turn off the feature. Then select the system from settings and select multitasking. Now you can observe a drop-down menu with options for What Alt+Tab can do.

Other details

However, if you have not installed the previous update till now. Then it’s probably best to avoid getting the update if you have an immediate need for a printer. 

Apart from this, Windows 10 also gives you an option to pause updates for seven days. To use this option go to Windows 10 settings, then go to Update and security. After that Windows update and click the pause update button. Also if you look carefully you can observe your update history to see if the KB5000802 update has already been installed on your PC. 

If it has installed you can also uninstall the update by clicking on the link at the top of the view update history page. Anyway, Microsoft released the New Update to fix that printer error issue. So it won’t be necessary. But still, if you want to uninstall make sure that you got the full backup of your PC before uninstalling updates. In case anything unexpected happens in the process.


Microsoft released a new Windows 10 update to fix the issue caused by the previous update. With the Previous update users are experiencing some difficulties while accessing printers which are breaking systems and causing blue screen errors. If you are also dealing with this, then the latest update is your way to solve this problem.