New iPad Pros from Apple are reported to launch as soon as April

New iPad Pros

According to Bloomberg reports, Apple is reportedly adding new products to its iPad line. It will be launching new iPad Pros as soon as April. These new iPad Pros include a new iPad mini and a refresh of the base iPad.

With this new iPad Pros, Apple is planning to give a refresh look to its iPad Pro line. Some rumors suggest that these new iPad Pros also feature a better processor and improved cameras. The new models may look similar to the current iPad Pros and will have the same displays of 11 inches and 12.9 inches.

Based on reports, these devices will feature an updated processor that is on par with the faster M1 chip in the latest MacBook Air and Mac mini. Also, Apple planning to include a Mini-LED screen with the larger model. Which will produce brighter and have improved contrast ratios. In addition to this, Apple designs this updated processor itself and typically designing them by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Apart from this new iPad Pros, Apple may also update its iPad mini screen with a new screen that’s larger than the 7.9-inch display currently used on the company’s smallest tablet as per Bloomberg. Present Apple’s 11 inch iPad Pro priced at $799 and the larger model starts at $999.

Here are the details of Apple’s New iPad Pro

According to Bloomberg, The 12.9 inch iPad may feature a Mini LED screen. Also, it could offer a higher contrast ratio and less susceptible to burn-in than OLED screens. Adding to this, reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that Apple would begin mass production of Mini LED iPads in “mid to late April”, as reported by MacRumors and 9to5Mac.

Along with this, Kuo also informed that since 2019 that Apple has Mini LED-equipped tablets and laptops in the works. And back in September Kuo confirmed that Apple’s first device with the new screen technology would be a 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Based on Kuo’s latest research note, we can expect a Mini LED MacBook Air by 2022 while Apple’s low-cost iPads, like iPad Air, will move to OLED displays.

And for testing, Apple’s new iPad Pros have used a Thunderbolt connector, the same port on the latest Macs with custom Apple processors. This port can support connectivity with additional external monitors. In addition to this, it will support hard drives and other peripherals. These ports don’t need any new chargers also they can sync data faster than the USB-C technology used in the present models.

Apple has not announced anything about this New iPad Pros yet, It may announce its first product launch event of the year soon. All the details here are based on reports and from trusted sources. So, these details may vary.

Apple iPad sales have increased significantly over the holiday quarter of 2020

With the corona crisis increased working and studying from home Apple’s iPad sales have increased significantly. Especially in the holiday quarter of 2020. To maintain the same level of enthusiasm among users about its iPad models Apple is planning to launch new iPad Pros.

The iPad Pro was last updated in March 2020, at the starting of the Corona Crisis. This update added a tweaked processor, support for the magic keyboard with a Trackpad case. Along with a lidar scanner alongside the camera.

Along with this, Apple is looking forward to refreshing its cheapest iPad with a thinner and lighter design later this year as per Bloomberg News. Apple may also plan to launch a new iPad mini with a larger screen as soon as April. It includes a bigger screen than the 7.9-inch display of the first model. The iPad mini was upgraded back in 2019 with support for the Apple Pencil Stylus and a faster processor.

We can also expect several other product updates from Apple that are planned for this year. As of now, Apple is working on new iPhones and Apple watches. In addition to this, Apple planning for an accessory for tracking the location of physical objects and several significant updates for the MacBook Pro laptop and iMac desktop.

Other details

With all this information on the internet, Apple’s plans for the new iPad Pros launch event in April are appearing clear and precise. Though Apple has not officially made any announcements about this event yet. Previously some reports concluded that Apple might hold an event on March 23. Apple could launch the new iPad Pros along with the long waited AirTags at the event.

Generally, Apple releases any news related to its new products including iPhones and iPads in the fall but sometimes announces minor product updates during the launch event in the spring. This time tech giant has not announced its spring launch event this year.


Apple is reportedly planning to announce new iPad Pros as early as April. With these products, Apple is planning to give a refreshing look to its iPad Pro line. These new iPad Pros features a new iPad mini and a refresh of the base iPad, also they look similar to the current iPad Pros and will come in the same 11 inches and 12.9-inch screen sizes. Along with this, the new iPad Pros feature a better processor and improved cameras. All this information is based on several reports and previous updates.