Astell & Kern’s USB-C DAC Cable will help you in getting hi-fi audio

Astell & Kern's USB-C DAC

Astell & Kern is a well-known company for producing portable music players, working on USB-C DAC. The company claims that its new device can help to get the better sound quality of an Android phone, Windows 10 PC, and computer that may lack a 3.5mm headphone jack.

However, if you want to use any kind of digital device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, you need a DAC. Any digital devices that can produce sound come with an integrated DAC but they don’t have a high-level efficiency. Wireless headphones have their own built-in DAC, similarly, headphones also perform their own conversions.

With today’s technology, there are many, high-quality streaming and high-performing headphones available in the market. But the issue is that their on-the-go listening efficiency will invariably depend on the standard audio output of such devices. To solve this, Portable DACs came into pictures, such as AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt, Audiolab M-DAC nano, and Zorloo Ztella.

Along with this, Now Astell & Kern is also going to enter into this portable DACs market with its newly designed USB-C DAC to match the increasing demand for USB-C ported devices on the market. And this USB-C DAC is already available to preorder ahead of its planned release date. You can preorder them from Astell & Kern’s official website.

Here are the details of Astell & Kern’s USB-C DAC

Nowadays many smartphones are lacking 3.5mm headphone jacks. If you have an older phone and want to use the audio or want to make any audio setups then your best option is getting a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack dongle. Which is also called a DAC.

The new Astell & Kern USB-C dual DAC claims to offer a high-fidelity experience, offering two CS43198 DACs. That being paired with an analog amplifier to produce a better sound experience, with support for 32bit/284kHz playback. Also comes with a $150 price tag, we have to wait and see how good these Astell & Kern’s USB-C DACs can perform.

Astell & Kern states that it has created the new USB-C DAC using its experience and knowledge of creating portable media players. These players don’t require an external power supply instead they get the power from the phone or computer. The company claims these USB-C DACs can still drive a pair of “high impedance headphones with a 2Vrms output level.

The Astell & Kern’s USB-C DAC cable comes with a polished metal zinc alloy casing and which has an angled surface. Which looks quite similar to the aesthetic of the company’s portable music players. Overall its design makes it a lightweight device, it weighs only 25g. You can carry it around in your pocket effortlessly and also it can be slipped into your desktop set-up.

Other details of this Astell & Kern’s USB-C DAC

Initially, Astell & Kern’s USB-C DAC is based on two Cirrus Logic CS43198 MasterHIFi digital-to-analog chips. They can support high-resolution audio playback up to native PCM 32-bit/384kHz DSD256 as per reports. Also, Astell & Kern’s have an excellent track record of designing award-winning portable music players. So it’s not surprising to say that it has implemented its expertise in the circuit, amplifier designing, and DAC implementation for this USB-C DAC cable.

Along with that, the circuit features the bespoke capacitors that it uses in its music players and optimized them to prevent power fluctuations. Its analog amplifier designed to be compatible with many headphones, including power-hungry and high impedance models too.

Also, it has an impressive twisted cable which is made up of Technora aramid fiber at its core. For the pictures, we can say that it wrapped by silver-plated copper and a further copper layer. Then finished with separate shielding treatment. Overall its design assures not only physical withstand but also blocks external noise and thus reduces signal interference.

Also, this Astell & Kern’s USB-C DAC should be compatible with most Android smartphones and both macOS and Windows 10 computers. Whereas the company claims that iOS devices like Apple’s recent iPad Pro lineup won’t be compatible.

DAC means Digital to Analog Converter

Digital to Analog converters often pronounced as DAC. We all know that computers understand only digital information. So the output produced by systems also will be in digital format. The most common use of DAC is, using it in music players. To convert music player’s digital data streams into analog signals. Also, they used in TV and smartphones for converting digital video data into analog video signals.

Every music lover should require DAC. it not only makes your music sound better but also improves audio quality. It will help you in achieving a cleaner sonic background, improving listening setup, and creating a wider listening scape.

If you are looking for a new DAC then it’s the best time to get this new Astell & Kern’s USB-C DAC which claims that it can produce high fi mobile resolution audio. In addition to this, many smartphone manufacturers are planning to remove the headphone jacks from their products. Without the headphone jack listening to music with headphones or earphones can be difficult. To provide a solution for these scenarios Astell & Kern’s company came up with this USB-C DAC cable idea.


Astell & Kern’s USB-C DAC is the company’s latest product which the company claims can produce high-quality sound for digital devices. Also, it is quite compatible with modern smartphones, computers, and Windows 10 PC and also for any computer that lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack. Based on reports these USB-C DAC cables come with a full metal housing design and silver-plated copper shielded cable. They are available to preorder on the company’s official website.