Samsung Unknown Tag search and Bixby features will be added next week

Samsung Unknown Tag Search

Samsung released the SmartThings Find app last year. it quickly became one of the fastest-growing location services in the world with more than 700 million active users. Samsung has made its efforts in providing enhanced privacy features and making it more user-friendly. Based on reports, the SmartThings Find app will receive two new features. Those are Samsung Unknown Tag Search and Bixby digital assistance. Both features will added to the SmartThings Find app starting next week.

SmartThings Find app lets you sync up your home to match your lifestyle. It gives you insights into your connected devices and enhances your experience. More importantly, it enables Galaxy users to locate registered Galaxy smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and earbuds easily using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies. Along with that, it helps in finding personal items like keys, bags, and bicycles, by attaching Bluetooth-powered Galaxy SmartTag.

To ensure users’ safety and privacy, Samsung decided to provide a new update Samsung Unknown Tag Search. Which will scan the nearby area for any SmartTags that don’t belong to users, but they are going along with them.

Along with that, to enhance user experience with the app Samsung introduced Bixby. Which allows hands-free, voice-activated Galaxy SmartTag search. Let’s understand better, what these new features can do.

Samsung Introduces Unknown Tag Search and Bixby features

Over the world, Many users are using SmartThings Find to keep track of their most important possessions. Based on company reports, Nearly half of the Galaxy SmartTag users attach it to their house keys, car keys, backs, and wallets, etc. Starting Next two new features will added to the SmartThings Find app. These new features will ensure users’ safety and enhance users’ experience of using this app.

Two new features are Samsung Unknown Tag Search and Bixby digital assistant. Samsung Unknown Tag search will let users scan the nearby area for unknown SmartTags. Especially Unknown SmartTags that don’t belong to them but that are actually moving along with them.

This will ensure user’s safety and provides an easy way to make sure that nobody is tracking you with SmartTags. Even if someone slipped SmartTag or else any other tracking device into your backpack, purse, and coat pocket without your concern. This new feature unknown Tag search will be able to inform you immediately. This ensures users’ safety so they can take necessary steps further.

With this Bixby feature, users can do Galaxy SmartTag searches hands-free and voice-activated. It lets users easily and quickly access find their belongings by calling out the SmartTag’s name. This means whenever you attach a SmartTag to any item, you need to name it, it makes the process simple and effective.

So when you want to find that named SmartTag you call simply to say that to Bixby. For example, if you have placed your SmartTag on your smartwatch then you can simply say “Hi Bixby, where is my smartwatch”. Then the digital assistant Bixby will share the exact location of it by ringing it.

Also, Samsung informed that the users’ data in SmartThings will encrypted. Samsung protects users’ data with a randomized private ID. Which changes every 15 minutes, ensures that the device’s location won’t revealed to anyone except its owner. In addition to this, both the new features of Samsung Unknown Tag Search and Bixby will make the app much more safe and easy to handle.

Based on reports, Apple’s Find My app may soon get a new safety feature that is quite similar to Samsung Unknown Tag Search. It will help prevent someone from using the tracking devices to stalk you. Apple’s new feature Item Safety Alerts initially spotted in the iOS 14.5 beta. It will notify you if any unknown devices being tracked on Find My app is moving along with you. So you can remove it or disable it to ensure your safety.

Companies like Apple and Samsung started focusing on finding unknown devices used for tracking after several complaints were raised against tracking devices. In 2018, A woman in Texas filed a case about her ex-partner stalking her using one of these tracking devices. Later it proved that her ex had hidden a tile tracker in the front console of her car.

So introducing features like Samsung Unknown Tag Search and Apple’s Item Safety Alerts will definitely benefit users. Because many users are using Samsung SmartTag nowadays for keeping track of their essential items. With the increased usage of SmartTags, it has become very difficult to catch the unethical usage of SmartTag. With the new feature, Samsung Unknown Tag Search it will become simple and easy to detect unethical usage of such devices.


Based on recent reports, Samsung’s SmartThings Find app has crossed a 70 million user base. Enhancing its privacy features and improving its functionality Samsung is rolling out two new features. They are Samsung Unknown Tag Search and Bixby features. Both these features will be available starting next week and users need to update their SmartThings Find an app to get them.