Intel’s Version MacBook Pro looks better than Apple’s MacBook Pro

Intel's version MacBook Pro

Intel has launched a new ad campaign starring Justin Long. Who previously was an Apple’s I’m a Mac” actor. Intel is trying hard to prove that PC laptops are better than Apple M1 MacBooks. In the new campaign, Justin Long is praising PC laptops and comparing them to MacBooks. However, Intel appears to reveal exactly what we can expect from the next generation Macbook Pro. Intel’s version MacBook Pro comes with an edge-to-edge display.

In the new campaign, Intel mainly targetting Apple’s M1 MacBook Pros, one of the reasons can be Apple replacing the Intel processors with its own Apple Silicon chips in its Mac lineup. But Interestingly in the video, the Intel version, MacBook Pro looks much better than it does in real life, it was initially spotted by tech Youtuber Rene Ritchie.

Intel also released a series of video, to prove that Intel-powered PC laptop has many benefits over M1 MacBooks, Which are not quite compatible with multiple external monitors or doesn’t support several popular games. But these ads don’t show exactly how Intel’s chips can beat the MacBook Pro’s real advantage. Which are M1 chip battery efficiency and its speed.

However, we can say one thing that these new four commercials not proven that beneficial for Intel. Intel may also fall at risk as it still provides chips for some models of Apple laptops. More importantly, Intel’s version MacBook pro is getting a lot of attraction from tech enthusiasts.

Here are the details about Intel’s version MacBook Pro that appeared in the ad

As spotted by Youtuber Rene Ritchie, the commercial features an Intel version of MacBook Pro that doesn’t seem exactly like the currently available M1 MacBook Pro. Intel’s version of MacBook Pro in the ad seems to be having a nearly borderless screen instead of having large bezels. You can compare both the pictures from the ad and the general MacBook Pro with an M1 chip. Then you will understand the difference.

Intel version MacBook Pro looks like what many users were expecting from the MacBook’s “Thinner screen bezels”, making it a nearly edge-to-edge display. One more thing we can not from the ad is that the Intel version MacBook Pro doesn’t have a webcam.

In addition to this, Another ad also features the same Intel version MacBook Pro with an unreal all screen. However, Intel did confirm to The Verge that initially, they used real MacBook Pros with an M1 chip in the commercials. But Intel initially didn’t say that it may or may not have changed their appearance. An Intel spokesperson refused to comment anything “With respect to filming and showcasing details”

After that, Intel’s Ryan Shrout informed something interesting on Saturday. He said Intel has changed the look of the MacBook Pro’s screens in post-production. If you observe closely at the image from the second ad. You can see that some kind of blackish-haze applied over the screen. For the sake of making their screens look better than they do in real life. They didn’t pay enough attention to the details as we can see. They made a mistake while compositing.

Similarly in the past, Intel tried to mock Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro

Based on reports, Intel has a well-established partnership with Apple since 2005. Though Apple has MacBook Pros that are using its own M1 chips, Still there are some Macs that are being powered by Intel processors. However, M1 processor MacBook Pros have a good reputation when it comes to their performance and efficiency than Intel. This could be the reason why Intel is trying to mock Apple MacBook Pros with recent ads, and also in the past. It has attempted the same by highlighting what users can’t do with M1 MacBook Pros.

Previously Intel made a campaign on Twitter and other websites claiming that there are some tasks that can only be performed by Windows PCs. One of those ads says that “Only a PC provides tablet mode, touch screen and stylus capabilities in a single device”.

Another ad in the campaign states that MacBook Pros are not ideal for engineers and gamers. Whereas Windows laptops have a broader catalog of software and games than macOS. It went further by saying that if you launch Rocket League, you’re not on a Mac”. As that game discontinued for macOS last year.

Along with these web ads, Intel also launched a campaign that includes a paid video with Youtuber Jone Rettinger. Where he points out the advantages of having a regular windows laptop rather than having an M1 MacBook Pro. Because of some reasons, such as standard USB ports, touchscreen, and eGPU support. Along with working with two external displays.

Other details

With all this in mind, we can say that Intel has been trying to mock Apple’s M1 MacBook Pros for quite some time. And latest video ad which featured Intel’s version MacBook Pro also part of it. We have to wait and see how far Intel will go proving their product’s value and worth.

Coming to Apple, Apple states that the transition from Intel processors to Apple Silicon Chips is going to completed by the end of 2022. When Apple’s MacBook Pros will no longer powered by Intel Processors. With that said, Intel has nothing left to lose with this campaign against Apple. But the sad part is none of these newly launched videos explained anything particular about how Intel will beat Apple’s battery efficiency and performance.


Intel has released several ad campaigns starring Justin Long who is Apple’s “I’m a Mac” actor. Interestingly in this campaign, Justin Long is supporting Intel PC laptops and comparing them to MacBook Pros. With all this, we can say that Intel is trying hard to prove that its PC laptops are way better than Apple’s M1 MacBook Pros.

However, None of the videos explain any particular feature of why Pc laptops are better than Apple MacBook Pros. Most Importantly, Intel has featured an Intel’s version MacBook Pro. Which looks better than the currently available MacBook Pros. Intel’s version MacBook Pro seems to have very thin bezels nearly it seems like an edge-to-edge display.