Android 12 Trash bin seems to be launching at the Google I/O 2021 event

Android 12 Trash bin

With the Google I/O 2021 event approaching, there are many expectations among users about what Google’s new launches and updates will be. Based on the reports, Google is planning to introduce a new OS Android 12 at the event. Even before the official launch, rumors are suggesting Android 12 will come with smaller functional and design changes. XDA developers spotted in the code that suggests Google’s Android 12 Trash bin seems to be the new feature.

Based on the recent reports, Google seems to be adding a Trash bin feature to Android 12. Trahin bin feature has long been a part of traditional desktop operating systems. Google may add this Trash bin or Recycle bin in Storage settings with the upcoming Android 12.

This new Trash bin feature in Android 12 will act similar to the Recycle Bin in Windows. Whenever you tap “Trash” Android 12 will open up a dialog box indicating how much storage deleted files are taking up on your device. Along with that, it will provide you with the option to empty it.

However, you won’t be able to restore them on your device. Overall it functions the same as it does on Windows or a Mac. Whereas in reality, it seems a bit complicated. But similar Trash bin feature seems to be adding to the Google Files app, which will let you restore those files.

Android 12 includes Trash bin or Recycle bin feature

Based on reports, Android 12 will add a new entry to Settings to Storage to indicate how much storage space all trashed items take up. With this new feature will launch a part that shows the number of files that are trashed. Also, it lets the user empty it, but the choice to revive trashed data appears to be lacking in its present state. As per reports, the Android 12 Trash bin feature seems to be not a full-fledged recycle bin or trash folder.

However, the trash bin feature compatibility depends on several factors. For starters, file supervisor apps need to make the most of Android’s MediaStore API for this feature to work as expected. Also, there is a chance that other recycle bin apps make some adjustments to assist these implementations.

With this in mind, the upcoming trash bin within the settings app is not accessible by default on the earlier 2 of Android 12 developer previews launched. So there is a chance that Google might skip this new feature or take a look at it within the upcoming beta assessment. To confirm this Trash bin feature we have to attend the Android 12 developer preview and future beta builds.

Also to implement any new feature like a trash bin or recycle bin requires support from everyone on the board, and Android has a huge ecosystem. Because of the way Android updates are designed and planned. Deep system updates like the trashbin feature in Android 12 may affect hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of developers. And it takes a considerable amount of time for most Android phones to get the latest version of Android in the first place.

Android 11 already has the Trash bin feature but its limited

Similar to the Android 12 Trash bin feature, Android 11 somewhat has this feature but it’s limited due to Google’s scoped storage restrictions. In simple terms, Apps will have only direct access to the files they create and no other storage within the device until given permission. Whereas each app has to handle how they treat deleted files. Generally, those files will be hidden away in the app’s own file directory up to 30 days later they are cleared from the device.

But those few apps also lack the recovery option for the trashed files same as the new Android 12. Also, note that Android file management does not work like desktop OS. The newer scoped storage settings that files that are deleted are technically just hidden in place. Also, they display a time at the front of their filename. Also every Android maker can choose to use its own file management app rather than the one offered by Google. And there is a chance that some of those apps may or may not support the new trash API.

Whereas, the Android 12 and Google’s file apps may support both trashing and recovering options. Ultimately users expect an easy-to-understand trash bin that can be checked for deleted files to recover. And based on all the reports Google also seems to be working in that direction.

Other details

Coming to the other features that Google planning to release at its I/O 2021 event. Other features won’t be having such complications. Other features include native support for capturing extended screenshots which have been requested from users for a long time. It looks like Android 12 bringing this improvement to scrolling screenshot along with the trash bin.

Also, you can try another new feature in Android 12 by holding the power button to call Google Assistant. And it introduces a search bar in the widget picker. A dual-panel home screen for tablets and new Emoji will be adding to the Android 12.

Finally, there will a handful of changes related to connectivity settings leaked on Android 12. Wi-fi is renamed as the Internet and the quick setting and setting page have been renamed. In addition to this, under WiFi hotspot settings you will get an extended compatibility option. Which will help other devices find this hotspot.


As of now, Android 12 is still in the developer preview stage, meaning many of its features are wither hidden, not ready, and not finalized yet. Based on the latest reports, the Android 12 Trash bin seems to be one of the hidden features, that developers have found by digging into the code. Trash bin/Recycle bin has long been a part of a more traditional desktop operating system. And Google is planning to introduce this feature to its Android 12, as per reports. Along with this Google will introduce some other useful features.