Android Apps crashing for the past few hours for some users

Android Apps Crashing

Many Android users all over the world are reporting that their Android Apps are crashing for no apparent reason. There is no connection between the apps that are being crashed and it is causing a lot of confusion. Google also noted these issues especially with Gmail on Android on the Google Workspace status page. And recommend Android users use the desktop version until it fixes the issue.

In addition to this, Some Samsung smartphone users also reported random crashes on Reddit. These reports claim that different Samsung phones including Galaxy S21, Galaxy A50, Galaxy S8, Galaxy A71, Note 20 Ultra appear to be affected by the issue. Along with some other brands like Huawei, Google Pixel, and Motorola have also seemed to be facing the same issue.

Apps that affected by this issue are Amazon, Gmail, and Google, etc. Some reports claim that the underlying reason behind this Android apps crashing issue due to the Android System Webview that is used to display web content. Recently Google released an update to the Android System Webview. After which unrelated Android apps started crashing for some users.

Google has acknowledged this, Android Apps crashing issue identifying WebKit as the source. And reported that it working on a fix. Till then users who are facing this issue can follow some temporary solutions.

Here are the details of the Android Apps Crashing issue

Responding to these complaints from social media, Google spokesperson stated “We aware of the issue with Gmail affecting a significant subset of users. The affected users are unable to access Gmail. Soon, we will provide an update, detailing when we expect to find a solution to these Android Apps crashing issues. Along with that, Google advised users who affected by this issue to use web versions for important services, Such as Gmail. Means Android users who are facing this can use the desktop Gmail Web Interface instead of the Gmail app.

Initially, this issue came to light when several users who noted that their Android Apps crashing, reported on DownDetector and Reddit. Within just a few hours there nearly thousands of reports made. A large number of users started complaining about the Android apps crashing for no reason.

In addition to this, Google’s workspace Cloud Status Dashboard also informed the interruption that several Android apps were facing. Google identified the source as Android’s WebView app latest update. Unfortunately, as of now, there is no particular solution. However, Google informed that it is working on a fix, and soon it will find a solution to resolve these Android apps crashing issues.

Android Apps issue severely affected Samsung phones than other

We all know that Android has the largest share in the Mobile industry. Android OS is the most used mobile platform, so this issue nearly affected all users irrespective of their brand. However, Samsung phones are the ones who had the most difficult time with Android apps crashing issues. The problem became so severe over time that Samsung had to suggest its users uninstall the WebView app to avoid crashes.

When a user reported the issue Samsung’s US support suggested the following. Please remove the WebView update and then restart your smartphone. For removing the WebView follow these steps. First, go to your settings then go-to apps. From there tap the three dots in the top right corner. Then select show system apps and search for Android System WebView and choose Uninstall updates.

The important thing you need to note is that this process is universal to all Android phones. So if you are using some other brand phone also than the Samsung phone, you can still follow the same steps to uninstall the WebView App.

Another solution can be Disabling the Google chrome

To solve the Android Apps Crashing issue you can uninstall the WebView app if you are not able to find the Android System WebView app in the Apps section. Then you can follow this alternative. Which is to disable Google Chrome, Once you do that, Android System Webview will become visible.

To Disable Google Chrome go to settings and go to Apps then choose Google Chrome. Then select the Disable button. At this stage, if Android apps stop crashing now. Then you don’t need to uninstall the Android System WebView updates.

Also note this won’t cause any data loss, because here you’re not uninstalling Google Chrome, you’re just disabling it. Once you re-enable the app you can browse as usual. As long as it disabled you can use other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla’s Firefox, and other browsers.

WebView app

Android Apps crashing issue caused by the recent update of Android WebView. Android WebView is a part of the Android operating system that allows mobile apps to display content from the web directly inside an application. This means many of the current applications use this method. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Uber, and Amazon app store, and many others use this WebView.

This raises the question that if we uninstall this will other apps will work as normal or not. Well, Android System WebView is a system application, without it, you need to switch to a separate web browser app whenever you open external links within an app. Other apps like Chrome, Firefox Opera, etc. Hence there is not that much importance whether you install it or not.

If you have already installed this WebView app then follow the previous steps to uninstall this WebView app to resolve the Android apps crashing issue. However, Google already informed us that it is working on fixing this issue, so it won’t take much time to solve this Android app crashing issue.


Recently many users globally reported that their Android Apps are crashing for no reason at all. Later Google figured out that this issue is due to the latest update of the Android System WebView. Google also acknowledged issues with Gmail on Android on the Google Workspace Status Page. To avoid this, Google recommended users use the desktop version until it fixes the issue. As of now to resolve this issue you can uninstall the WebView as Samsung support stated.