Samsung and Adidas collaboration launches new eco-friendly earbuds pro


Samsung always has been trying to introduce cutting-edge technology and new innovative ways to its products. To attract sports enthusiasts and to showcase the company’s eco-friendly efforts Samsung teamed up with Adidas to bring a new design to its Galaxy Earbuds Pro. Finally, Samsung and Adidas collaboration launched a new limited edition called Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Pack.

These Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Pack are going to be initially launched in South Korea later this week. They come in classic white and green Stan Smith branding, color combination in what looks like a mini sneaker box. Samsung and Adidas collaboration brought the earbuds Pro with packaging like you’re buying a pair of sneakers, along with the carrying case that looks similar to look like a cap.

This Samsung and Adidas Collaboration launched a special earbuds pro in South Korea on 7 April at KRW 279,000. And they will be available on Samsung’s website and Kakao. In addition to this, when you pair these wireless earbuds of Samsung and Adidas collaboration result, with Galaxy Smartphone, you will get a special Adidas Originals lock screen theme. Along with customized icons, messages, and call screens. Other than they are quite similar to originals.

Here are the details of the Samsung and Adidas collaboration

At first Samsung and Adidas, collaboration was a bit odd to imagine. But as time progressed that really happened and brought a newly designed wireless earbuds Pro. Based on reports, there are several reasons why Samsung decided to collaborate with Adidas. Majorly because Samsung wants to showcase its eco-friendly efforts. Whereas Adidas has a very good reputation as an eco-friendly company. Adidas reuses recycled plastics and ocean waste and integrates them into its products. This may have grabbed the tech giant’s attention for this Collaboration.

Finally, a collaboration between Samsung and Adidas has successfully released the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Original Special Pack wireless earbud. Samsung claims that these earbuds pro use 20 percent environmentally conscious Post-Consumer Materials that help cut down on waste. Along with that, the Galaxy buds Pro case, made using recycled plastic.

Also, Samsung and Adidas collaboration brings a coupon to purchase a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. In addition to this, it provides a custom Adidas-themed lock screen, icons, and more. As of now, reports claim that these incredible earbuds pro Adidas Original Special Pack will only be available in South Korea. Or else you can visit Kakao or Samsung’s site to make your order.

Samsung new Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Pack details

Samsung and Adidas collaboration has made some improvements to wireless earbuds pro. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special pack will come with the Following additionals. It includes Galaxy Buds Pro that comes in three color options. Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Violet. In addition to this, you get Adidas Originals Snapback Case and Adidas Originals Stan Smith Purchase Coupon.

When you pair this newly designed earbuds pro with the Galaxy Smartphone, the special edition Galaxy Buds Pro will provide a custom Adidas Originals theme. Also, you get a custom lock, screen, icons, messages screen, and call screen on the paired Galaxy Smartphone. And you will get a quick access icon that will be added to your smartphone. Which allows you to access Adidas’ official online store. Also, you get a Snapback case is made of recycled plastic.

Samsung Electronic Official informed that “we are designing this special pack for consumers who are seeking value consumption, especially MZ generations. Who are interested in sustainable devices and fashions and we will further continue to improve Galaxy’s unique eco-friendly ecosystem. With the help of meaningful collaboration with various brands in the future.” Including the present Samsung’s collaboration with Adidas and future collaborations will introduce many improved gadgets in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Details

The Samsung and Adidas collaborated Galaxy Buds Pro come with some redefined design. Its dimensions are 19.5×20.5×20.8mm, and it weighs 6.3g per bud. And it comes with an oval silicon top with three sizes in the box. Which allows you to get a grip within your ear allowing you to carry it comfortably everywhere. In addition to this, its body is compact so you can effortlessly fit them in ears with minimal protrusion.

Also, you get an easy setup and control. Interestingly it can recognize a pair of headphones nearby. Whenever you open the case of the Galaxy Buds Pro, Instantly you will be notified on your Galaxy device. Asking you to pair. In addition to this, Samsung offers smooth switching between Galaxy devices. For that, you need both Galaxy devices running on One UI 3.1. With the Galaxy Wearable app, you can easily customize and control them effortlessly. Also, you get customizable tap controls.

Newly designed Buds Pro comes with enough tech to improve your listening and calling experience. It features two mics on the exterior and internal and a Voice Pickup Unit. Also, they can monitor the level of noise on both outside and inside to activate the active noise cancellation.

Whereas the Voice Pickup Unit offers more accurate detection of voice and makes it clear and audible. Overall Samsung and Adidas collaboration made these Earbuds Pro offer incredible performance and noise cancellation.


Hopefully, we have covered everything that you need to know about Samsung and Adidas collaboration. Both companies teamed up and successfully launched the Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Pack. Initially, they will be sold in South Korea at around $249. They come with a classic white and green color combination, an Adidas Originals snapback case, and a special coupon to purchase the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.