Apple HomePod mini comes with a smaller size and impressive features

Apple HomePod mini

Apple is one of the tech giants, very well known for bringing new innovative products with advanced technology to the audience. Initially, Apple entered into the Smart speaker market with its HomePod. Even though it offers incredible sound and impressive features, it didn’t take off as expected because of its Pricing. To make it much more appealing Apple introduced the Apple HomePod mini.

HomePod mini comes with a smaller design and a more affordable price as a smart speaker. It comes with an elegant shape that is wrapped in a perfectly seamless mesh fabric. And it has a backlit touch surface on the top to offer quick controls. With Siri as your smart assistance and HomeKit as your Smart home service makes controlling and accessing everything effortless.

Also, it has a very simple and effective set-up process, For that, you need an iPhone or iPad to use this Apple HomePod mini. In order to access it, you just need to bring your device near the new Apple HomePod mini and the connection will be made instantaneously. If you are already using an iPhone or original HomePod then this Apple HomePod mini is the way to take things to the next level. Also, this device comes at an affordable price of $99.

A flat plastic, the touch-sensitive pad is used to awake Siri, play or pause music, and adjust the volume. Also Apple HomePod mini has multicolored LEDs. Which lights up and waves whenever Siri is actively listening or responding. And it will appear in white color when music is playing or green when you are using the HomePod mini as a speakerphone for calls. Let’s take a better look at the HomePod mini and its features.

Apple HomePod mini Review

Incredible small design

Apple HomePod mini comes with the eight-ball style feature and touch-sensitive playback controls on top that will turn into black when not in use. And its mesh covering makes it much more elegant and stylish. This mini squat ball with a flat top comes with soft fabric. Also, keep in mind that it does not have any switch to disable Siri’s always-listening feature. So you need to command Siri to “Stop Listening” or go to HomePod settings in the Home app in iOS and off this feature.

In addition to this, the Apple HomepOd mini features 4 microphones for picking up voice commands. And the processor in the HomePod is the same process that you find on Apple watches. It can analyze the music being played and tunes the speakers to produce the best quality sound. With its 4 microphones, you can give commands to the device even from across the room even with noises around.

With its smaller size, it does not require much space to keep it around. You can literally place this Apple HomePod mini in any corner of the room, kitchen and you can even place it on the bedside table. As it is not a portable Bluetooth speaker so you need to charge it from time to time. The power cable wrapped in mesh with a plug attached comes with the device and has a 20W USB charger. It needs mains power and needs your Wi-Fi network.

HomePod mini offers incredible sound quality

Apple HomePod mini produces incredible sound for a speaker for its size. Even at 8 centimeters tall, the device can produce enough sound that fills the entire room with rich 360-degree audio. Its computational audio offers fully detailed tones of a much larger speaker. HomePod mini makes every adjustment you want with music without missing your voice commands.

The HomePod mini comes with phenomenal sound quality compared to other similar-priced speakers. Even at 40 percent volume, it can fill up any living room evenly. Its sound is conducted from the internal driver to the base of the device. Device’s ability to alter the audio output to improve the sound quality while playing music, using a full-range driver and two passive radiators produces the sound with impressive quality.

In addition to this, Apple has made its HomePod mini to work with supplemental speakers for Apple TV owners. If you are using Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K then you can use two HomePod minis as a stereo pair. Which makes your movies and watching shows through Apple TV take the overall audio experience to the next level.

Intercom and Siri assistance

Apple HomePod mini comes with some new interesting features, one of them is Intercom. If you have more than one HomePod in the house, with an intercom you can effortlessly communicate with your family members. Also, you can command Siri to send your message to the entire house or to an individual room.

Intercom is also compatible with other Apple devices. This allows you to send or receive messages through CarPlay while you’re driving. Similarly when you are on AirPods and Apple Watch. Makes texting, calling, and everything effortless.

Also Siri as your digital assistance, the HomePod minican handles all your tasks. Whether you need assistance in performing professional tasks or day-to-day tasks. Also, it provides easy control over your smart home accessories

Keeps everything Private and secure

The Apple HomePod mini also focuses on improving privacy and security for users’ data. HomePod mini is designed to keep users’ personal information safe and secure. HomePod mini only listens to Hey Siri words. You can speak freely without worrying about data leaks. HomePod mini doesn’t listen until you activate Siri with a touch or Hey Siri magic words.

In addition to this, When you access Siri for anything that you need assistance with, your requests will be associated with a random identifier instead of your Apple ID. Also, it works with your iPhone for requests like hearing your messages or notes. So it can perform those tasks on the device without revealing that information to Apple.

To make things more secure, all video processing will be done right on your device before it’s sent end-to-end encrypted to iCloud. This means only you and the people you share these data with can have access not even Apple


If you are using Apple devices then HomePod mini is the best affordable option. It has everything that you expect from a smart speaker. Comes with a smaller design, excellent sound quality, and many useful features like Intercom, Smart HomeKit, etc. And it is one of the cheapest Apple products, available for only $99. But if you are using products other than Apple, then you have some better options.