Oculus Quest 2 update brings Air Link feature and Infinite Office extras

Oculus Quest 2 update
Source: immersivelearning.news

Facebook has released Oculus Quest 2 last year, it is the most advanced all-in-one VR system up to date. It lets users experience awe-inspiring games with a super-fast processor and next-generation graphics. To take things to the next level Oculus Quest 2 is getting a new v28 software update. This new Oculus Quest 2 update provides wireless PC streaming and a 120Hz refresh rate.

Along with this, new software update v28 offers some new improvements to Infinite Office, which that company is planning to roll out soon. Infinite Office is a virtual reality software that enables users to access and set up a virtual office anywhere. Oculus has included this as a part of its Oculus Home. With this Oculus Quest, 2 users can work across multiple digital screens without the need for additional space or physical equipment.

With the Oculus Quest 2 v28 Software update, Infinite Office gets new experimental features that bring virtual reality and reality a bit closer. It lets users add a virtual desk where their real-life desk is. This helps users know where they can sit and place their real-life physical objects down without leaving VR.

In addition to this, you will also get a virtual representation of the Logitech K830 keyboard. However, Facebook informs that in the near future, it will be adding more keyboard models. Let’s take a better look at what new improvements this new update brings to Oculus Quest 2 headset.

Here are the details of the Oculus Quest 2 update

The new v28 Software update of the Oculus Quest 2 enables Wireless PC streaming and a 120Hz refresh rate. Also, it will add some improvements to the Infinite Office, Which Oculus says, it will roll out sooner than expected.

Apart from this, you will also get another feature, which is the ability to stream games or applications from your desktop PC wirelessly. This new feature wireless streaming is named Air Link, named after the Link cable that can be used to connect the Oculus headset to a PC. Also, you need to keep in mind that this new feature needs some network setups to function effectively. Based on the instructions to turn it on, states that it requires good stable Wifi to get an acceptable experience.

This Air Link will enable Quest 2 users to stream content from their PCs to Standalone headsets. Which enables users to experience more graphic intense titles. With this Air Link feature, Oculus Quest 2 users can abandon the tied experience of Oculus Link. Currently, many users are relying on third-party software to perform this, but with this new Oculus Quest 2 update, it will be done effortlessly.

However, this update seems to be rolling out only for Oculus Quest 2 users in an experimental model. But not for the original Oculus Quest headsets. To access this new feature Users need to update the Oculus Software on both their Quest 2 and PC to the new v28 Software version. Facebook informs that it is focusing on optimizing Air Link to provide the best experience for Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 brings new improvements to Infinite Office

In addition to this, the new Oculus Quest 2 update offers some improvements to Infinite Office. Infinite Office is a VR office that brings your keyboard and mouse into VR and enables users to experience desktop-style software. Initially, Facebook debuted this feature at their VR-focuses Facebook-style software. But after that Facebook has not made any announcements about it.

Present v28 Software Oculus Quest 2 update comes with keyboard support that not only allows users to link their device but also experience it inside VR through Oculus Quest 2. As of now, this support will only be limited to a single model Logitech K830 from a single manufacturer. But Facebook ensured that it will soon add support to other keyboards.

This update enables when accessing the keyboard, users can observe outlines of their hands as well as a rendering of the keyboard in its real position. Which helps users to type more accurately and efficiently. Infinite Office enables users to allocate where their real-world desk is to help users orient themselves.

Along with that, Oculus Quest 2 update brings 120Hz frame rate support for the Oculus headsets. This means Oculus allows developers to sample out 120Hz frame rate support for their titles. However, Facebook informs that there is actually nothing available with that frame rate yet, not even system software. Right now this support is available only for developers in an experimental fashion.

Other details

This new Oculus Quest 2 update included an experimental mode for 120Hz refresh rates up from the present refresh rate 90Hz. Whereas the original 72Hz. With all this, we may expect a slight delay in the Oculus original estimated March launch.

In addition to this, the Oculus official post suggests that you may not immediately get this refresh rate boost, the Quest 2 software will support only 90Hz as of now. Users may not experience these new refresh rates until developers release builds of their games and software to support a higher refresh rate. Guy Godin’s recent post on Twitter informs that he already got a 120Hz update for Virtual Desktop, as soon as the v28 Software update becomes live.


Hopefully, we have covered everything that you need to know about this new Oculus Quest 2 update. This New v28 Software update brings wireless PC streaming, a 120Hz refresh rate, and some additional improvements to Infinite Office. The wireless streaming feature is called Air Link. It will allow Oculus Quest 2 users to stream content from their PCs to their Headsets and lets users experience more graphic intense titles.