Magic Keyboard Touch ID is compatible with all M1 powered Macs


Recently, Apple has released a new iMac that comes with a remarkably thin and much more compact design. It provides powerful performance and many other interesting specs. Also, it features a magic keyboard with Touch ID. This is the first time Magic keyboard Touch ID comes to iMac, which makes it easy to securely log in and make purchases with Apple Pay. Also, you can switch user profiles with the touch of a finger.

It initially noted by Rene Ritchie that Magic Keyboard Touch ID compatible is compatible with all Macs powered by Apple’s M1 processor. Including the new iMac, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini. It can even function with Intel-based Macs or other Bluetooth devices but with the exception of Touch ID.

Previously Apple made a built-in Touch ID for the MacBooks. But this the first time Apple introduced Touch ID in Magic Keyboard. As of now, it will be sold only with newly announced iMacs. Apple may make this iMac exclusive accessory to sold separately, as it did before. Let’s hope for the better.

However, you can configure this new iMac with one of three different Magic keyboards. Which includes a standard version with Touch ID, and a standard version without Touch ID. And finally an extended version with Touch ID and a numeric keypad.

Here are the details of the Apple Magic keyboard Touch ID

Apple offers these Magic keyboards with Touch ID in gorgeous aluminum enclosures that color-matched to iMac. More importantly, Apple introduced for the first time, Touch ID wirelessly on the Magic keyboard for this new iMac. It has a dedicated security component on the keyboard that communicates directly with Secure Enclave in M1. Thus creating a more encrypted channel to protect users’ fingerprint data from end to end.

This offers high-speed accessibility when unlocking the Mac or making a purchase with Apple Pay. So users can experience fast speeds, easy and highly secure transactions. In addition to this, Magic Keyboard allows fast user switching. This enables users to switch to a different user profile with just the press of a finger. Users can also choose Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and numeric keypad. In addition to this, users can get color-matched Magic Mouse and the industry’s best Magic Trackpad.

However, this new Magic keyboard is only compatible with M1-powered Macs. And it will be selling along with the new M1 powered iMac, which will available for preorder from April 30th. Unfortunately, these Touch ID does not work with any older Intel-based machines.

Meanwhile, it will reportedly function just like a normal keyboard but not biometric security. One of the reasons can be for this is that the Touch ID requires the Secure Enclave in the M1 processor. Because the M1 processor can only encrypt the transmitted fingerprint information end-to-end. As of now, it will be available only for the newly announced Mac. Hopefully, Apple may change its decision and sell it separately.

Macrumors states that Magic Keyboard Touch ID is not compatible with m1 iPad Pro

As confirmed by Rene Ritchie that the new Magic keyboard Touch ID will be compatible with any M1 Mac including the new iMac and Mac mini. Along with that, Macrumors stated that the Touch ID sensor will not work with the new iPad Pro even though it has an M1 chip.

However, the new Magic Keyboard can used with iPad Pro and other devices such as Intel-based Macs. But users won’t be able to use the Touch ID feature. Interestingly, Apple has yet not listed these new Touch ID keyboards for sale on their own. Previously also Apple followed the same strategy for its Mac Pro and iMac Pro accessories like gray keyboard, mouse, and trackpad.

Initially, these accessories were limited to only iMac Pro devices, nearly 3 months later they were offered by Apple as standalone products. So there is a chance that Apple might repeat the same strategy. We have to wait and see when Apple offers this new Magic keyboard with the Touch ID feature as a standalone product.

Apart from this, the Higher-end 24 inch iMacs will be shipping to users with the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID in the box without any additional charges. Whereas the base model costs a $50 upgrade option for the base model. This new keyboard announcement at Spring Loaded event comes along with some other interesting products. These new products include AirTag, iPad Pro with M1 chip, and the new Apple TV 4K.

Other details

This new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID features a completely new layout. Also, it has some dedicated buttons for the spotlight, Dictation, Do not disturb, and Emoji. And the newly introduced Touch ID features allow you to unlock and make transactions with your iMac easier than ever before.

Along with the new magic keyboard for iMac, Apple introduces a new magic keyboard for its iPad Pro with an M1 chip. And the company informed that the keyboard for the new iPad Pro will be available in black and white which will cost $299.


Apple introduced a new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID along with its new iMac. Based on reports, this new Magic Keyboard Touch ID compatible with all Macs powered by M1 processors. As of now, it will sold only with the new iMac, which will be available for preorder from April 30th.