Apple Maps COVID Guidance update provides Airport’s guidelines

Apple Maps COVID guidance

With the current COVID Crisis, people are facing many uncertainties. Also, Traveling has become a hectic process to go through. To make traveling more convenient and simple both Governments and Tech industries are coming up with new innovative ideas and solutions. As a part of this, Apple has updated its Native Maps with more helpful information to assist you while air traveling. Apple Maps COVID Guidance update will help you in getting the airport guidelines updates to ensure safety.

The ACI has issued a statement on Tuesday, which states that individual airport’s COVID-19 health information will be displayed in the Apple Maps app. This makes travelers aware of the airport health guidance prior to reaching the airport. Apple Maps COVID guidance update provides travelers with necessary information such as mask requirements, testings, and more. Thus travelers can avoid facing unpleasant surprises at airports.

This will help travelers to plan their journey and be assured that their health and safety remain a priority. As everyone is working towards mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Apple Maps COVID guidance update first comes to iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And it includes airports that are currently participating in the ACI’s Health Measure Portal.

Based on reports more than 300 airports globally allow their guidance reports to be displayed. Along with this you can use the ACI’s check and fly tool to do the same.

Here are the details of the Apple Maps COVID Guidance update

Apple Maps COVID guidance update will access the information collected from airports using ACI’s Health Measures Portal. ACI captures from time to time information about the new health-related requirements implemented at airports To cope with COVID -19.

Along with this Apple Maps COVID Guidance, more detailed information about the individual airport’s COVID guidance procedures around the world is also available through ACI’s Check and Fly mobile app and passenger portal. These mobile apps allow airports to communicate with passengers directly. Airports can list out all requirements that they need to meet when playing for Air travel. This will make their journey much efficient and easy.

Currently, Many airports are trying out new solutions and technologies to mitigate this COVID effect. The COVID guidance information on Apple Maps will displayed with the help of a link to the airport’s Official COVID-19 web page. Otherwise, it will directly display the requirements on the airport place card itself.

ACI World Director General about Apple Maps COVID guidance update

Even with all this the recovery of the Air travel mostly depends on the passenger’s confidence in industry’s efforts. But with this Apple maps COVID guidance, people can easily access this crucial data from all over the world. This will prepare passengers for their next traveling, with prepositioned requirements traveling experience can become smoother and more efficient than past times.

ACI World Director General Luis Felipe de Oliveira further added that collaborations the main thing to a globally coordinated recovery and we are grateful to our team members for the partnership. That helped us come up and deliver these important tools in times like this. This Apple Maps COVID guidance tool can become the source for increasing passengers’ confidence in Air travel.

Other details

We have seen earlier this year, both Google and Apple introduced an update to find COVID-19 vaccination sites nearby. Apple device users can ask Siri or search within Apple Maps to find out the nearby COVID-19 vaccine centers within the US. Apple informs that this includes important information such as hours, addresses, and phone numbers, etc.

Along with using Siri or searching on Apple Maps for vaccine info the update also includes the COVID-19 vaccinations option in the Apple Maps “Find Nearby” menu. Initially, at the launch, Apple informed that more than 20,000 vaccine locations available on Apple Maps. More COVID-19 vaccination centers will added to this moving forward, Apple stated.

With all this, we can say that most of the important information that you need about the COVID-19, will be accessible through Apple Maps. Information like nearby Vaccination locations, addresses, phone numbers, and now Airports COVID-19 guidance requirements, everything directly from your Apple Maps.


Apple Maps COVID guidance Updates can make your air traveling experience much smoother and efficient. It provides you all the information that you need to know about the airport’s COVID guidance procedures. Such as mask requirements, health screenings, and quarantine guidelines, etc.

Everything will displayed on the individual airport place card in the Apple Maps app. Also, it includes links to the official airport guidance website. As of now, this feature is available on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It will only include the airports that are participating in the ACI’s Health Measures Portal.