Intel Xe HPG GPU card seems to appear in the recent teased video


Intel’s GPU division is planning to bring a new consumer-focused GPU with Xe-HPG architecture. Today Intel has posted a very short teaser video revealing its forthcoming architecture GPU. Also, Company has teased a “Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt” for March 26th. All this indicates that Intel’s upcoming Intel Xe HPG GPU may soon arrive officially.

If you visit Intel’s Xe HPG GPU official page titled “Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt” you will observe that the website is hidden in a binary sequence segment. Intel has attached this binary sequence segment in its GDC 2021 presentation that teased the upcoming graphics card. After several attempts, Wccftech has decoded the message. It is the IP address for the aforementioned scavenger hunt website, it will provide more information on March 26th.

Intel Xe is Intel’s 12th gen graphics architecture decision that launched a new brand of GPUs. These GPUS have shown better performance than their previous Intel Iris chips. And these graphic cards based on the DG1 GPU were specifically designed for only system builders to sell as part of pre-built PCs. So, many consumers, more importantly, gamers are looking for the company’s first commercial GPU. This could be Intel Xe HPG GPU or DG2 GPU.

Intel has not announced anything officially about this Intel Xe HPG GPU launch date. But a scavenger Hunt event discovered by Wccftech hints that Intel is organizing an important event on March 26 at 9 AM PT

Here are the details about Intel Xe HPG GPU

Intel has posted a very short video teasing its DG2 Xe HPG GPU teasing its forthcoming architecture. This 30-second advertising video highlights how Xe-HPG is built on top of Intel’s current Xe-LP architecture. However, there are no clear technical details disclosed within that abstract video. The video reveals that the new Xe HPG GPU consists of 5 layers of blocks. Its 5 layer GPU is more likely an indication of the number of Execution Units or another aspect of the architecture.

Intel has long been trying to convince both users and manufacturers about its graphics handling capability with its technology. But the results appeared to be flat when it comes to gaming and handling graphics extensive applications. It wasn’t until its most recent Intel Xe graphics that started delivering some better results. However, Intel has not seen a proper market for its products till now, but this might change next week when the chipmaker announces Intel Xe HPG GPU designed for gaming.

Intel’s new Xe HPG GPU teased back in 2020. It designed for gaming enthusiasts and is meant to combine several traits from the integrated Xe-LP and the large-scale computer Xe-HPG. Unlike its previous versions of Intel Xe-LP, this new Intel’s Xe HPG GPU made specially to address the needs of gaming.

From the video, we can say that Intel Xe HPG GPU “DG2” remains slim aside from the DDR6 memory. Based on previous leaks, the Intel Xe HPG graphic card will feature 512 execution units, 4096 cores, and 12GB of that DDR6 video memory. More details will be available once Intel makes the official announcement about its Xe HPG GPU launch.

Intel’s Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt will be live on 26th March

Initially, Intel has left a mysterious clue on its HPG teaser. Luckily someone has cracked that binary string which led to a hidden intel page. That page highlights a “Xe HP scavenger hunt event on the 26th of March 2021 9 AM PST”.

Based on reports the code cracked by Wccftechianr @duckofdeath. The binary string indicates an IP address ( that led to the intel’s Xe HPG scavenger site. This IP address formed from the result of only the binary puzzle. Means much additional information still left locked in the alphanumeric sequence.

With all this, we can say that Intel Xe HPG Gpu will be the first gaming graphics card from the company. Intel will be focusing more on the mid-end market segment and planning to make it affordable. Based on what’s happening in the market due to cryptocurrencies right now. Intel is planning to do a trial in the gaming segment with the Xe HPG GPU, And if it succeeds then it will be the starting point for more upcoming powerful graphic cards.

Other details

However, it is still not clear whether Intel will launch the DG2 Xe HPG graphic cards on the 26th. or this official announcement will take place at new Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger’s mysterious announcement on “the new era of innovation and technology leadership at Intel”. Which planned for March 23rd. Any way we can expect more details of these Xe HPG GPU cards at the upcoming Scavenger Hunt event.

Intel’s upcoming DG2 graphic cards are based on higher performance Xe HPG architecture promises to offer a real gaming experience. Competing with long-established players like AMD and Nvidia. Some other rumors also inform that Intel is working on an entire lineup of GPUs using the new architecture. Also planning to offer cheaper entry models to premium models providing an excellent gaming experience.


Intel has teased an Intel Xe HPG GPU on its recent short video. This new consumer-focused GPU features Xe HPG architecture. Intel also teased a “Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt” for March 26th at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT. All this can be interpreted that Intel is planning to launch these graphic cards soon. However, Intel has not made anything official yet about the launch date of these new graphic cards