Upcoming Nintendo Switch will feature an Nvidia chip, As per reports

Upcoming Nintendo switch
Source: bloomberg.com

The latest reports are revealing some interesting things about the upcoming Nintendo Switch. Earlier this month, we heard that the next Nintendo Switch will feature a new 7-inch Switch with a 720p OLED display. Now, the latest reports from Bloomberg inform that the Upcoming Nintendo Switch may use a new Nvidia system-on-chip that supports DLSS.

The new Nvidia system-on-chip can provide output at up to 4K quality when the Nintendo switch connected to a TV. Also, it expected to bring some improvements to GPU and CPU performance. Also, it expected to come with a refresh rate that is higher than the current model’s refresh rate.

The new Nvidia’s DLSS, introduced with the Turing-based Nvidia’s RTX 20-series GPUs. It uses neural networks to reconstruct game images in real-time at a higher quality using deep-learning algorithms. This means you can perform gaming at a lower traditional resolution and get much higher output with a minimal performance penalty.

As per Bloomberg’s sources, games need a specific code to utilize DLSS, so the new Nvidia switch system-on-chip would mainly enhance your gaming graphics on the upcoming Nintendo Switch. Also, some reports suggest that this Upcoming Nintendo Switch may come in the 2021 holiday season. And it will come with a higher price tag than the current $300.

Here are the details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch

The upcoming Nintendo Switch may come with a new Nvidia’s system-on-chip that supports DLSS which is Deep Learning Super Sampling. DLSS initially introduced in 2018 as an image upscaling feature exclusively for Nvidia graphics cards. It’s an advanced addition for Kyoto-based Nintendo, which has favored going for more mature and lower cost technology than its rivals like Sony and Microsoft.

The upcoming Nintendo switch may still need to improve, in terms of performance capabilities than its rival’s pricier models. Nvidia system-on-chip that supports DLSS has made some significant progress since its debut in 2018. It has progressed enough to boost native resolutions to 4K. With minimum visual artifacts than image smoothing methods like temporal anti-aliasing (TAA).

However, there is no clear information about how an additional DLSS capable chip can be implemented in the upcoming Nintendo Switch. Based on a Bloomberg Japan report, this DLSS featured Nintendo switch can reproduce game visuals at 4k quality when plugged into a TV. Also, the new Nvidia chipset can be paired with a Better CPU and increased memory which is better than the present available Nintendo switch.

However, reports fail to clarify whether Nintendo Switch’s TV dock may feature any new or upgraded components. Or else an extra processing power will left dormant until it’s safely plugged into a dock. Which can also benefit from a more robust cooling or ventilation system.

Previous reports suggest that the Nintendo Switch will feature an OLED display

Previous reports from Bloomberg states that the upcoming Nintendo Switch may feature a bigger Samsung OLED display this year. It will start mass production of a 7-inch 720p resolution OLED display as early as June month. And the displays may get ready for shipment assemblers around July, the people said.

However, Nintendo has touch competition from its rivals Xbox and Playstation. Nintendo is planning to maintain the same demand for the Nintendo switch. But Nintendo is now into its fifth year, whereas Microsoft Corp and Sony Corp both launched new and more powerful devices in the market already.

Based on reports, Nintendo decided to go with a rigid OLED panel for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. Because the OLED panel needs less battery power and offers higher contrast and possibly faster response time compared to the Present Nintendo switch liquid-crystal display. Also, it can offer 4k ultra-high-definition graphics when paired with TVs. Which many users are expecting for a long time.

In addition to these claims, the online gaming community also revealed some claims stating that the upcoming Nintendo switch may feature an OLED or organic light-emitting diode screen. However, Nintendo didn’t announce anything official yet and didn’t confirm any of the claims to be true. But Samsung’s involvement strongly supports the claims that Nintendo is planning for updating its upcoming Nintendo switch.

Other details

It’s been a long time since we have seen some significant upgrades in the Nintendo Switch. While Nintendo recently gave the console a bit of an upgrade with a larger battery. It still has the same chipset, display, and the same amount of RAM it did back in the day.

However, this can change with the upcoming Nintendo switch. Also having this new chip technology can help Nintendo increase its performance and achieve great graphics. There no official information about when this Nintendo switch will be released. But several reports claim that this new upcoming Nintendo switch planned to release in this holiday season.

Also, the current Nintendo switch features Tegra X1. So it’s no surprise that a new custom design chip from Nvidia will be featured in the upcoming Nintendo Switch.


Based on Bloomberg reports, The Upcoming Nintendo switch will feature a new Nvidia system-on-chip that supports DLSS. This chip can bring improvements to GPU and CPU performance. Also, DLSS can provide output at up to 4K quality when it connected to a TV. Also it can offer a higher refresh rate better than the current model’s refresh rate.