Apple developing new TV box with built-in speakers, as per reports

Apple developing new TV

Apple is one of the world’s largest tech giants well known for designing powerful electronic devices that quite innovative and packs incredible performance. Based on recent reports, Apple developing a new TV box, that has HomePod speakers and a built-in camera for video calls. Along with this, Apple seems to be working on a smart speaker with a display, which is quite similar to Amazon’s Echo Show or Google’s Nest Hub.

According to people familiar with the matter, This new Apple TV which being developed may allow video conferencing through a connected TV and other smart home functions. Along with that, The device can work as standard Apple TV box functions such as watching video and gaming. Also, its speakers can enable the user to tune into favorite music playlists and using Apple’s Siri digital assistant.

Theoretically, the new Apple TV box brings a lot of potential features to a single Apple device. If the new device gets launched it would represent Apple’s most ambitious smart home hardware up to this date. However, Bloomberg also warns that this Apple new TV box in the early development stage and may not ever be released as an actual consumer product.

Also, its smart speaker with a display device said to in the early development stage. Bloomberg reports further state that moving forward Apple’s plans may change so it’s better to take this news with a pinch of salt.

Here are the details of Apple developing a new TV box

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman stated that this new Apple TV box is a major evolution of the Apple TV set-top box. And it comes with a built-in smart speaker and camera hardware. This unannounced TV box also can fulfill a variety of roles. Whereas its built-in speaker will be an upgrade, that functions similar to Roku’s soundbars. In addition to this, it features HomePod like functions such as music playback and Siri voice assistant controls. Coming to its camera, it will serve as a video calling device like a Facebook Portal TV.

Along with this, its integrated camera work like smart home security and living room FaceTime. Overall we can say that this new Apple TV box can upgrade user’s living room by bringing a comprehensive multimedia system. Moreover, the combination of smart speakers and TV set-top box feels like a natural evolution. At present, the Apple TV requires the user to hold down the mic button on the remote to access Siri. So adding an always-listening feature will be an advantage for this TV box which is in the development stage.

Apple has recently discontinued its high-end HomePod speaker to focus more on affordable HomePod mini. And Apple customers are also expecting a next-generation model of the Apple TV set-top box. So Apple developing a new TV box will be able to manage user’s expectations. Rumors suggest that a revision to the Apple TV to released this year.

Many companies have already launched products similar to this Apple new TV box, which expected to be in the developing stage. Some of them are like Roku Streambar, Amazon product the Fire TV Cube. Both of these devices are a streaming box and Alexa smart speaker. Allows features like far-field mics that enable the user to access it from across the room with their voice.

Apple developing Smart display along with new TV box

Apple developing a second device apart from its TV box, which a smart display that looks quite similar to its Competitors Amazon and Google offered products. This new device combines features like the iPad and HomePod. Bloomberg reports from last month also stated Apple’s work on this device.

Some rumors are suggesting that similar to Apple’s TV box, this second device Smart display may also offer video chat features. But it uses its own built-in screen rather than a connected TV. Similar Amazon Echo Show device, Apple is planning to integrate a robotic arm to rotate the display and track users.

With all this, we can say that both the devices that are in the development stage, the Apple TV box and Smart display HomePod sound may not likely be launched this year. The launch may take some time. Whereas Apple’s existing smart home devices have designed mainly focusing on one or two key areas. But this will change with the functionality offered by the two rumored devices which will be much broader. As we have seen Apple merged its HomePod and Apple TV engineering groups back in 2020 only, so there is a chance Apple devices that are in development may fulfill these expectations.

Other details

As Rumors suggest that, Apple developing new TV box and Smart display are still in the early stages. Still, there is a change that Apple could decide to launch neither or entirely change their functionalities. Because Apple has a track record of trying out new concepts and devices without ultimately shipping them. In addition to this, Apple’s spokeswoman refused to comment about these new products in the development stage.

However, in the near future, we can expect that Apple users can expect the release of a new Apple TV featuring an upgraded processor and new remote. Based on some reports, Apple may announce officially the new Apple TV before the end of 2021. Apart from this, Apple may introduce the new Apple TV with the updated remote later this year.


Based on Bloomberg reports, Apple developing a new TV box that comes with an integrated HomePod speaker and camera for video conferencing. Along with this, Apple expected to be working on a smart speaker with a display. Which expected to quite similar to Amazon’s Echo Show or Google’s Nest Hub. Both of these new Apple devices are in the early development stage.