NVIDIA accidentally unlocked RTX 3060 GPU’S hash rate mining limiter

Nvidia accidentally unlocked RTX
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NVIDIA confirmed last month that its new mid-range RTX 3060 graphic cards will feature a built-in anti cryptocurrency mining firmware. They can decrease the mining hash rate by up to 50 percent. With this strategy, Nvidia is planning to reserve these GeForce cards only for gamers rather than crypto miners. Unfortunately, Nvidia officially announced that Nvidia NVIDIA accidentally unlocked RTX 3060 GPUs from those restrictions with a new driver.

Previously Nvidia informed that this anti cryptocurrency mining firmware technology will not only effective on the software level but also on the hardware level. But on contrary, A beta update that went live seems to have accidentally unlocked the GPUs. Which were Nvidia insisted to be “unhackable”.

This news was followed by an earlier report which stated that the RTX 3060 GPUs are being used for mining ethereum. The very thing these graphic cards were designed to restrict.

Here are the details about Nvidia Accidentally Unlocking RTX 3060 graphic cards

Bryan Del Rizzo, Nvidia’s director of global PR commented upon this Nvidia Accidentally unlocked RTX 3060 GPU news “A developer driver accidentally included code used for internal development that restricts the hash rate on RTX 3060 in some configuration. He further added that the driver has been removed.

A beta driver from Nvidia accidentally unlocked RTX 3060 hash rate limiter. Which will heavily damage the company’s highly publicized efforts for minimizing crypto mining. Nvidia’s 470.05 beta driver automatically unlocks performance for most RTX 3060 graphic cards. Thus enabling them to boost hashing rates for Ethereum mining. Unfortunately, Nvidia won’t be able to restrict RTX 3060 owners from using this driver in the upcoming future. And mirrors of these drivers easily found online.

The main focus of Nvidia restricting RTX 3060 GPU mining performance is an attempt for driving crypto miners away from getting these graphic cards. Last month Nvidia’s head of communications Bryan Del Rizzo informed very confidently about this restriction of hash rates. Also, it even claimed that it wasn’t just a driver restricting RTX 3060 GPUs performance.

It’s not just a driver thing. In addition to this, it even assured that “there is a strong connection between the driver, the RTX 3060 silicon and the BIOS. BIOS can prevent the removal of the hash rate restrictions. All this proves that Nvidia isn’t expecting to upload a driver that will accidentally unlock the RTX 3060 GPU hash rate limiters

Various reports on NVIDIA accidentally unlocking RTX 3060 GPU hash rate mining limiter

Initially, PCWatch reported Nvidia accidental unlocking RTX 3060 GPUs news. In addition to this, HardwareLuxx and ComputerBased confirm that by using the GeForce 470.05 driver, the Ethereum hash rate limiter is not working. Earlier also similar news reported. Such as by using a specially designed BIOS and driver we can break or remove the hash rate mining limiter.

Along with this, the hash rate mining can also be removed simply by substituting the driver alone. Without the need to flash a new firmware. Moreover, the driver is available through a BETA program but it is not available publically. Later reports state that the driver can only remove the limiter for the primary card in multi-GPU systems. This indicates that even if the multiple RTX 3060 GPUs, installed in the system. The driver will uncap the hash rate only for one card.

Based on ComputBase, Under Windows Insider Program Nvidia issued the GeForce 470.05 driver. With the help of this driver, the Ethereum limiter is not working. The hash rate will not drop over time this is what technology was intended to work.

This news can be bad news for gamers

From the beginning, Nvidia has taken several steps and given great importance in not allowing the crypto miners to get these graphic cards. But to provide more of its latest GPU cards to gamers in the company’s Q4 2021. Along with this, the introduction of Nvidia CMPs also part of its efforts on the RTX 3060’s feature that limits the hash rate of these Graphic cards. If it detects that it is being used for mining Ethereum.

However, reports that come to light earlier this month informed that the hash rate limiter might have already been busted open. But these reports didn’t seem to affect the reduced Ethereum mining performance especially. However, it is not the case here unfortunately it looks to be bad news for gamers expecting the RTX 3060 to themselves.

As of now, we have to wait and see how this Nvidia accidentally unlocking RTX GPUs and what actions will it take. Moreover, Ethereum mining unlock could make RTX 3060 more appealing to miners. And the armies of bots scooping up stock to sell to the highest bidder. So there will be many positive changes appear in the stock and it won’t be easing up anytime soon.

Other details

Some reports inform that driver 470.05 owners don’t need to update the BIOS. In order to unlock the mining potential of the RTX 3060 graphic cards. However, the good news is that driver version 470.05 can be locked only for single-GPU. It means if the crypto miner wants to use it for more than one machine it is locked into one GPU only. On the other hand, Based on PCGamesN, these drivers are already widespread on the internet to be downloaded by miners.


Despite Nvidia’s efforts in reducing the hash rate of Ethereum mining on its new RTX 3060 graphics card. Nvidia accidentally unlocked RTX 3060 graphic cards hash rate mining limiter with a new driver. A developer driver accidentally included the code which removes the hash rate limiter.