Google Stadia Touchscreen Controls may soon get released on Android

Google Stadia Touchscreen controls

For all the Google Stadia users who are playing their favorite games, Soon there is a chance that your gaming experience is going to be much better. Google is working on providing touchscreen controls for Stadia on Android. These Google Stadia Touchscreen controls will allow Stadia users to tap, swipe, and access elements in games through Touchscreen itself. 

Stadia is a cloud gaming service introduced by Google. It allows users to stream video games at 4K resolution with 60 frames per second. Players can access it through Chromecast Ultra devices, the Google Chrome web browser, and Stadia mobile app on supported Android smartphones.

As of now, there is no clear information, which games will support these Google Stadia Touchscreen controls. BUT Stadia has very limited games that support touchscreen controls like Monopoly that enables users to switch to touch mode. Currently, these Google Stadia Touchscreen controls seem to become alive only for the Android version. Hopefully, we may expect it to expand its controls via web version for iOS too.

Also, the Stadia app for Android TV might be on the way. According to 9to5Google, there are specific references to Android TV in this latest Stadia app update. Google Stadia released on Chromecast Ultra devices, whereas support for the Android TV app has been absent since Stadia’s debut.

Here are the details about the upcoming Google Stadia Touchscreen Controls

Currently, on Google Stadia there are only two ways you can control the games. One is you can use a controller designed by Google or from some other party. Another one is you can utilize a keyboard and mouse similar to playing games on your PC. But this will soon change and it gets better actually. With the latest update Google Stadia Touchscreen Controls, which will come with Stadia app version 3.9. It seems that there is going to be a new way to control your gameplay with full touch screen controls. 

This will enable you to use the touchscreen of your Android phone to control the Stadia game that you are playing. For that, you just need to tap, swipe and pinch the icons on the screen without the need for any controller. But if you want you can still connect a controller with the help of Bluetooth, USB, or the linking code on the home screen.

However, there are quite a small number of Stadia games available today that have in-game options for touchscreen optimized gameplay. One of those games is Ubisoft’s Monopoly. As of now, these Google Stadia Touchscreen controls are not live, so none of the games received this type of touchscreen functionality. Also, there is no clear information on how this new update will arrive on other platforms like the web app, which includes iOS devices.

It’s often difficult to understand who is on your friend’s list while playing. It becomes much worse when you play a multiplayer game and add friends specific to each game. But with the latest Stadia touchscreen controls update with version 3.9, it will be resolved. With this update, the app is set to offer player notes, which allows you to write down who that particular person is to you.

Same as this new Google Stadia update, Microsoft also added Xbox touch controls

Google has not announced anything official about these Stadia touchscreen controls, so it’s hard to confirm how touch controls will be supported. Similar to this Google Stadia touchscreen controls, previously Microsoft also added Xbox touch controls. Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service comes up with several ways for touch controls. 

Approximately 20 games in xCloud streaming allow Xbox players to enjoy games without a controller. xCloud initially launched these touch controls with just Minecraft Dungeons. Later these touch controls included some other games like Streets of Rage 4, Dead Cells, and Killer Instinct. Same as Google Stadia Touchscreen controls, it will allow players to play games without any controller.

Microsoft’s head of Project xCloud stated that “For every game that uses Xbox touch controls we have worked to provide an experience that is specifically designed for that game on mobile devices. After that, Companies started working with game designers to mimic the same controls to bring them on to touchscreens. Touchscreen controls are one of the top requested features for Google Stadia after Microsoft implemented it somehow. 

If Google successfully launches this Stadia Touchscreen controls update. Then there won’t be any need for a developer to modify them. Because as we have seen previously with Microsoft’s Xbox. Microsoft’s Xbox touch controls come with customization features to move them around on a phone screen and also you can adjust their size. We have to wait and see whether Google will implement the same feature with Stadia touchscreen controls or not.

Other details

Along with this, Google Stadia Touchscreen controls update also includes a party chat to the Android app. As per 9to5Google, there are several new references to party chat that were present in the internal code of Stadia version 3.9. One of them gives us a glimpse of where this party chat feature will appear. If reports are accurate, your current party chat should appear alongside Friends, Messages in the app’s social panel. Which opens when you go to your friend count.

Apart from Stadia touchscreen controls, Google is planning to release Android TV support for Stadia. Reports suggest that there are specific references to Android TV in the Stadia Version 3.9 update. Unlike the Chromecast experience, Stadia for Android TV enables you to browse the Stadia store freely, and also you can make purchases from your TV. If you get any error you will be redirected to try again from your computer or phone.


Here is what you need to know about the Google Stadia Touchscreen Control update. Google Stadia version 3.9 update allows you to access Stadia games from your Android phone screen without ever needing any controller. Once it goes live you can tap, swipe and pinch the icons on your screen to play these games. Google may also release Android TV support for Stadia. There is no official announcement yet from Google.