Chromebook gets auto caption feature and some other useful features

Chromebook gets auto caption

Chromebooks are designed to provide supreme performance with easy use functionalities. With time to time updates, Chromebooks have evolved and expanded to meet their user’s diverse needs. Now, Google is planning to introduce some new features to Chromebooks that make it easier to get answers, troubleshoot and scanning files, etc. In addition to this, Chromebook gets auto-captions feature in the coming weeks.

Auto captions make online content more accessible for users. Very useful if you’re in a noisy environment and trying to keep the volume down, also for many people who are deaf and have hearing problems. With auto live captions you can follow along to whatever content you are watching.

However, captions are not always available for every content that you watch. But with auto-captions on Chrome, you can automatically generate real-time captions for media with audio on your browser. This feature can work with social and video sites, podcasts and radio content, personal video libraries. Along with embedded video players and web-based video or audio chat services.

Once this auto caption feature goes live users can toggle this feature on in the accessibility settings to get captions for any media with audio in the browser. Already this feature has rolled out for Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux recently in march.

Here are the details of the Chromebook auto live caption feature that it gets soon

Google introduced auto-live captions for Chromebook users. These auto-captions can be displayed by the browser creating a file on the device. Which allows the captions to appear as the content plays. These Auto captions also work offline. So you never have to search for hours for the subtitles file on the internet. You just need to enable this feature and it can even caption the audio and video files saved on your hard drive whenever you play them in Chrome. Offers an easy and effortless solution for searching subtitles files, and downloading extra unnecessary files.

This feature is already available for Chrome browsers in Windows. In windows whenever you enable this auto-live caption feature. The browser downloads a file that is nothing but a small speech recognition file. So whenever any audio or video is played, a box appears at the bottom of the screen that displays the text as if someone is typing the text that exactly matches the characters’ speech.

However, this Chromebook Auto-caption feature is very impressive and useful. As we have observed on the windows that this auto caption enables the text. This auto captioned text appears at the same pace as YouTube’s closed captioning option for videos. And even most viewable videos on youtube that offer closed captions work similarly to this new auto caption feature.

As of now this feature supports English and is available globally on the latest release of Chrome on Windows and Linux devices. And as per the latest reports, Chrome OS gets this auto caption feature pretty soon. Whereas, for Android devices, this auto caption is already available for both audio or video on your device.

Chromebook gets other useful features along with auto live captions

Enhanced Launcher functionalities

Along with Auto captions, Google enhanced the launcher functionalities of the Chromebooks. Generally, you use your launcher for searching drive files, apps, local files, and more. With this latest update, you can do pretty much anything that you want to do to find the answer. Like from weather reports to your children’s math problems.

For that, you just need to tap the everything button and type anything for example “cricket live scores” or any definition of a particular word. You will immediately get the answers without needing to open another tab or app. Everything you need and want will be presented to you in one place.

Easy troubleshooting with Diagnostic app

It would be very distributing whenever your work gets interrupted and you are not able to figure out what is the issue that caused it. Sometimes it becomes hard to figure out and fix the issue. So to help you troubleshoot google introduced the Diagnostic app to your Chromebook. It can be used to check the status of your laptop’s battery, CPU, and memory.

It will help you in finding what’s troubling your Chromebook. If you notice that your battery is not powering your device enough, and draining much faster than expected. In that case, simply run the battery discharge test in the Diagnostics app. Then it will provide you with related articles to fix it, and you can even save the test results. Google has provided this feature along with auto caption feature to chromebooks

Easier scanning and editing

The recent update enables a new scanning feature for Chromebook users. This feature allows you to scan items directly from your printer to your laptop. In addition to that, you can even save any important document to do further editing.

For accessing this feature, confirm whether your printer’s scanning functionality is connected to the internet or not. Once it is connected, search for the scan app by clicking on the everything button. Then the app will be open and you will be able to choose your printer, file type, and also resolution. Also, you can scan directly through a USB connection or WiFi. Once it is done you can even do further editing like resizing, cropping, and editing.

With all this, we can say that the new update Google is planning to release a new update that will enhance the Chromebooks functionalities. As Chromebook gets auto-captions you can watch any type of content with live captions. And its new scanning feature and new Diagnostic will make sure that the Chromebook provides optimal performance. Based on reports these new feature updates will be rolled out sooner than you expected.


Google has decided to update Chromebook with new features. Chromebook gets an auto caption feature that will allow you to watch and stream any type of content with live captions. Thus making it easy to understand especially for people who are having hearing difficulties. And its new scanning update makes it easy for users to scan files and edit documents. In addition to this, you will get a Diagnostic app checking the status of the battery, CPU, and memory. The update has been rolled out for some users but if you have not received them yet. You will get the update sooner than expected.