Zoom’s new SDK will help developers to integrate Zoom into other apps

Zoom's new SDK

Nowadays, using video communications for both working and learning has become a part of day-to-day lives. To take it a bit further Zoom Video communications Inc has released a new Software Development Kit. This Zoom’s new SDK will allow developers to integrate Zoom’s video calling experience into other apps.

This update includes a simple way for developers to access Zoom’s industry-leading HD video, audio, and interactive features inside their applications. In addition to this, developers will be able to utilize Zoom’s chat functions in several different settings. Such as using it in Social media platforms and gaming platforms to other virtual retail apps. Thus expanding its video calling software ecosystem into a wide range of apps.

With Zoom’s new SDK developers can create new and exciting experiences. Also, they can improve their customer engagement and provide new revenue opportunities. By integrating Zoom’s new SDK into their apps, without being tied to the Zoom meetings user interface. Also, Zoom has a team of developers who will provide you with enough support, provide technical resources, and sample codes to build your application.

So, if you are planning to include video in your app you can code it by yourself or you can simply use this Zoom’s new SDK to your advantage to add a video to the application. Thus saves your time and effort

Here are the details of Zoom’s new SDK

Zoom product marketing manager Natalie Mullin states in the company’s blog as Zoom’s new SDK will help you in bringing industry-leading video to your applications. As we move into the future Video-based customer experiences become very crucial. According to industry experts, right now video usage is at an all-time high. The next major step in video-based experience would be integrating video directly into business and consumer applications. Which will improve workflows and social interactions.

To make that process simple and easy Zoom released a new SDK. Zoom’s new SDK’s are quite easy to utilize and enable frictionless development of fully customizable video-based applications. Here are some of the potential fields where developers can integrate video experiences using Zoom’s new SDK.

Developers can embed Zoom’s video calling experience into social media applications. It will create reliable and engaging communications experiences. For example, on-the-go live video calling with interactive chat rooms. In addition to this, developers can use Zoom’s HD video and audio and interactive features for gaming.

Along with this, corporations can utilize this Zoom new SDK to add interactive features to create unique shopping experiences. Which can be tailored to customers and can also help in driving high revenue with increased customer engagement.

Zoom planning to provide some other services along with its new SDKs

Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson stated that Zoom’s new SDK is a part of a broader set of services. Which will allow developers to take full advantage of all the developing tools that Zoom has been developing. As a part of this, Zoom is releasing a central developer portal along with new SDKs.

With all this, Zoom is planning to provide a single-point solution, where developers can get anything they need. Where they can learn about all of the tools and resources that Zoom provides with its Zoom platform for their next project in development. That single-point solution will be Zoom’s developer.zoom.us. which is the central hub for everything a developer needs.

Along with this, Zoom’s new SDK will provide a new analytics dashboard with usage statistics. This will provide developers with more data about how their application users are using the Zoom features. Apart from this analytics dashboard Zoom will also provide developers with additional tools.

All these tools that come with Zoom’s new SDK and existing set of tools will enable developers to develop a wide variety of options for integrating Zoom functionality into their apps. As of now, Zoom Developer Platform provides APIs, SDKs, Chatbots, Webhooks, and Distribution for integrations.

Other details

Zoom expanded its solutions portfolio with new SDK and all other tools to create new revenue streams. Recently Zoom debuted OnZoom, a platform where businesses can host online events that is presently available at no charge to paying Zoom users. But its executives informed that it may get monetized in the future. Because of ticket sales fees.

Previously also Zoom launched hardware as a service bundle for enterprises. Some reports claim that Zoom will be adding email and calendar services to help users both professionals and students to increase their productivity.


Zoom has released a new software development kit to help developers in integrating Zoom into their software. With this Zoom’s new SDK developers can build their own applications and websites. Which will incorporate Zoom’s video, audio, and other features. Zoom’s SDKs are easy to work with and provide frictionless functionality of a fully customizable video-based application. Zoom also proposed to use this in fields like Social media, gaming, and retail apps.