Microsoft updated Bing search and OneDrive with some new UI changes

Microsoft updated Bing Search

Microsoft tech company making some extra efforts to make Android apps much sleeker and user friendly. Based on reports, Microsoft updated Bing search and OneDrive apps. With this new update, Microsoft has rolled out some new refreshing UI changes and new improvements to both the apps. To get the latest updated versions you need to install these apps on Google Play Store.

With the latest updated version of Bing search and Onedrive app, Microsoft is planning to make these apps more competitive to other similar options in the industry like Google Drive and other search engines. One of the major highlights of this updated version of the app is, adding Chromecast support to its Onedrive. Along with a new and easier-to-navigate homepage and with the support for 8k video support.

And the updated version of the Bing search also comes with some new improvements. The bing search updated version comes with a new homepage and new functionality add-ons. As of now, Microsoft rolled out the updated version of Bing search and Onedrivee to only selected markets. The company may soon make them available for all users in the upcoming days. Let’s take a look at these newly updated apps, new features, and UI improvements.

Microsoft rolling out updated Bing search and Onedrive

Microsoft updated Bing search with a newly redesigned look

Based on the Play store changelog, Microsoft updated Bing Search with some new improvements like a new homepage and others. Users will get access to the topics they follow and quicker access to Microsoft features. Many of the features are easy to access from the Home page directly. Also, The updated Bing Android app comes with a visual overhaul. You can observe these changes from the leaked screenshots.

Other improvements include a COVID Tracker to the Microsoft updated Bing search app. It will feature information related to the latest number of cases, trends, news, and vaccine information. In addition to this, you will get a weather forecast for both the day and week ahead. Also, it enables visual search means now you can search with an image from your camera or through an uploaded picture.

In addition to this, an updated version of Bing search comes with a new collection of beautiful images featured on the Bing homepage. With the new voice search, you can tap the mic icon and command anything to search by using your voice. Also, you can search and browse visual media across the web. And with the translator, you get quick translations of nearly 70 languages. Along with this, you get a unit converter in the updated app. Which provides easy-to-use tools that convert into 18 different unit categories.

Other notable changes include, for shopping you can find great deals and coupons for retailers. And to solve any Math problem that you come across. You just need to enter a math problem and you will get a step-by-step solution. With Esports, you can watch live streams and get the latest news and more.

Microsoft updated Onedrive along with Bing search and brings Chromecast support

Microsoft added Chromecast support with the updated version of the Onedrive app. It is a major highlight of this updated version and works in a traditional way. You just need to open up a photo or a video from your OneDrive. Then a Chromecast icon will appear on the title bar if any Chromecast enabled device is present around. To begin mirroring the content, tap on the button and choose the device that you want to cast to, you can cast to Chromecast enabled TV also.

The updated Onedrive features a new home screen on Android smartphones. It features a Memories section at the top of the screen. Which will consist of a gallery of images that are captured “on this day”. Below you can find all your recent files. Also, keep in mind that you may not see this Memories section if you are using a work or school account for OneDrive. In that case, you will get a shared library folder. And if you want to access the file browser, you can do that by simply taping the Files tab at the bottom of the screen.

In addition to this, the new Microsoft updated On drive lets you play 8k video along with Samsung motion photos inside the updated app. This means you don’t need to wait for the files to download locally in order to access them. And if you want to share some motion pictures with your friend or family, the app’s web version will let you do that. However, keep in mind that it will only work with a personal account, not with your school or office account. So, Microsoft updated both OneDrive and Bing search apps with useful tools.

Other details

In addition to these impressive changes for the updated Bing and OneDrive, Microsoft is planning something interesting as well. Microsoft seems to be exploring new ways to allow users to earn Microsoft Reward points. Users can Reward points by using Microsoft search.

Based on reports, users can earn rewards only when they sign in to select 365 services with a school or work profile. This means any employee from organizations has the ability to earn Microsoft Rewards points if they signed into select Microsoft 365 services. We may expect the official rollout of this feature next month as per reports.


Finally, Microsoft made some impressive changes to its OneDrive and Bing search app with its new update. Microsoft update bing search comes with a newly redesigned UI look and offers many useful tools like a new homepage, sports tracker, voice search, and translator. Whereas the updated OneDrive now supports Chromecasting. And other improvements you can find on its Homepage.