Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Live feature offers more customizable tools

Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Live

Right now, Millions of people are managing their work from their homes. To communicate with their team members they are using different Video conferencing tools. Microsoft Teams is one of the most used video conferencing tools for office employees and school teachers. Lately, Microsoft has implemented better tools and more customizable features to make Powerpoint Presentations more customizable and easy to present. Adding to that Microsoft introduced a new feature, Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Live feature will make your Powerpoint Presentations more memorable and impressive.

Powerpoint Presentations are very common among personal and professional lives, mainly used for sharing compelling stories around the world. With the present COVID situation, many people working remotely, At one point or another, we all felt the need for Powerpoint Presentations in our working lives. While presenting virtually there are some new challenges that came into the picture, like presenting without a live audience. Some of them are Reading to the Room, observing people’s expressions and natural interaction all have become harder to notice from behind a screen.

Addressing these issues, Microsoft introduced Powerpoint Live for offering a new remote presenting experience. Microsoft Teams Powerpoint Live feature provides exclusive and unique experience benefits for both presenters and audience members. Thus providing more customizable and better-presenting capabilities of PowerPoint and the collaboration of Microsoft Teams.

With this new PowerPoint Live feature, users can start presentations directly in a Microsoft Teams meeting without any need to share their screen with the audience. Hopefully removing privacy issues and compatibility issues, making presentations effortless.

Here are the details of Microsoft Teams Powerpoint Live

To get started with the presentation simply click on the new “Present in Teams” button in Powerpoint. This allows the presenter to navigate around their device between different apps and windows without making anything visible to the audience. The presenters will also be able to utilize a single view to look after their slides, notes, and chat about everything that you need in a single view.

The help of Chat windows alongside the presentation, allows presenters to answer audience queries or prompts and also enables attendees to click on hyperlinks and videos within the presentation at any point. In addition to this, presenters can also customize how the presentation looks to the audience. The grid review function allows speakers available, to watch all their audience in one place at once.

Along with this, an update in Microsoft is planning to allow Teams to support interactive webinars for people inside and outside of an organization with up to 1000 attendees. Soon Microsoft Teams’ pitch will be changed to go to the online meeting platform.

With all this, we can say that the new Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Live feature will provide users with fully supportive interactive webinars from beginning to end. Offering advanced tools and more customizable features. Such as custom registration, rich presentation options, and host controls. Host controls include presenter ability to disable attendee chat and video and post-event reporting.

PowerPoint Live provides everything that you need to present confidently

Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Live allows you to seamlessly transit between presenters. If you are planning a presentation with more than one person then Powerpoint Live is the perfect option for you. With this, Co-presenters can effortlessly take control and instantly get access to the Presenter View as well without causing much interruption between presentations.

With Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Live feature you can provide a high-quality viewing experience tailored to match your audience’s needs. Even if your audiences join via a mobile phone or 8K monitor each attendee’s experience of the presentation can be optimized for their screen type. Its text and graphics are clear and animations and transitions are more smooth. All this is managed accurately while using significantly less bandwidth which is less than typical bandwidth for screen sharing.

This means users who have poor network connections also can access presentations effortlessly. Using less bandwidth, users can turn on videos and see each other without much hassle. Apart from this, Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Live offers easy access to shared content. Presenters can share content among attendees through screen readers.

In addition to this, you all get a high contrast mode for every type of content. Each attendee can choose privately on their device this high-contrast mode. Microsoft also ensures that soon it will bring this high-contrast mode to this new PowerPoint Live feature.

To access this new PowerPoint Live feature Users must require the following

To access this new Microsoft Team PowerPoint Live feature users need to possess Microsoft Teams desktop latest version. And users need to store their presentation on OneDrive for Business or Sharepoint. Along with this, the users need to use the same account for Office and Teams. And users need to join a Teams meeting before accessing this Present in Teams mode.

Apart from this, he requires the Office 365 E3/A3/E5/A5 or else Microsoft 365 for Government license. To provide better presentation accessibility for users Microsoft recently introduced Presenter View with its Teams, now it added PowerPoint Live. The presenter view also provides you full control over your content. For things like taking notes, engaging in chats with your audience, and interacting with them.

The Presenter View mode allows you to customize how your video fees and content looks for your audience. Making the speaker visible makes it easy for audiences to understand the message better. As they can see and read the nonverbal cues of the presenter. With all this, we can see that Microsoft Teams Presenter view mode and PowerpOint Live too will definitely change the way presentations are presented in video conferencing. At the same time making it more engaging and immersive.


Hopefully, we have covered everything that you need to know about Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Live feature. It will soon change the way your presentation will be in upcoming online webinars. As it brings more tools and better customizable features to make your presentation more user-friendly. With this new feature, you don’t need to share your screen with the audience anymore which hopefully decreases the compatibility and privacy issues.