iPad Pro 2021 may feature a Magic keyboard and Mini-LED display

iPad Pro 2021

2020 has been one of the best years for the Apple iPad family. Apple is planning to introduce a new device iPad Pro into that family soon. The new iPad Pro 2021 may arrive in mid-April 2021. This new iPad Pro is already getting a lot of attention from tech enthusiasts with its time-to-time rumors. Recent updates suggest that Apple might planning for introducing a new set of keyboards to its iPad Pro lineup.

Supporting this claim, A recently published patent gives us an insight into what this Magical keyboard upgrade would look like. According to the patent, the technology designed in such a way that it protects Apple Keyboards from water and dust penetration. Whereas the drawings are representing a whole new concept of keyboards. This new type of keyboard suggests that Apple is planning to introduce a keyboard with an integrated trackpad.

In addition to this, it can used with a Mac while rooted, or Apple may introduce a new type of Magic keyboard for its upcoming 2021 iPad Pro. Previous rumors informed that This new 2021 iPad Pro could be the first iPad to feature a Mini-LED display. Which can provide a huge boost to color quality on tablet screens.

Adding to people’s curiosity, lately, a credible leaker, Kang stated on Weibo that Apple will launch the 2021 iPad Pro in mid-April. Along with that, he further added that Apple may first release the Wi-Fi-only variant. A few weeks later it will launch the 5G, compatible cellular model.

Here are the details of the new iPad Pro 2021

Apple’s iPad Pro features Magical Keyboard

The published patents describe the new iPad Pro 2021 Magic keyboard as it will designed with a flexible structure such as a flexible membrane, fabric, or composite layer. Which will offer flexible bridges or interkey supports between the keycaps. Combined with the keycaps makes it appear smooth, and consistent visual appearance top surface and interkey covering for the input device.

On the contrary, Drawings from the company show a number of different web designs that the company is planning to implement. These designs much better, they come with a good grid design along with a more complicated interlocking grid that seems far more compact. The patent also suggests, to use a sealing material that can applied to these new designs to ensure protection from dust particles.

Along with this, the drawings suggest that Apple may change things in portable keyboards. These new designs could be most effectively applied to Macs. With all this, there is a possible development of a stand-alone unit with a touchpad. It does not seem that the Patent mainly highlighted it.

The patent also mentions in a subtle way about the Stylus as A user instrument such as a finger or stylus can be moved across the top surfaces of the flexible layer 200 or keycaps 103,206. Which can be used to control the electronic device. In a different way than the actuation of switch structures 302 that are operated by pressing down a keycap 103/206 to mechanically or electrically operate a switch.

Previously iPad Pro rumored to feature a Mini-LED Screen

Based on DigiTimes reports, Apple may launch a 12.9 inch Mini-LED backlit iPad Pro in mid-April of 2021. But with the recent rumors, It seems like Apple will be launching this device in the first quarter, and also the Apple event will take place this month.

In addition to this, Well known Apple leaker Jon Prosser has tweeted that the next Apple event won’t take place on 23 March instead it will be in April, completely declining the previous rumors of March events. Coming to the new 2021 iPad Pro Mini-LED screen, they are much brighter and produce excellent contrast. They come with a display that has deeper blacks and richer whites. Not only in terms of their look but Also as performance-wise they are better. They are more efficient and therefore need less power from your battery.

If rumors are accurate, then this will join the other Apple devices to come with super-bright LED displays. Other devices such as iPhone 12-lineup and previous Pro iPhone models. Already the iPad Pro has a solid reputation as a brilliant digital canvas, now with a Mini-LED screen, it will be an added bonus for this.

With all this, we can say that the new 2021 iPad Pro will feature the new Mini LED screen technology that produces better image quality. Along with that iPad Pro may come with an Apple M1 chip and faster cellular connectivity. Similar to other Apple devices, this new 2021 iPad Pro is also not going to be cheap. But with new rumors and updates, iPad Pro may justify its price.

Other details

With all this, we can say that Apple making serious efforts to safeguard its keyboards from water and dust damage. As we have seen that dust-related issues remained a serious culprit for Keyboard malfunctions on Apple’s redesigned butterfly switches. Hopefully, this new design could be resistant to these types of problems.

However, there are rumors that Apple will launch its new 2021 iPad Pro along with the iOS 14.5 update. But there are sure things about his news, so it would be better to consider these rumors with a grain of salt. Also, some rumors suggested that only the bigger 12.9 inch iPad Pro will come with a mini-LED display.


Based on the latest rumors and reports, Apple may launch its new 2021 iPad Pro in mid-April. Interestingly they will come with some impressive upgrades like the Amazing Magic keyboard and mini-LED display. To know how accurate these rumors we have to wait till the Apple launch event. As per reports, Apple makes its launch plans official soon. Also, these new iPad Pro devices won’t be cheap as they come with some impressive upgrades.