Microsoft Edge Performance mode enhances browsing speed


With recent updates like Sleeping Tabs and Startup boost, Microsoft has provided some significant performance boost to the Microsoft Edge browser. And now Microsoft is planning to introduce performance mode to its Edge browser. Currently, this Microsoft Edge Performance Mode is going through a testing phase. It’s being tested by a handful of users on the Canary version of the browser. And other users can get their hands on it with a flag by using a code.

Microsoft officially stated in its community blog about introducing Performance mode to Edge browser. And it further stated that this mode helps you optimize speed, responsiveness, and memory. Along with CPU performance and battery usage. Also, informs that the performance improvements might vary based on individual specifications and browser habits.

Users who want to activate this new feature can toggle it on from the settings. As it is currently a controlled feature rollout, so users can turn it on at their own risk, Microsoft claims. Still, you want to try it out, then make sure you are on Microsoft Edge canary version 91.0.856.0 or higher.

Also keep in mind that whenever you turn on Microsoft Edge Performance mode, your browser sleeping tabs timer will become unavailable. Let’s take a better look at this new performance mode feature and what benefits it will add to your browsing experience.

Here are the details of Microsoft Edge Performance Mode

Microsoft Edge is getting a new feature called Performance mode. Which is expected to enhance web browsing speed, and responsiveness. Also, it reduces CPU, RAM, and battery usage without interrupting the overall experience of the user.

Based on reports, the Microsoft Edge Performance mode was tested while browsing. In the test, it is proved that performance mode forces tabs to sleep mode when tabs are inactive for just five minutes. We know that by default sleeping tabs will set to sleep after two hours of inactivity. Whereas in performance mode, Edge browser will discard the inactive tabs even if they are inactive for five minutes. You can still awake them by just simply clicking on it.

While in Performance mode, Microsoft Edge can also detect heavy resource activity in the background like video streaming and audio playing activities which consume heavy data. And blocks those tabs and gets them into sleep mode. This sleeping mode effect is very much similar to the Chromium. A core Chromium technology that restricts background activities and scripts to minimize resource usage to save the browsing data.

In simple terms, we can say that Performance mode decreases the time limit of sleeping mode for inactive tabs. Which makes the Edge browser automatically release system resources for inactive tabs. So inactive tabs can’t take up the memory and CPU resources in the background. Thus improves the overall speed of the browser. Also, it can modify other browser settings to improve the overall accessing internet experience.

Microsoft Edge gets new improvements along with performance mode

Microsoft has released some new improvements along with performance mode to Edge in an effort to make it better. This new update to Microsoft Edge has been rolled out to those who are using the iOS platform. This new update enables you to sync open tabs across devices. Along with that, you can sync history across the different devices that you have signed in to.

Also, you can now set your Microsoft Edge as your default browser in the iOS 14 Operating system. In addition to this, Microsoft Edge Canary built version 91.0.859.0. got the add text to PDF feature. With this feature, you can add text to PDF as the name implies. If you are using a touch screen this feature can be used with a pen too.

Microsoft claims that it introduced some new bug fixes and performance improvements to the Edge browser apart from the performance mode. Microsoft is not the only company making efforts to improve its browser. Google is also working on improving its Chrome browser for a while. And last month it announced that it will improve Chrome’s infamous memory usage with some general fixes.

Other details

This new feature Performance mode can be very useful for budget laptop users as browsers have a big influence on battery life. Also, Google’s update in November has shown some significant improvements in CPU usage and an update earlier this year improved RAM and GPU usage.

This performance mode feature is available for Microsoft Edge Canary 91 select users. This new update may come with a stable release later this year. Recent updates like the new password manager and tabs sync features show the significant efforts that Microsoft is making towards making Edge browser better.


Based on reports, Microsoft is currently working on a new feature Performance mode for its Edge browser. Microsoft Edge performance mode is going through testing with some testers using the Microsoft Edge Canary version of the browser. And others can get their hand on this feature manually with a flag, at their own risk. The company claims that it will improve responsiveness, memory, and CPU usage. These improvements may vary based on individual browsing habits.