Google’s new ASMR video informs users how to switch to pixel phone

Google's new ASMR video

Whenever you get a new phone or want to switch to a new updated version from another phone it’s quite a time-taking task. Though many companies have proposed many ways to make this process as simple as possible. In addition to this, Google has released a new ASMR video for how you can switch from your old phone to a new Google Pixel. This Google’s new ASMR video is something that you don’t want to miss.

This video shows how you can switch from your old phone to a new Google Pixel. Interestingly with this video, we can say that Google’s approach is very different from the traditional way of informing something for its users. Google’s new ASMR video says you can close your eyes, breathe, and then mindfully switch from an old phone to a new Google Pixel.

However, Google has released an insane four-minute ad, where Google talks about transferring your data from another phone to a Pixel using the ASMR. Overall the video seems more like a comic one than a serious one. Watch Google’s new ASMR video by yourself and then you may understand what exactly Google is trying to say.

Here are the details of Google’s new ASMR video

Google’s new ASMR video shows very little about how to switch from one phone to another phone but focuses more on the serene imagery and soft, alluring voiceover. The video says things like “Hello, jackhammer,” “you really need to see this eagle,” and “what am I doing with my life?”. With all this, it may seem more like a joke.

With Google’s new ASMR video we may say that Google is just exploring a fun way to promote the Pixel phones by showing how simple and easy it is to transfer data over. Especially most things like contact lists and text messages can backed up and transferred via the cloud. Features like this may come in handy with Google’s future phone like Google Pixel 6.

Overall Google’s new ASMR video guides you through the process of getting all of your data onto a new Pixel by using meditative advice in the background and beautiful locations. It’s relaxing at first, just don’t take it too seriously. Google’s new ASMR video ends with a friendly note from Pixel.

Another way to transfer data from one phone to another phone

Before doing the process you need to make sure that you get all the necessary data from your old phone, to back up to the cloud. Anyway, Google automatically backs up contacts, call logs, texts, and settings. So, when you log in to your Google account from your new phone then that data gets restored.

The best thing about his is, the data which gets automatically restored from Google doesn’t count toward your storage quota. So there is no need for you to worry about your storage. This feature automatically backs up call history, app data, contacts, and text messages. So before you switch to your new phone first make sure that your data is already on the cloud.

Similarly as shown in Google’s new ASMR video, To begin the process go to the settings of your phone from the app drawer or home screen. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the System menu. Tap Backup and make sure the toggle for Back up to Google drive set to On. Then click on Back up now to sync the latest data on the phone with Google Drive.

One more thing that you should keep in mind is to go to Then check if all the contacts from your old phone migrated to your Google account. These the same contacts that will get restored to your new phone when you log in. For Pixel devices, you can check out Google’s new ASMR video.

ASMR videos

We all know that Youtube features mostly visual content on its platform, sound-oriented videos are resonating with millions of users. Many tech brands have their profiles on this platform and continuously update their users about upcoming products and events. Recently ASMR videos are making a lot of buzz on Youtube. Using this as an advantage, Google has released a new ASMR video informing users how to switch from an old phone to a new Pixel phone.

There are many users searching for ASMR more than candy or anything. In fact, the top searched question about ASMR on Google “What is ASMR”. ASMR defined as relaxing and calm and often features sedative sensations that start on the scalp and then move down the body. It also called brain massage. Similar to Google’s new ASMR video, ASMR often comes with placid sights and sounds such as accents and whispers.


These are the details that you need to know about Google’s new ASMR video. This informs users how to transfer data from an old phone to a Pixel phone. But the way Google informed this process is quite interesting. Google has used ASMR, the video narrates as, close your eyes, breathe and then mindfully switch to Pixel. Overall it seems like Google is just having fun trying out new trends like ASMR.