Amazon Music Car Mode makes interactions with the app more simple

Amazon Music Car Mode

Amazon Music service serving music lovers since 2007, Amazon Prime Subscriber can dive into more than 2 million songs without paying any additional costs. Over the years Amazon Music has developed some interesting features to differentiate itself from other platforms. One of those is introducing lossless quality music through Amazon Music HD. Freshly Amazon Music introduced Car Mode. Amazon Music Car Mode makes user interaction with the app more simple and easy while behind the Wheel.

Amazon Music Car Mode provides a simple user interface to interact with the platform. The Car Mode comes with a big, easy-to-use set of playback controls at the top of the screen. Along with this, it features larger buttons below that allow you to access your favorite playlists, stations, or albums. You can also get Alexa support to control tunes for you. Overall makes interacting with Amazon Music effortless, so you can focus more on your driving while enjoying your favorite tunes.

It somewhat looks like an ideal solution for those who don’t have an infotainment system in their vehicles. Which are compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto but want to stream music from Amazon Music without putting in much physical effort while driving. According to an email from Amazon’s PR partner, the new feature was designed to restrict extensive browsing while driving.

Interestingly, Amazon on its webpage where it promotes this new feature Car Mode, Amazon also warns its customers that they should not interact with this app while operating their vehicle. However, this new feature Car Mode is now available in Amazon Music for both Android and iOS users.

Here are the details of the Amazon Music Car Mode feature

For accessing this new feature Car Mode you need to connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth to use Amazon Music. Once the phone gets connected, your Amazon Music app will automatically switch to Car Mode. It can also get connected by default, and if you want to change it you can do it through the settings menu by choosing either always or when connected or never.

In addition to this, you can also customize the actions that should appear on the Amazon Music app screen in Car Mode. For disabling the car mode feature, tap the icon on the top left corner of the screen. Once your phone gets connected the Car Mode gets divided into two sections. Where the upper part near the top of your phone where it contains playback controls like play, pause and skip. Whereas the bottom section features a collection of music suggestions which you tune into simply with a swipe or a tap.

If you want a hands-free experience then you can trigger Alexa. By Alexa in the bottom right corner with a tap or by using an Alexa Voice Command. Amazon recommends using Alexa for ensuring more safety while driving. Unfortunately, Car Mode doesn’t come with any new functionalities. But the newly changed interface allows you to switch between songs or dive into a new playlist with less effort. So you can focus more on your driving while enjoying your playlist.

Amazon music car mode feature and other platforms similar features

Amazon’s plan for adding the Car Mode feature to its Amazon Music platform allows it to differentiate itself from other platforms with similar features. However, Amazon should have made these new changes long before. Because Amazon has entered into streaming music with its Amazon Music for years. If you look at other platforms like Spotify, it has launched its own car view mode nearly two years ago. It provides similar functionality to Amazon Music’s new Car Mode feature. In addition to this, tech giant Apple also introduced CarPlay for ensuring a safe driving interface. Android is also not old to this, it has Android Auto.

Though Amazon has entered into this game lately, its new feature Amazon Music Car Mode has some advantage over other platforms with similar features. For example, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto normally require a compatible car stereo to work with. Whereas Amazon’s new feature Car Mode only needs a Bluetooth connection between your phone and vehicle. This advantage makes this new feature a more accessible and cost-effective option.

Even with all this, Amazon has taken a long time to come up with a feature where other competitors have come with similar features way earlier than it. Previously Amazon came up with Auto Mode to help drivers to turn their mobiles into a smart, driver-friendly display which enhances Alexa’s in-vehicle experience.

Auto mode will help you stay focused on the road with its easy-to-read visuals, large touch targets, and intuitive features. Along with shortcuts or the most common actions used in a vehicle. In-vehicle actions like navigating to locations, placing calls, and playing recent media. Unlike Amazon Music Car Mode it has four screens. The Auto Mode home screen, Navigation, Communicate, and Play. Along with that, you get a menu bar that allows you to quickly switch between them.

Other details

If you want to exit this new feature Amazon Music Car Mode, you just need to tap the exit car mode option or disconnect Bluetooth. If you don’t have any in-car Bluetooth, still no problem Amazon Music Car mode got you covered. You can launch car mode manually. Just open the app, go to the menu on the top right corner and choose car mode. You can manage your preference in settings.

In addition to this, Amazon states on its webpage as it is your responsibility to drive safely at all times and follow applicable traffic rules. You should be in full control of your vehicle at all times. Never let your app distract you from driving. Warns users to limit their usage of the Amazon Music app or any other app while driving.


Hopefully, we have covered everything that you need to know about this new feature Amazon Music Car Mode. This new Car Mode comes with a simple interface to interact with Amazon Music. it is just a simplified version of Amazon Music’s interface. where it features larger buttons, suggested playlists and albums, and easy access to Alexa. This new feature is available for both iOS and Android users.