Casio G-Squad Pro watch comes with the touch G-shock design

Casio G-Squad Pro

Casio is a very well-known Japanese Multinational company that specializes in making a wide range of electronic products. Expanding its line of products, Casio now launched a first wear OS smartwatch GSW-H1000. This Casio G-Squad Pro watch is the company’s first G-shock to run wear OS. It combines the iconic rugged design with on-demand spec and features.

The new Casio G-Squad Pro watch is the first G-shock watch to feature a color display of 1.2 dual-layer panels with a monochrome always-on screen. Its design can withstand harsh environments and G-shock provides shock resistance and with 20 bar water resistance to support even extreme activities.

Also, the back of the casing is designed with titanium, and buttons and portions of the top part of the casing designed with aluminum. This Casio G-Squad Pro watch has a high tolerance against vibration and low temperature. G-Shock watches’ tough design has won them the title of the “toughest watches” of all time.

The company says that the Casio G-Squad Pro watch a fitness-focused wearable made to support everything from surfing to snowboarding. It will offered in 3 colors red, blue and black. And it’s not going to be cheap, it will cost $699 in the US. With all this, we can say that it can be a tough competitor for all other smartwatch manufacturers including Apple.

Here are the details of the Casio G-Squad Pro Watch

Casio G-Squad can capture data on all your sports activities. Make your activities more effective where You can track your efforts with individual activities. Also, it includes an original Casio app along with support for a variety of sports. You can participate in a wide range of activities like Cycling, Surfing, and Runnings. In addition to this, you can count individual no of sets, and reps. It can calculate heart rate and amount of calories burned.

Also, it features a multi-information display. With this, you can check your measurement data like pace and heart rate in a three-tiered display layout. If you need you can customize and rearrange the data points to create a screen to match your requirements. Casio G-Squad Pro has a diverse array of functions. Like you can swipe around the edge of the screen to scroll through other functions and locate the Heart rate monitor, map, and other features. Also, you get a button option to use with gloves.

Casio G-Squad dual-layer display provides outstanding visibility. You can experience the optimal multi-function display with the Digital layer. and you can auto switch between time and watch functions with the Analogue type. In short, you will be getting three different modes of watch faces to match your preferred style. Along with that, you can even customize the background patterns and theme colors. It has theme colors like blue, red, gold, or custom for the reach of the three watch faces, backgrounds, screen interfaces, and more.

Casio G-Squad Pro smartwatch features

With this new Casio G-Squad Pro, you can get an individually customized list of measurement data for each activity. Which includes displaying details from time and distance traveled. And calories burned to map displays of the course taken on the road or more.

In addition to this, you get a complete training analysis. With this, you can check the degree of the training process and results on a daily basis using your mobile app too. The mobile app offers more convenient viewing and management of data analysis.

All you can combine the sensor readings with the videos and still images that you have captured while working out. Sensor reading sensor measurement data captured by the GSW-H1000 in layers. Show your progress to the world by sharing this customized video or images with sensor measurements on social media.

Other details

With this Casio G-Squad Pro, you get GPS functionality and multiple sensors. An optical sensor that is present on the back of the watch can measure heart rate. Also, it has sensors for compass bearing, altitude barometric pressure, and more. Overall you can get real-time data with original sensing tech and obtain the current location data from a GPS satellite.

As it powered by Wear OS by Google you get many useful apps from Google like Google Assistant, Google Pay, and Google Fit. Also, this smartwatch enables you to check notifications for emails, calls, social media, and more. If needed you can install other apps from the Google Play Store. It Simply transfers all your mobile functionalities to your wrist.

Casio G-Squad comes with an aluminum-made START button with an accent color for enhancing visibility and easy access. Honeycomb patterning also applied for its case and band for an expression of toughness worthy of the G-Shock. Made with a titanium case back, titanium provides excellent corrosion resistance.


Here are the details of this new Casio G-Squad Pro smartwatch. It has all the modern features and full fitness-focused tools to offer an incredible experience. Its overall design is tough and long-lasting. With all these features and specifications this GSW-H1000 watch comes at a $699 price.